LMRCL Secretly Starts Trial Runs on Lucknow Metro’s NS Line

In the run-up to the ‘official’ trial run on December 1 which is expected to be heavily politicized, the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. on late Monday night secretly held a trial run on a portion of the 8.48 km priority section of the 22.878 km north-south line. The Alstom train, which arrived in the city just a week ago, traveled from the Transport Nagar Depot to the Singar Nagar station and then quietly headed back at a speed of 5 kmph.

Since this run was held in utmost secrecy, no further details on its scope are available. Over the past week, the train was operated & subjected to various tests on the depot’s 700m test line, but this is the first time it ventured out of the depot and onto the main-line.


Priority Section: Transport Nagar – Charbagh (8.48 km)

As a reminder, the LMRCL is chasing a March 2017 deadline to open the 8.48 km Transport Nagar – Charbagh section of the line.


Lucknow Metro’s 1st trial run on the main-line – Photo Copyright: BJPLucknowBJP

Update – Here’s a video of the train passing through the Singar Nagar truss bridge over Avadh Rotary:

While the ‘official’ trial run is awaited, here are some images showing new signage installed at various stations & the depot:


Photo Copyright: Natasha


Photo Copyright: Natasha


Photo Copyright: Natasha

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4 Responses to "LMRCL Secretly Starts Trial Runs on Lucknow Metro’s NS Line"

  1. Raphael/Link-Skywalker says:

    Wow, very nice news, it is amazing to see the trains running for the first time…
    But why doing those tests secretely ?
    And another question : I think that the LMRC doesn’t share a lot info, we do not see a lot infos froms them (tell me if I’m wrong) and the project is only at its first tests, so how can this metro opens in march 2017 ? I mean, I saw that Hyderabad and Kochi are still doing a lot of tests…

    Thank you for your update !

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, the local state government has planned to ‘officially’ launch trial runs on Dec 1 in a major event, so the metro org cannot publicize this trial run and steal their thunder. Unlike other metro orgs, the LMRCL shares information with the media only when the time is right and hasn’t ever gone overboard with promises. In this respect, out of all metro orgs, I think they’re doing a stellar job.

      Kochi Metro has major interior works pending at all stations while the operator of Hyderabad’s is waiting for other sections of the project to be ready as the both of the ‘ready’ sections are dis-jointed and are not expected to be utilized heavily. As for Lucknow, work for a 255m cantilever bridge is still underway, so we’ll have to wait and see if this gets included in the March launch or if the launch is delayed.

      • Suyash says:

        I think due to so much of workers available in UP / Bihar they wont see any impact on schedule unless its a very specific technical issues

  2. Alok says:

    R u implying that other metro orgs are facing a labor crunch, or lmrcl is using cheap labour.


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