Bangalore – Hosur Metro: BARSYL-Habog JV Wins Feasibility Contract

December 15, 2023 Update: Balaji Railroad Systems – Habog Consultants JV has been awarded a Rs. 24,95,000.00 contract by Chennai Metro Rail Ltd.

November 9, 2023 Original Post: Balaji Railroad Systems (BARSYL) – Habog Consultants JV on Saturday was declared as the lowest bidder for preparing a detailed feasibility report (DFR) to construct a mass transit line between Bangalore’s Bommasandra and Hosur in Tamil Nadu.

This roughly 18 km long inter-state line on NH-44 will go through Attibele, with 11.5 km of the route located in Karnataka and the rest 6.5 km in Tamil Nadu. On the north-side, it will start from Bangalore Metro Phase 2 project’s under construction 19.143 km Yellow Line.

The feasibility study report’s consultant appointed by Chennai Metro Rail Ltd. (CMRL) will examine and recommend alignment, type of system (Metro, Metrolite, Metro Neo), estimated ridership, location of stations & depot and associated construction costs.

CMRL had invited bids for this contract in August 2023 with an unknown estimate and 180 day completion deadline. Technical bids were opened in September to reveal 11 bidders.

Financial Bid Values (Lowest 5)

FirmBid (Rs. lakh)
BARSYL – Habog JV29.44
Almondz Global Infra – Four Wall Consultancy JV58.71
L&T Infrastructure Engineering62.68
Aarvee Associates64.54

RINA Consulting came in with the highest bid at Rs. 2.07 crore.

Tender: CMRL/DESIGN/2023 DFR Hosur Bommasandra MRTS

CMRL’s scope: Selection of Consultant for Preparation of Feasibility Study Report for introducing Mass Rapid Transit System connecting Hosur with Bommasandra

Likely alignment of Bommasandra – Hosur line (red)

CMRL’s estimate is unknown to me, so it’s a little difficult to provide an assessment on the chances of a contract getting awarded. But looking at BARSYL – Habog JV’s bid relative to all other bids, I reckon they’re comfortably placed.

If a contract is awarded by year-end, then we can expect the feasibility report to be prepared by Q3 2024. If and when the feasibility report is approved, the next step would be to create a Detailed Project Report (DPR) which can take anywhere from 6 – 12 months.

Post finalization, the DPR will then go through the regular motions of approvals with funding being secured parallelly. At this time I don’t see construction starting before 2026.

As shared in the past, if this project materializes, I expect the Tamil Nadu government to bear a substantial portion of the cost to construct the Karnataka portion just like the Uttar Pradesh and Haryana governments did when the Delhi Metro was extended into Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Bahadurgarh and Faridabad.

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48 Responses to "Bangalore – Hosur Metro: BARSYL-Habog JV Wins Feasibility Contract"

  1. Kannan says:

    This project is not needed and shouldn’t be a priority. Please divert our resources to other lines.

    • Kanal Kannan says:

      Kanna. Pls keep quiet and watch Metro work developing.

      • Arjun says:

        Why should be quiet. Yes let metro develop in Karnataka. Let Bengaluru get better connectivity in other areas not a priority to housr..

        • R. Duraipandiyan says:

          Do you think that Karnataka politicians will allow this project to come up? Priyank Karge already gave hint that it is “counter productive”.Wait and watch. They will dilute the project fearing Hosur will get developed better than Bangalore.

        • Anand Singh Chauhan says:

          It’s not just covering Hosur, we have 11km+ areas that comes under Bangalore Karnataka and around 9KM in TN.

        • Anand Singh Chauhan says:

          It’s not just covering Hosur, we have 11km+ areas that comes under Bangalore Karnataka and around 9KM in TN.
          People will get more benefitted.

      • H s pavan kumar says:


    • Rajaa says:

      This is not correct way to publish you should respect and allow others to develop..
      You mean to say others should not grow??

      • Arjun says:

        Every one has rights to tell their opinion..
        Hosur to Bengaluru connectivity
        Railway :
        Hosur have already sub urban railway track and there are plans to extend
        Rodways :
        The Bangalore satellite ring road proposing will also include hosur. Coming days traffic will below in hosur rd..
        Airways :
        There are bids to hve helicopter to hosur city from Bangalore airport

        Bengaluru major depend on buses Bmtc there no other connectivity like local train unlike other cities. Metro still needs to connect othere areas also
        Why you should guys only grow why wr should not grow?

    • Ramalingam says:

      It’s none of your business Get lost Its help full for regular commuter like factory worker It People those traveling to and fro to Tamil Nadu It will become successful route

  2. mJ says:

    How can they execute with such low cost?
    Btw, this should not be the priority for Karnataka gvt

  3. Siri says:

    These comments lol, imagine if same approach was taken towards Delhi RRTS

  4. Nihar says:

    I’m genuinely curious if an extension of the metro is the most practical approach for connectivity to Hosur. K-RIDE just announced the possibility of an extension to Hosur as part of phase 2 of suburban rail, and that would likely be much faster, more comfortable, and possibly cheaper for riders (definitely much cheaper for construction). Unfortunately, this DFR won’t even consider suburban rail as an option.

