LMRCL Unveils Final Design of Alstom Metro Coaches ; Manufacturing Begins

3 weeks after the design of Lucknow’s Alstom metro coaches was finalized at Alstom’s HQs in France, the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. unveiled it in the presence of Akhilesh Yadav, Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister! Simultaneously, Alstom’s workers in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh began manufacturing the first train by cutting a stainless steel sheet to prepare the train’s body shell.

As per a press release by Alstom:

The design of Alstom’s Metropolis for Lucknow is a tribute to the city’s cultural richness. The front of the metro has been conceived in the spirit of some of the city’s most important monuments’ gates such as Bara-Imambara, the Asifi Masjid or the Roomi. At the lower section of the front, the V cutline symbolizes the dynamism and rapidity with which the Lucknow metro project has been handled to address the city’s high demand for mobility. The exterior livery is both highly modern and very much inspired by the traditional cashmere craftsmanship of Lucknow. Special attention has been paid to passenger comfort; Metropolis offers 186 seats in longitudinal configuration and two dedicated zones for passengers with reduced mobility. Screens displaying useful travel information have been placed in convenient locations inside the metro, visible to all.


Final design of Lucknow Metro’s train – Source: Alstom


UP’s CM viewing a 3D presentation on Lucknow’s Metro – Source: UP News 360

Source: Bhaskar

Source: Bhaskar

Source: Live Mint

Source: Live Mint

Inside view - Source: Amar Ujala

Inside view – Source: Amar Ujala


Source: Bhaskar

Alstom had won the Rs. 1069.81 crore rolling stock contract for supplying 20 train-sets of 4 coaches each in September 2015 after which the LMRCL unveiled the trains’ preliminary design in February 2016.

The on-board design features & facilities are fairly standard, but must be mentioned here. As per a report in HT:

Wide passenger doors and inter-car gangways for easy passenger movement, ergonomically designed handrail and grab handle system for easy and comfortable standing etc, all have been planned to provide commuters a noise-free and easy journey. An in-built public announcement and display system at convenient locations would keep the travelers informed about approaching metro stations.

Onboard safety features include emergency communication facilities including talk back facilities for passengers for talking to train operator directly, CCTV images inside the trains to be played to train operator as well as centralized security control room. Dedicated wheel-chair spaces for differently-abled passengers would be available inside the trains with braille stickers for visually challenged persons.

While the first set of 4 coaches to run on the 8.48 km priority corridor from Transport Nagar to Charbagh will be delivered by the end of October this year, the rest of the coaches for the 22.878 km north-south line will gradually be delivered in batches over a period of 36 months.

In other exciting news, a consortium of Datamatics & Mikroelektronika has won the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) contract for the entire Phase 1A project. They’ve now been added to the list of contractors on Lucknow Metro’s info page.

For more updates, check out the Lucknow section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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