DMRC Extends Magenta Line’s Trial Runs to Kalkaji Mandir

On the morning of August 11, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation extended trial runs on the 38.235 km Magenta Line by a further 3 km to the Kalkaji Mandir station! The DMRC had originally commenced trial runs on this line without prior notification in late-May on a 3.5 km section between the Kalindi Kunj Depot and Okhla Vihar.

The new Hyundai Rotem trains will undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are ready for smooth operations when this section of the line is commissioned in mid-2017. Although they are enabled to operate on the UTO (Unattended Train Operations) mode (see list of features), the trains will initially be operated manually by operators for the first few years.

As per a DMRC press release:

During these trials, the interface of the Metro train will be checked to ensure that there is no physical infringement with civil infrastructure during the movement of the train on the track and also testing of various subsystems of coaches shall be done. Later on, in stages, the new signaling technology to be implemented on this corridor and Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) will also undergo rigorous testing. The response of the train at different speeds, braking of the train and the interconnection with the Operations Control Centre (OCC) will also be monitored during the trials. The behavior of the track system and the Over Head Electrification (OHE) will be checked repeatedly.

The section consists of 6 stations at Jasola Vihar/Shaheen Bagh, Okhla Vihar, Jamia Millia Islamia, Sukhdev Vihar, Okhla NSIC and Kalkaji Mandir stations as shown below. Barring the Kalkaji Mandir station, the rest of the stations in this section are elevated and were constructed by Afcons Infrastructure under package CC-15 of the 160 km Phase 3 project.


Alignment of Kalindi Kunj Depot – Kalkaji Mandir section – view Delhi Metro Phase 3 map & information


DMRC’s MD Mangu Singh flagging off the train – Photo Copyright: Arun Sharma/HT via Getty Images


Photo Copyright: Sumit Kumar Pandey


Photo Copyright: Raghu Khandait


Pulling out of the depot – Photo Copyright: Arun Sharma/HT via Getty Images


Running along the Jasola Vihar Stabling Yard – Photo Copyright: Arun Sharma/HT via Getty Images


Spotted from Jamia Millia Islamia – Photo Copyright: Jamia News Alert


Pulling into Kalkaji Mandir station – Photo Copyright: Kripal Kanyal


Photo Copyright: Hussain Ahmad Siddiqui

Next up, the DMRC plans to extend trial runs eastward towards Noida’s Botanical Garden station in mid-October. The last pier of the Yamuna bridge at Okhla was finally cast in July and workers from SP Singla are now busy in completing the bridge’s last span. The DMRC’s spokesperson, Anuj Dayal, has hinted at a December 2016 opening, but I’m projecting a Q2 2017 opening.

For more updates, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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49 Responses to "DMRC Extends Magenta Line’s Trial Runs to Kalkaji Mandir"

  1. Shahid says:

    Thank you for sharing TMRG. Commendable job by DMRC and contractors. This project running through highly populated n congested areas of south delhi, my heartiest greetings 2 those project engineers n the company n it’s staff labourers who has dedicated themselves 2 work flawlessly without any mishap. I also convey my best wishes to DMRC TECHNICAL N ENGINEERING STAFF WHO HEADED THIS PROJECT IN IMPLEMENTING N INSTALLING THE ENTIRE ROUTE. GOD BLESS DR.MANGHU SINGH N PRAY FOR HIS LONG LIFE.

  2. Parvesh says:

    When will be kalkaji-janakpuri route get started for commuters.

  3. SG says:

    Pics are really awesome if we look how brilliantly they have done the work in populates areas,
    Also is there any scope they start the line in sections, say botanical to hauz khas or even botanical to okhla

  4. SG says:

    I guess it will take time as their first and foremost priority will be to complete botanical to south delhi connectivity first,than south delhi to west, which may lead in starting the line in patches

  5. Siddharth R says:

    the exterior looks really amazing … it has a mean yet friendly face … and the color is cool too… so excited for this line.. it runs right next to my home … saw the whole progression of this project and how it has changed the landscape of our place..btw .. if u look carefully at image 8 (DLF towers), u could see the purple line ..just 2 kms away.. . the property rates in Jasola will be skyrocketing …this will also make Jasola the area with two metro stations of different lines.!!

  6. ghosh says:

    I cant understand that why DMRC is playing so safe now;Earlier they used to put 3rd phase’s update every month but now what they are trying to hide.
    Maybe delay in 3rd phase completion is the reason behind this,DMRC is repeatedly missing deadlines whether of trial or commissiong and misleading public by providing false information.

  7. Peter Hook says:

    Hi TMRG,

    क्या आपने मेट्रोओं के बारे में लिखना और पोस्ट करना छोड़ दिया?
    I hope not.


