TBM S-1074 Commissioned for Mumbai Metro’s Line-3 towards Dadar

Engineers and workers from the CEC-ITD Cem-TPL JV on this Sunday commissioned S-1074 – their second of three Herrenknecht tunnel boring machines at the Nayanagar Shaft in Mumbai’s Mahim neighborhood. After TBMs S-1073 & T-58, this is the third of 17 TBMs to be commissioned for building Mumbai Metro’s new 33.5 km Line-3 tunnels.

This Ø6.61m earth pressure balance TBM successfully passed factory acceptance testing (FAT) in mid-August 2017, arrived at the city’s port in early October and was lowered into the shaft for assembly towards the beginning of November.

As per the tunneling plan, S-1074’s assignment includes two drives as part of the 6.081 km package UGC-04 between Worli-Dharavi. First it’ll build the 2484m long down-line tunnel towards Dadar Station through Shitladevi Station, and then it is planned to be brought back to the Nayanagar Shaft for its final 578m drive towards Dharavi Station for the up-line tunnel.

The first tunnel ring segment for the entire package was cast in March – see images here.

Package UGC-04 (Dharavi – Worli) – view Mumbai Metro map & information

Within the shaft, the TBM will first erect 9 temporary rings before its cutterhead starts boring and permanent ring building activity begins. As of Monday morning, 3 of those temporary rings have been erected, and an official inauguration ceremony is planned to take place this afternoon.

Some images –

Herrenknecht’s Iranian engineers in front of S-1074 – Photo Copyright: Mohammad Salarvand

Shot during site acceptance tests (SAT) on Saturday – Photo Copyright: John Celentano

Images from Sunday (December 3) –

Puja with 1st segment

First 3 tunnel rings erected for the down-line tunnel

Closer look of the rings

As of November 30, TBM S-1073 on the parallel up-line tunnel had completed building 15 rings (9 temporary & 6 permanent = 21m) towards Dadar. See some images I posted on Twitter here.

December 4 evening update – Here are some images from the “official” launch event held in the presence of MMRCL’s MD this afternoon –

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

For more updates, check out the Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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5 Responses to "TBM S-1074 Commissioned for Mumbai Metro’s Line-3 towards Dadar"

  1. Sourajit Mukherjee says:

    Congratulations. Which machine will be next?

  2. Rushil says:

    Hey this is unrelated but I’m not sure where else to post this. Are there any plans on increasing the number of trains/coaches on the VAG corridor? It’s already super crowded throughout the day and with interchange stations coming up it looks like it’ll only get worse.

    • TMRG says:

      Line-1’s 16 trains can be increased to a max of 6 coaches, but haven’t heard of MMOPL having any intentions of doing that. Since they’d like to keep expenses down, I believe they’ll first tweak the frequency and then later consider adding new coaches.

  3. Philip G Graham says:

    This author is always trying to see which tunnel construction locomotives are being used to support the TBMs transporting materials and supplies up to the trailing back-up gantries.
    The problem at the initial launches is that while there are plenty of photos taken when the first ring segments are placed, it is not until the TBM has thrust off the launch frame and the majority of the trailing back-up gantry has entered the tunnel, that the tunnel construction locomotives become active.
    Sadly this coincides with the period that photos become somewhat infrequent with the absence of the various publicity people until for the much later, and more spectacular, break-though into the next station box diaphragm wall, at which time no photo coverage is presented from in the tunnel of the hidden area behind in the TBM trailing gantry.
    One of the major suppliers of tunnel construction locomotives to the Indian Metro projects has been the German company SCHÖMA. As recently as August 2017, there have been three new-build Model Type CFL200DCL being completed at the factory in Germany for the Mumbai Metro project. The exact UG contract customer is not known to this author, but it is noted that the Continental Engineering Corporation has been a good Schöma customer for various Indian metro projects using this CFL200DCL type locomotive. The newer locomotives are delivered in an Orange livery, whereas earlier units were usually painted White. Any reports of sightings of the locomotives at the various launch shafts would be received with thanks by this author and, of course, TMRG. Photos would be even better…



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