CMRS Gives Clearance to Bangalore Metro’s EW Underground Section

As per a new report in the Deccan Herald, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. is understood to have received the mandatory safety clearance from SK Mittal, the Commissioner for Metro Rail Safety, to operate commercial services on the 4.8 km underground section between MG Road & Magadi Road!

Ninja Update: The Hindu and Times of India have confirmed the approval as well.

The “remaining 5 percent” mentioned by the CMRS on Wednesday includes a host of pending works and suggestions. As per the Times of India, these include works related to amenities for passengers at Majestic station, clearing of dust, proper water supply and signalling.  The Deccan Herald has identified one of them to be a fire safety certification for the Majestic station. However as per Vasanth Rao, BMRCL’s GM of Finance, they had received this clearance in March, so one of them is clearly not telling the truth.

Purple line's underground section - view Bangalore Metro map and information

Purple line’s underground section – view Bangalore Metro map and information

The 2-day inspection started on Tuesday and was carried out at all 5 underground stations: Cubbon Park, Vidhana Soudha, Sir. M Visveshwaraya, Majestic and Bangalore City railway station. Lots of nice images of the inspection can be viewed here: [Pics] CMRS Inspects Bangalore Metro’s EW Underground Section.

Only a few minor works are pending within the Majestic station. Enjoy some new images shot over the past 3 days:


Concourse area – Photo Copyright: Vasanth Rao


AFC gates – Photo Copyright: Subrahmanyam Kappagantu


Photo Copyright: Subrahmanyam Kappagantu


Model of how the station could turn out to be – Photo Copyright: Subrahmanyam Kappagantu


Photo Copyright: Subrahmanyam Kappagantu


Westbound platform – Photo Copyright: Vasanth Rao

As seen above, the platform area’s floor & false ceiling work are not yet complete, but should easily be squared away & thoroughly cleaned up in the coming days.

I often get asked about the opening date or even an estimated opening date, but that hasn’t been announced yet and depends on the BMRCL’s implementation of the CMRS’ suggestion and finally the availability of ministers.  I’m sure the BMRCL is internally targeting an inauguration date and has more than started preparations for hosting it (here’s what’s on the menu by the way), but I haven’t so far gotten wind of it. Whenever I do, I’ll make sure to write about it. Trust me, I’m as excited about the opening as you are! 🙂

For more updates on the Bangalore metro, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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15 Responses to "CMRS Gives Clearance to Bangalore Metro’s EW Underground Section"

  1. S Balaji says:

    Woooohoo!! CMRS had earlier said approval would be given within 1 week and it actually got given in 1 day!

    • Naveen says:

      Everything about the inspection has been strange – its sudden announcement, the number of days (2 days vs 8-10 days for Reach 2) followed by today’s sudden approval which usually takes 7 days. Hopefully it was done correctly and not hurriedly. I can’t wait to board but safety is paramount.

      • Sujith says:

        Maybe think it is good no. Why does one have to sit on a clearance for a week if it is already inspected. There is no analysing required if CMRS has gone through the entire section in 2-3 days. Our Indian mentality makes us think everything should take its own time, maybe this is how it should be normally done. Give clearances fast to start projects in time and not sit on it for weeks togther.

  2. sheraj says:

    how much time does it take for a metro rail to travel from mysore road to byappanahalli ?

  3. Tanmay Rao M says:

    As per the initial reports the time taken should be 33 mins

  4. Amith says:

    Time Taken from 1 station to another = Number of stations * 2.5 minutes .

    Average Speed of metro is somewhere around 30 km ph ( Including 30 second stop at stations )

  5. Murli says:

    The west bound platform at majestic station appears very narrow and risk for crowded station like majestic. I see a big risk here.

  6. shubangi says:

    Thanks for the usual exemplary nature of your coverage of events. I had a query which I believe you could answer the best. What would be the total operational distance of the metro upon throwing open this section? Thanks!

  7. sharavana says:

    what will be parking charges for two wheeler from 9am to 9pm ?

  8. Hari Bhatta says:

    Finally please indicate the inaugural date for the tunnel stretch – cant wait any further to board, this will reduce my ( many alike) travel time from 60-90 min to mere 24min…..


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