  5. Rajkumar Dugar says:

    By the time feasibility report for this is ready, the ongoing Doubling of Railway Tracks by KRIDE between Baiyyappanahalli (which is becoming a commute hub) and Hosur will be commissioned (by end 2024). Obviously, more trains can be run on Double track compared to the earlier single track.

    There are already talks of making provisions for Quadrupling along this section.

    Additionally, Tender for KRIDE’s Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project (BSRP) corridor from Heelalige (near Electronic City) to Rajanakunte via Baiyyappanahalli, is about to be awarded. This corridor will also reduce congestion on Hosur Road. BSRP will have dedicated double tracks and separate Stations along this route.

    Of course, BMRCL’s Yellow Line to Bommasandra will significantly reduce congestion on Hosur Road.

    These aspects need to be factored in.

    • Venugopal says:

      Sir, With your abundant experience what you have said is right. The Cost of Metro costn plus maintenance being high, the extension of it to Hosur may not be ideal. This is bcoz of K Ride already taking up doubling of Rly net work and which definitely connects impt places with multiple options for switch over fr Metro at Bypn Halli, Ben halli, KRPura, Hebbal,etc wud be more covnt and cost effective for worker community by local Train which will be definitely much cheaper. Thr need be no comparison with Delhi as it’s
      hinter land is vast and it’s extended to neighbour states. As it is Chennai patronage for Metro is very low evn after a decade.

  6. Arjun says:

    Metro to Hosur will be only on papers it will never be an execution..Its not important now.

    Karnataka government should take priority extending other lines with in Bengaluru and other cities and taulks within Karnataka .

    Bengaluru depend on Bmtc buses and there is no major public transportation like local train unlike other cities Also local people jobs, employment issues and other factor also should be considered..

    Bmrcl should also extended metro surrounding Bengaluru Karnataka cities which will help to Karntaka peoples Why only to hosur ??
    1)KIA(Airport Rd)- Chikkabalpur City
    2)Chelghtta(Mysore Rd)-Bidadi Industrial Area
    3)Konnapa Agrahara( Bannerghtta rd)- Jigni Industrial area
    4)Madavara (Tumkur Rd)- Tumkur city..

    • Shiv says:

      Extension of yellow line requires upto narayana hospital. This should taken on urgent priority

    • Amigo nanban says:

      Karnataka and Tamilnadu have similar culture, economic interests, similar language. Extension of metro will help all irrespective of their affinity to regional sentiments.

  7. Sunil says:

    Absolutely makes sense regarding the crucial lines which you have stated.

  8. Be positive says:

    Hi I’m from bangalore , our state should support this project till Hosur . Sad that we have sadistic people like the ones commented above . Nature does not know the boundaries. Be human , grow and let others grow.

    • Rajkumar Dugar says:

      A “Be Positive” person using such uncalled-for negative words !!! If you are truly positive, you must not make such comments. Do you want only YOUR opinion to prevail? From angle of those who hold opposite views, you have sadly called yourself Sadistic.

  9. Shanthi vinayagam says:

    தமிழகம் கர்நாடகம் இரு மாநில மக்கள் பயன் பெரும் திட்டம் தினமும் பணி நிமித்தமாக வரும் தொழில் நிமித்தமாகவும் பெங்களூர் சென்று வரும் இலட்சகணக்கான மக்கள் டிராபிக் சிக்கி சின்னபின்மாவது தடுக்கப்படும் மிகவும் பயன் அளிக்கும் திட்டம் மத்திய மாநில அரசுகளுக்கு நன்றி

    • A Xavier says:

      Good. As you said, it will help all, particularly the working population.

    • Sivasubramanian K says:

      Yes..thanks to the idea itself of connecting Bommasandra & Hosur ..both cities gave been growing along since 1965..I used to travel from salem to bangalore by NS travels ..only one in a day & takes 6-7 hours ..bus used to stop in hosur near a tree ( no proper bus stand that time ) ..fir few minutes….Anna transport cirpn started buses and people ..traders, & traveller’s used very widely ..Now grown like spiral ..It is very imperative to support the two govts to take & complete this projects asap, which will help both states people to exchange their business worths…

  10. Narayan Anand says:

    Best would be for Tamilnadu and Centre to fully bear the cost (land acquisition and construction) and also collect the fares forever from the citizens using the service from Bommanahalli to Hosur and back. Fares could include some GST as well so that Karnataka makes some money from passengers boarding from within its borders. This way Karnataka finances and development of lines in Bengaluru will not be hampered. The line will help the development of Hosur and serve as additional residential locality for Bangalore. CBSC schools could come up in Hosur for use by parents who may not be working for too many years in Bangalore.

  11. Pratheep Ramu says:

    We need Metro !!! We stay in Chandapura lets us also get metro connectivity what is the problem,…and let others also get it is a very small distance only from Bommasandra to Athibele, Fine let it not go to Hosur.

