Nagpur Metro Demolishes Flyover for New Double Decker Structure

The contractor for Reach 1 of Nagpur Metro’s project, NCC Ltd., and Matte Associates have completed demolishing the 15 year old Chatrapati Flyover on Nagpur’s Wardha Road to pave the way for building a new 3.41 km double decker structure supporting vehicles and the metro’s north-south line.

Demolition work started on November 15 with an aim to open the Chatrapati square intersection back up in 15 days, but work got completed in a matter of just 8 days. The old bi-directional flyover consisted of 3 lanes and will be replaced by a Rs. 425 crore 6-lane structure spanning from Ajni Chowk to Sonegaon Police Station. Its design was finalized in September 2015 and soon after that the NMRCL revealed a model of it.

Demolishing infrastructure is never easy in India and during those 8 days, the NMRCL ran an effective social media campaign highlighting the new structure’s benefits. For locals in the flyover’s vicinity, it set up an information center with a model of the new structure and a train cut-out for people to take selfies with.

Location of Nagpur's Double Decker viaduct

Location of Nagpur’s Double Decker viaduct in black

Level 0 – Local traffic on the ground level
Level 1 –  Flyover for automobiles
Level 2 – North-South line’s viaduct


Source: NMRCL


Source: NMRCL


Day 1 – Photo Copyright: NMRCL


Photo Copyright: NMRCL


Photo Copyright: NMRCL


Photo Copyright: NMRCL


Photo Copyright: NMRCL


Ramp cleared – Photo Copyright: NMRCL


Then and now – Photo Copyright: NMRCL


Open to vehicles on the night of Nov 23 – Photo Copyright: NMRCL

Similar double decker structures were recently built in Jaipur (see pic), Chennai (see construction pic) & Kochi. A massive 5 level structure is planned to come up at Bangalore’s Jayadeva Hospital intersection – view details. Construction for it is expected to start in 2018.

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