MIA Wins Bhubaneswar Metro Phulapokhari Depot’s Contract BBC-02

June 14, 2024 Update: DMRC has issued LOA and awarded Phulapokhari Depot’s contract to M I A Construction with a value of Rs. 79,75,46,846 (79.75 crore).

June 9 2024 Original Post: M I A Construction Pvt. Ltd. on Friday was declared as the lowest bidder for the civil construction work of Bhubaneswar Metro Phase 1 project’s Phulapokhari Depot & Workshop by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

Bhubaneswar Metro’s train stabling & maintenance facility will be built under Package BBC-02 on a 16 hectare parcel in Phulapokhari. It will house an undisclosed number of 3 coach trains (rolling stock) for servicing Bhubaneswar Metro’s 26 km Line-1 which will connect Trisulia Square – Biju Patnaik Airport via 20 elevated stations.

The contract’s brief scope includes design and construction of pre-engineered buildings (PEB) for workshop, stabling & inspection sheds. The work also includes construction of substructure i.e. foundations, pits, grade slab, RCC columns, beams etc. for PEB buildings and construction of RCC buildings for administrative offices.

DMRC had invited bids for Phulapokhari Depot’s construction in January 2024 with a very relaxed 36 month (3 year) deadline and Rs. 104.74 crore estimate.

Technical bids were opened in early April to reveal 22 bidders out of which 12 were disqualified for not meeting the tender’s conditions. Several of these have or are building metro depots across the country, such as Ahluwalia, ISGEC, Varindera Constructions & YFC Projects so I’m curious to see what went wrong.

Disqualified Bidders (12 Firms)

  • Ahluwalia Contracts India Ltd.
  • Bridge and Roof Co India Ltd.
  • Diversified Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd.
  • Metcon India Realty and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pragati Construction Consultants
  • PREMCO Rail Engineers Ltd.
  • S K Construction
  • UDRA Construction Pvt. Ltd.
  • Varindera Constructions Ltd.
  • Vishal Builders
  • YFC Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Financial Bid Values (10 Firms)

FirmBid (Rs. Crore)
MIA Construction Pvt. Ltd.79.75
Amara Raja Infra Pvt. Ltd.84.56
Quality Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.88.71
Himcon Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.91.25
Lisha Engineers Pvt. Ltd.94.07
Ranjit Buildcon Ltd.98.31
SPD Constructions Pvt. Ltd.99.37
Shree Balaji Engicons Ltd.100.66
Dineshchandra R.Agrawal Infracon Pvt. Ltd.127.54
URC Construction (P) Ltd.145.35

DMRC’s Brief Scope: Civil Works for Construction of Bhubaneswar Metro Depot Cum Workshop, OCC Buildings including Plumbing, Drainage, External Development Works etc. and Road Works of Bhubaneswar MRTS Phase-I Project.

Location of Phulapokhari Depot (BBC-02) and stations on Package BBC-05: KIIT Square to Trisulia Square– view Bhubaneswar Metro Map and Information
Grainy image of the depot’s layout included in DMRC’s tender documents

As shared in the past, this was by far the largest participation I’ve seen for a metro project’s contract India – regardless of being civil or system works related.

M I A Construction’s bid of Rs. 79.75 crore was well below DMRC’s estimate of Rs. 104.74 crore, so a contract should be awarded in the coming weeks without a long financial bid evaluation period.

M I A in the past has been awarded several multi-modal integration projects (here’s one) by the DMRC, and this will be their very first depot construction-related contract.

The construction of a simple precast boundary wall is currently underway around the depot’s site via Package BBC-01, while bidding is underway for the main-line’s construction via packages BBC-03BBC-04 & BBC-05. Technical bids are currently scheduled to open on June 19 for all contracts, so stay tuned!

A list of all Bhubaneswar Metro civil & system tenders and their status / contractors can be viewed here.

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  1. Kamal says:

    The future of Bhubaneswar metro will be clear after the swering in of the new Govt. I hope they continue it and complete it within time.

    • Gobardhana says:

      Kamal baby, govt has changed, now let’s see after 5-6 years who will take the credit of the metro project BJD or BJP🤣🤣…. As it was initiated by Naveen Patnaik. Same case happened in Lucknow between Akhilesh and Yogi

    • Madhav Kapoor says:

      Yes Kamal baby, I thought the metro project would be stopped as there was change in govt and moreover there was no news about Bhubaneswar metro since one month.. Now let’s hope the main line construction work begins soon🤞🤞

  2. Gomes Clevin Clement says:

    Any Update on Dongri Depot of Mumbai Metro line 9 ?

  3. Gangadharsamal says:

    I hope metro conect to kendrapara new government

  4. Pratik says:

    Don’t worry we changed government for more development so bjp have to thik that it is his 1st or last? if people of change Navin babu so don’t worry I thik metro work will finish at time…thank you


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