    • GK Murthy says:

      To reduce the road traffic and pollution, we have to construct double line railway track between Bangalore to Hosur for local train which is more low cost and more useful for public use and also possible for future expansion upto Selam via Dharmapuri

    • Sunku says:

      Yes Chandapura and Attibelle are well developed and good number of people travel daily to Bommasandra for work and other daily needs. So let the so called against Metro people stop against Metro campaign and let Metro be extended upto Attibelle for the sake of Karnataka workers atleast .

  12. Anbazhagan says:

    People who are living in Bengaluru are all from surrounding villages 200 km radius. Then why divisive politics
    and hatred.

    • A Xavier says:

      This metro will help the workers from the north. I see more number of persons from the north use BMTC and TNSTC buses , from Bangalore to Attibele and Attibele to Hosur. In the interest of persons from the north, the project may be given priority. As cost of living in Hosur is lower than Karnataka, a good number of persons from Karnataka settle in Hosur. A metro service to Hosur will help a lot to the low salaried and low wage earning persons.

    • A Xavier says:

      This metro will help the workers from the north. I see more number of persons from the north use BMTC and TNSTC buses , from Bangalore to Attibele and Attibele to Hosur.

  13. மாயவன் says:

    It is Very much essential to have metro up to Hosur for the benefits of all Kannadi gas and tamilians.Lakes of kannada speakers are in and around Hosur they all to get benefits out of it so Government should do this project What ever cost it is like Delhi metro to surrounding UP and Haryana

  14. மாயவன் says:

    It is very much essential to have metro up to Hosur for the benefits of all Kannadigas and Tamilians. Lacks of kannada speakers are in and around Hosur they all to get benefits out of it so Government should do this project What ever cost it is like Delhi metro to surround UP and Haryana

  15. Indian says:

    Having this extension will make way for healthy competition

  16. Manjunath says:

    This is a waste project it will create another cauvery problem better it should extend. Let it be till bomasandar itself chandpura and attibele people will not bother on this.

  17. KVA says:

    connectivity with hosur is not a priority and not required…it will help only hosur and not bengaluru…. eventually these self centred tamilians will ruin Bengaluru… people of Karnataka must protest against the project…it will help only Tamil idiots

  18. KVA says:

    connectivity with hosur is not a priority and not required…it will help only hosur and not bengaluru…. eventually these self centred tamilian will ruin Bengaluru… people of Karnataka must protest against the project…it will help only Tamil idiots

  19. Kamalakkannan Subramaniam says:

    This is very essential connectivity and Welcome metro efforts.

  20. Karthik says:

    Something is better than nothing, anyway they will not complete PRR or suburban rail in next 4 years. If TN has the will let them take it forward.

  21. Harsh says:

    I don’t see the need for metro ..
    hosur is very well connected with highways and railways .
    Just for the matter of 6km it don’t make sense at all .
    People equal travels from other borders too why hosur .
    When they have all resources.
    Than wasting the resources both state should focus on other needs of the state .
    Both government should valuate pros and cons before barging the land and resources

  22. Be Human says:

    I See lot of jealous kannadiga idiots here. I were in Hosur, nobody harmed a kannadiga unnecessarily. Tamil people are helping mindset, they let kannada, telugu, hindi people in Hosur? The gundaas mindset itself slowly killing them. Nobody gives a fk about them if they do like this. It’s not your hard work, talent made a city called Hosur. Other state people built it & you utilize it for feeding yourself.

  23. kaleemulla shariff says:

    To make India progress let both states to construct doubling of suburban railways from bangalore to hosur simultaneously metro line similar to Delhi Metro to other neighbouring states like up, haryana

  24. HOMOSAPIEN says:

    All of them are definitely aliens, not humans for sure, get the hell of this planet right now!!
    Do you all know where Karnataka or Tamilnadu is? I don’t think so,! all, who commented above are really humans at all.
    Oh yeah, Metro is a mode of transport which was introduced by the English, and Mr E Shreedharan brought Metro first to Calcutta.
    And why do you all want Metro, walk or ride Cycles, to travel from one place to another.
    You aliens who lives under the human body.

  25. Sudhakar says:

    Hosur metro to be cover from proposed new busstand to hosur railway station with kelamangla ring road with goods carriage

  26. Shekar ms says:

    We need metro Bommasandra to attibele and Hosur also. I will go to donate a small amount for Rs. 1000/- for putting 1st pillar in my native attibele, please provide bank account details. Please start as soon as possible.

  27. Somayajulu says:

    The metro line no need to extend upto Hosur. The people in that place hesitate against Kannadigaas if Cauvery water issues raise in any case. It’s useful and necessary metro line to be extended further with in Bangalore District. I am sure you would consider the same.

  28. Raghunandansingh says:

    Bangalore to Hosur metro is happy.
    But working is pending. Fastest , daily journey headache 😔😔😨.


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