Bangalore Metro – January 2016 Tunneling Update

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) recently released their January 2016 newsletter which can be accessed here! Before proceeding, I just wanted to thank everyone who tweeted and emailed me about the release. Like always, let’s first start with some new images and then dive into analyzing the data contained within it.

Majestic Station - - Photo Copyright: BMRCL

The Majestic ‘interchange’ Station – Photo Copyright: BMRCL

- Photo Copyright: BMRCL

Another view of Majestic station – Photo Copyright: BMRCL

- Photo Copyright: BMRCL

Chickpet station from where TBMs Kaveri & Krishna have been launched – Photo Copyright: BMRCL

- Photo Copyright: BMRCL

Chickpet station – Photo Copyright: BMRCL

- Photo Copyright: BMRCL

Entry/Exit structure for Purple line’s Vidhana Soudha station – Photo Copyright: BMRCL

- Photo Copyright: BMRCL

Another entrance to the underground Vidhana Soudha station – Photo Copyright: BMRCL

The tunneling data in the newsletter was recorded at the start of the month and as such does not reflect recent progress made in the last 11 days. However, since data from the December newsletter is available, a valid comparison can be made to see the progress made over the past month (December) with the month before (November).

Purple line –  Tunneling on the Purple line’s 4.8 km underground section between Magadi Road and Cubbon Park was completed in March 2014 and trials have been underway since November. After many announcements stating it’ll be operational in January, the BMRCL has now pushed the opening to February-end, but as per my evaluation, they won’t be able to do so since they are yet to even file an application to the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS) to inspect the line for safety purposes.

Green line – The Green line’s tunnels from the North Ramp to the South Ramp are being constructed by a JV of Coastal & TTS with some help from CEC-CICI. Only 3 more tunnels are left to be completed. Here’s a map displaying the incomplete Green line’s underground section between the North Ramp & Chickpet on which 3 TBMs are currently working on:

The three arrows represent the direction of tunneling by the TBMs on the Green line's underground section

The three arrows represent the direction of tunneling by the TBMs on the Green line’s underground section

Here’s a table which compares progress made by the 4 TBMs as per the data reported in the newsletters:

TBM Origin Destination Launch Date Distance Dec 1  Jan 1
Krishna Chickpet Majestic Dec 2015  747m  0  6m
Kaveri Chickpet Majestic Feb 2015  744m  538.50m  564m
Godavari North Ramp Majestic May 2013  973m  460.50m  549m

• Orange Arrow – The Krishna TBM made a breakthrough at Chickpet station on August 31 from the KR (City) Market station after a slow and tiring journey of 22 months. After being put through repairs for 112 days, the TBM was launched on December 22 towards Majestic for one final drive. The BMRCL strangely did not include its progress in the newsletter, but as per an on-site engineer, 4 rings have been placed which is roughly equivalent to 6m of tunneling.
Distance Left – 741 meters

• Blue Arrow – The Kaveri TBM was launched from the Chickpet station in February 2015 and has covered only 25.5m since the December 2015 update. The reason for this includes hard rock and the precarious nature of buildings en-route to Majestic that had to be evacuated.  At this poor rate of tunneling, the TBM will reach Majestic only by August 2016.
Distance left – 180 meters

• Green Arrow – The Godavari TBM had a new cutterhead installed on it in late July 2015 and restarted tunneling towards Majestic in mid September. Since the December 2015 update, it has progressed by 88.5m and has continued its excellent run from November in which it tunneled 75m. At this rate of tunneling, the TBM will reach Majestic around the month of June 2016.
Distance left – 424.50 meters

Like the month of November, in December – apart from TBM Godavari making solid progress, the rest 2 TBMs (Kaveri & Krishna) have made very little progress. If TBM Krishna is to take the same amount of time as TBM Kaveri to tunnel the parallel tunnel, then in all likelihood, tunneling on Phase 1’s underground section will only be completed by early to mid 2017. After taking into account the time it takes to lay the track bed, install electrical/signalling equipment, perform tests and have the line inspected, the entire 1st Phase of Bangalore’s Metro is most likely to be completely operational only by the end of 2017.

For more updates on Bangalore’s Metro, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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26 Responses to "Bangalore Metro – January 2016 Tunneling Update"

  1. Citizen says:

    Thanks for all the updates and wish you a very happy new year!

    With their slow pace and incompetence, I only hope BMRCL learns its share of lessons from this
    Phase I fiasco and completes Phase II fast, which at this point looks like will take another three
    decades to complete!

  2. Sridhar says:

    Thanks a lot for the update… 🙂

  3. S Manikantan says:

    You have said that the purple line, in all probability, will not start by March 1 2016. Will it start before Ugadhi 2016 (April 8th)? Pl. confirm. I am eagerly waiting for this. At least we can travel from Vijayanagar to Majestic and up to Vidhana Soudha, Cubbon Park, Chinnaswamy Stadium and M.G. Road. Manikantan S, Chennai

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, I can’t guess the date it will start, but I’m sure it will not start in February. After the paperwork & invitation is submitted to the CMRS, it can take anywhere from 1-3 months for the line to be inspected & become operational. At this point of time, they are yet to submit the paperwork. I’ll post an update along each step of the process.

  4. Manikantan S says:

    thank you. Pls. keep updating on a continuous basis – Bangalore metro purple line

  5. Swami says:

    Metro timings needs an update, It can start from 5AM and stops by 12night. This will help people especially women.

    @ Chennai: The sub urban trains start by 4am and stops by 12night. Why can’t Bangalore metro follows the same time?

    • Kiran says:

      I agree with swami. Because for example If I want to catch 6 AM Shatabdi train at bengaluru city railway junction, then I cannot use metro train as I cannot make it ,

  6. Avinash Kumar P says:


    From when we can travel in purple line from Mysore road to indiranagar any update on this

  7. NAGARAJA H M says:

    Please let me know the status of 2 phase between gottigere and nagvara, when the work starts.

  8. Kiran says:


    When will be purple line will be open for commercial purpose as it is completed and tested so that we can avoid the further losses happening to the NAMMA METRO and much of the traffic will be avoided in that area

  9. Siva says:

    When the RV Road to Bommasandara metro work will start?

  10. Shyan Bhat says:

    What is the status of extension from Byappanahalli to Whitefield. When the work is going to start?

    • TMRG says:

      Tenders for its construction are supposed to be invited later this year. Contract will be given out in 2017.

  11. Syed sadiq says:

    Hi, Can you please update on as to when the phase2 work will begin and I’m very much concern about the route from silkboard to bommasandra. Can you please give us a approximate date.

    • TMRG says:

      Work will begin in 2017. BMRCL plans to invite tenders (bids) for its construction in the next 3 months after which it will take 6-9 months for the contract to be awarded.

  12. Venkat says:

    When will Puttenahalli to Yeshwantpur be operational ?

  13. Nehal says:

    When will the majestic interchange completed. Waiting eagerly for the connectivity from majestic to mantri square

  14. saqib says:

    Can I know how much area is being demolished for metro between tannery road and Nagwara? Especially near Arabic college? Many thanks


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