Lucknow Metro’s KDSB Stadium – Munshipulia Project Launched

Larsen & Toubro’s team in Lucknow has launched work on the city’s 8.63 km KDSB Stadium – Munshipulia section of the 22.878 km north-south metro line barely 3 weeks after being issued work orders. On this Wednesday, they conducted a bhoomi pooja at a barricaded portion of Faizabad Road’s median in Indira Nagar and brought in a piling rig to mark the groundbreaking for the city’s 3rd metro stretch which will extend the line further northward across the Gomti River.

The entirely elevated KDSB Stadium – Munshipulia stretch includes the construction of 8 stations located at K.D.Singh Babu Stadium, Vishwavidyalaya, IT College, Badshah Nagar, Lekhraj Market, R.S.Mishra Nagar, Indira Nagar and Munshipulia. It would also include 2 cantilever bridges over the Gomti River (parallel to the Hanuman Setu Bridge) and the railway tracks near the Badshah Nagar station which will look similar to the one being constructed at Mawaiyya.

LKCC-07 from KD Singh Babu Stadium to Munshipulia - view Lucknow Metro map and information

LKCC-07 from KD Singh Babu Stadium to Munshipulia – view Lucknow Metro map and information


Barricaded section at Indira Nagar – Photo Copyright: Mehar

Photo Copyright: Anand Raj

Groundbreaking ceremony – Photo Copyright: Anand Raj

Photo Copyright: Goutam Majumdar

Daljeet Singh, LMRC’s Director of Works – Photo Copyright: Goutam Majumdar

Things in Lucknow are moving quite fast with the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation targeting to open this stretch along with the 3.44 km underground stretch (Charbagh – KDSB Stadium) in March 2019.

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3 Responses to "Lucknow Metro’s KDSB Stadium – Munshipulia Project Launched"

  1. Kamal says:

    very good progress, this is how metro projects should be constructed, work should start immediately, not like the work in Bengaluru, mumbai etc.

  2. Aby k says:

    Absolutely agreed Lucknow metro moving at quite a pace it is setting a benchmark for all states


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