Bids Invited for Bangalore Metro Airport City Station’s Construction

Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) last week invited pre-qualification bids from civil engineering firms for the construction of 56 km Bangalore Metro Blue Line’s Airport City Metro Station (ACMS).

This new metro station of Bangalore Metro’s Phase 2B project (Airport Line) will be built at-grade as part of the Blue Line’s approximately 3.6 km section within Bengaluru Airport City leading up to Terminal 2 of Kempegowda International Airport (KIA).

The Airport City Metro Station, also known as KIA West Station by BIAL in some official documents, will have a built-up area of approximate 14,000 sqm. Per BIAL’s Expression of Interest (EOI) notice, the scope of construction works include:

  • ‘At Grade’ Platform level works like two numbers of Entry structures and two number of Platforms with associated infrastructure block.
  • ‘Below Grade’ cross platform utility galleries (2 nos.)
  • ‘Above Grade’ Concourse level with connecting walkways above the Road to the Entry structures.

Brief Scope: INVITATION TO EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) for Construction of Airport City Metro Station (ACMS) at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru.

  • EOI Issued: December 16, 2023
  • Submission Deadline: January 2, 2024 at 5 pm
  • Prequalification Bid Opening: January 2, 2024 at 5:01 pm
Northern section of Bangalore Metro’s Airport line – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2B info & route map
Airport City Station’s render via BIAL / DP Architects
Airport City Station can be seen in the top-left quadrant – render via BIAL / DP Architects

BIAL has adopted a two-stage process for appointing a contractor. Bids submitted in the ‘pre-qualification stage’ will first be evaluated, and the firms that qualify will then directly be invited by BIAL to the second ‘tender-stage’. In that stage, firms will submit their financial bids as part of the RFP (Request for Proposal).

Sunil HP on YouTube recently posted a fantastic video of the airport line’s construction showing the physical progress made between KIA Terminals and Hebbal stations. Barricades have been setup by NCC at the 20 seconds mark for grading works on Terminal Boulevard’s median as part of the project’s civil Package 3.

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11 Responses to "Bids Invited for Bangalore Metro Airport City Station’s Construction"

  1. anaehatey says:

    Realistically speaking, when can we expect this line to be thrown open to the public in inta entirety?

  2. anaehatey says:

    Realistically speaking, when can we expect this line to be thrown open to the public in in it’s entirety?

  3. Prathap says:

    This will be awarded to L& T

    • TMRG says:

      It’s too small of a contract. I’ve noticed L&T has stopped bidding for such low-value low ROI projects, so very likely they’ll sit this one out.

  4. Professor M Mahadeva says:

    I welcome the progress in connecting Bangalore metro services to BIAL. Connecting two terminals of the airport is a need of the hour given the increasing air traffic. With this facility, BIAL can be easily compared with any other airports of the other countries like UK, France, Netherlands and others. I wish completion of the work on fast track basis.

  5. MN CHANDU says:

    A very good initiative & need of the hour 👍

  6. Vatsa says:

    Compared to other cities Bangalore metro is really very fast construction, hope to see this airport line up and early next year

  7. Sreenath says:

    After nearly 12 years of starting airport operations we are still talking about metro connection to APort.A shame on the
    planners.They must also start thinking about seemless interconnection between different lines in the city so that fliers can easily reach airport from any line.


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