Structcon Awarded Nagpur Metro Phase 2’s Design Consultant Contract DDC-04

The winner of another Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) contract is now known to me. Back in December 2023, Structcon Designs was awarded a Rs. 24 lakh contract for Package DDC-04 of 43.8 km Nagpur Metro Phase 2 project by Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (Maha-Metro).

This low-value package DDC-04’s scope includes providing design consultancy services for the small 1.7 km long at-grade section of Nagpur Metro Orange Line’s 18.7 km Reach 1A (Khapri – Butibori MIDC ESR). The at-grade section connects chainage 19550 to 21296.917 with two metro stations named Eco Park Station and Metro City Station.

Maha-Metro had invited bids for this consultancy service in October 2023 with an unknown estimate and contract duration of 1 year.

Technical bids were opened in November 2023 to reveal 3 bidders and financial bids were opened in December 2023.

Financial Bid Values

FirmBid (Rs. lakh)
Structcon Designs24.00
LKT Engineering Consultants 27.50
L&T Infrastructure Engineering30.00

Contract Award Date: December 29, 2023

MahaMetro’s Brief Scope: Detailed Design Consultancy (DDC) services for at-grade section of Reach-1A for length of approx. 1669.417 m (Ch 19550 to Ch.20421.016 and Ch. 20498.516 to 21296.917) of Nagpur Metro Rail Project Phase-II

Nagpur Metro Phase 2’s official map via MahaMetro

Structcon will be responsible for producing and proposing alternate designs of all civil, architectural, building services, electrical and mechanical works for both Eco Park Station and Metro City Station.

Back in April, MahaMetro received 2 bids for the at-grade section’s track-work from Rahee Infratech and NMC Industries. A civil construction tender notice is currently pending and will be posted after Structcon completes design work.

Here’s a table (best viewed on a Desktop) with the status / contractor of each of Nagpur Metro’s design packages. Interestingly, Structcon was technically disqualified from DDC-03‘s tendering process in December 2023.

Package DDC-01 (Reach 2A & 2B): Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) for 12 elevated stations between Pili Nadi – Kanhan RiverLKT Engineering Consultants
Package DDC-02 (Reach 3A & 4A): Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) for 8 elevated stations between Hingna Mountview – Hingna of Reach 3A and 3 elevated stations between Pardi and Transport Nagar of Reach 4AEnia Design – Mahendra Raj Consultants JV
Package DDC-03 (Reach 1A & 1B): Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) for 8 elevated stations between Ashokvan – MIDC ESREnia Design
Package DDC-04 (Reach 1A): Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) for at-grade section of Reach-1A for length of approx. 1669.417 M (CH. 19550 TO CH. 20421.016 and CH. 20498.516 to CH. 21296.917)Structcon Designs (this post)

A list of all Nagpur Metro Phase 2 civil & system packages and their status / contractors can be viewed here.

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  1. Ansar Gavandi says:

    Everything should not be on competitive only on price. Quality must be decide by Govt qualified Engineerings and Facilities by users.

    I feel India should choose and use the best. And it should decide on feasible and compatible in long run.

    I believe ‘ it is easy to decide in between right and wrong things, but to choose in between two right-things will decide the destiny’.


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