  8. Aby says:

    Nowadays Dmrc don’t update their website about phase 3 construction work something is fishy

  9. harsh says:

    he is on vacation.

  10. Siddhant Kumar says:

    Dmrc updates their website but sometimes they do starting of a month or end of a month. They always keep changing this order. That’s why you are thinking that dmrc dosen’t update its website. Dmrc will do it on 29 or 31st of thid month

  11. mala says:

    very useful message

  12. sam says:

    @ Siddhant ,I disagree wid u bro.Earlier DMRC used to update 3rd phase construction every month between 22nd-31st day.But from last 4 months it is not so as last updates were in june and april.
    This may be due to delay in 3rd phase and DMRC is hiding info to escape from same.

  13. Manu says:

    What diff does it make dude? The best updates and latest picts are available right here, no?
    Thanks TMRG,

  14. Aditya says:

    Hey TMRG, please dont go for such long vacations, we check your site every morning for your updates. Please come back.

  15. Rohan Sharma says:

    TMRG. Boy this is a long vacation. Don’t leave us all hanging

  16. Azad Babu says:

    Where is the update….??
    Want to see some good news…

  17. Aditya Benwal says:

    Hey TMRG, i am really worried about you now.. No updates and no tweets even. Come back quickly.

  18. Alluring succubus says:

    Where are ypu tmrg? Feeling anxious about new metro news

  19. RAKESH SHARMA says:


  20. Aditya says:

    Finally DMRC releases the phase 3 project construction update as on July 2016. This time they admitted that land is not available for some stretches instead of providing unrealistic deadlines. See here Hey TMRG, we want your comments on this. Come back soon.

    • Azad Babu says:

      A lot of the pictures seem to be old ones. Those of magenta line shows pictures which seem to have been taken months back. There are pictures of okhla area where the track works are not even in proper shape, with no OHE wires. But i think these sections have trains rolling for test now.

  21. Suyesh says:

    Is there any update for the down-line tunnel between Vasant Vihar & Munirka on magenta line.

  22. Wajid says:

    TMRG plz don’t take such a long vacation

    Such a long vacation may result in completion of some metro ..???

  23. Adity says:

    Perhaps not the bangalore one..:p

  24. V-Rulz says:

    TMRG, are you down with dengue , like many other dilliwalas are ????

  25. Prithviraj Nag says:

    Did some research and seemed to have got some clues! (I maybe wrong though)
    The person seems to have changed jobs last month and become too busy to manage this site…
    Its certainly not dengue, so no need to worry!

  26. Siddhant Kumar says:

    Will he return to this

  27. Siddhant Kumar says:

    Will he return to this site

  28. Wajid says:

    Bangalore tunnel update came .. and u r not even there to update it

  29. Siddhant Kumar says:

    Will tmrg return to this site back.

  30. Aby k says:

    What about update on Delhi phase 3 fix month

  31. Aditya says:

    If you have left this website and joined a different job, then it is really unprofessional on your side TMRG. You should not have left like this. I hope I am wrong and you will come back.

  32. Kamal says:

    If you are not updating the website, please add a article to inform.

  33. RAKESH SHARMA says:

    it was temporary site ?

  34. Suyesh says:

    I think dis site is abandoned now.

  35. Suyesh says:

    Its nice 2 see u back to pavilion bro,now quickly put some updates as u used to do earlier 🙂

  36. Aditya says:

    TMRG is going to be back…happy to know that I was wrong. Waiting for your updates.

  37. harsh says:

    hi tmrg, summers will come next year also. ?☺

  38. Adi says:

    Hey TMRG, ye kaisi summer vacations hai jo september tak chal rhi hai??..ab to autumn break bhi aane wali hai.

  39. Aby k says:

    Grt to hear u r back!!! Update us on all developments

  40. Samra says:

    Which type of vacations is dis.Not even a single update from last 2 months.
    Pls. Update about magenta line.

    • kuldeep k says:

      are you dumb or what? he is saying he will report back,than why the hell cant you wait,he is doing the update work just out of his interest,neither this site is generating anything for him nor he is getting paid by any1,
      people like you just post rubbish and never appreicates

  41. Samra says:

    Wats rubbish in dis.
    I also know dat he is doing exceptional work.We expect information from him,dats why post.
    And first learn spelling of appreciate you idiot and then give lesson 2 others.

  42. jyoti says:

    Congratulations !!

    Magenta line operational date shifted to December 2017 . 🙁

    First Dec2016 -> March 2017 -> December 2017 -> ????

    God knows its fate !!!!


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