Jaipur Metro’s TBM 2 to Begin Journey Underneath Chandpole Gate Today

Today afternoon, TBM 2 in Jaipur will begin a 5 day long tunneling journey underneath the historic Chandpole Gate! This TBM was launched in late October 2015 and is following TBM 1 which successfully crossed the gate in early October with some minor damage reported to buildings & the road above. Both TBMs are driven by operators employed by the CEC-CICI JV company which is executing the 2.35 km Phase 1B of the Jaipur Metro project from Chandpole to Badi Chaupar via Choti Chaupar.

Chandpole Gate - Photo Copyright: RonnyG

Chandpole Gate – Photo Copyright: RonnyG

Satellite view of metro shaft & Chandpole Gate

Map of Jaipur Metro's underground section

Map of Jaipur Metro’s 2.35 km underground section

Work on this 55 meter section (ring 68-105) which is officially called “Influence Zone” in the metro construction circles will take 5 days to complete during which the TBM (see images of it) will proceed with caution under the guidance of international tunneling experts. As per an engineer, 12 prisms have been installed on either sides of the gate to record vibrations & halt work if necessary. Eight multipoint recording devices have also been installed at a depth of 2.5m and 5m along the road above it.

Apart from the tunneling experts, the entire drive will be monitored by engineers from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation, heritage consultants from the Archaeological Survey of India and various heritage conservation societies..basically the entire gang of “experts” will be out & monitoring this tricky task like watching wet paint dry. So please join me in wishing and hoping for the best! 🙂

In other news, TBM#1 (see images of it) has only another ~120m more to go before it makes a breakthrough at Choti Chaupar in January 2016.

For more updates on the Jaipur Metro, check out the Jaipur section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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2 Responses to "Jaipur Metro’s TBM 2 to Begin Journey Underneath Chandpole Gate Today"

  1. Mridul yadav says:

    has the TBM1 made a breakthrough at Choti Chaupar and how much distance has TBM 2 travelled now????

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, the CEC-CICI team wasn’t able to get the Choti Chaupar and Badi Chaupar stations’ box structures ready in time, so instead of waiting for that, they continued tunneling eastwards. Currently both TBMs are east of the Badi Chaupar Station and waiting for the Ram Ganj Shaft (eastern point of the line) to be completed. ETA=5 months.

      So instead of 6 breakthroughs, only 2 will be made on the entire line.

      The team is currently excavating vertically at the 2 stations’ site, and will remove & discard the tunnel rings manually for a length of approx 200m each. Afcons Infra has followed this method in Chennai and is currently doing the same in Kolkata where both TBMs are now past the Howrah Station and heading towards the Hooghly River.


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