2nd Launching Gantry Commissioned for Nagpur Metro’s NS Line

With another string of piers ready on Wardha Road, NCC Ltd. on December 19 commissioned their 2nd launching gantry crane close to the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) at Ajni Square for building the 7 km Reach-1 section of Nagpur Metro’s 19.658 km north-south line towards the Nagpur Airport Station.

NCC had earlier set up the project’s first launching gantry just south of the Nagpur Airport in July 2016, commissioned it in early August 2016 and thereafter began rapidly launching precast segments to build the elevated line’s spans and viaduct.

Nagpur Metro's map showing the location of the 9 stations which will be designed by L&T Infra

Reach 1 section of Nagpur’s Metro – view Nagpur Metro map and information

Photo Copyright: Nagpur Metro

Photo Copyright: Nagpur Metro

January 2 Update:

One interesting thing to note is that the segment was integrated & cast along with a parapet wall (unique in Indian metros) which has helped to reduce the cost of purchasing separate casting molds and transporting individual parapet segments on-site, thereby cutting down on the overall construction time. An image from inside the casting yard can be viewed here.

Here’s my go-to video to demonstrate how the Launching Gantry works its magic with precast segments to build modern segmental viaducts and bridges:

Going forward, I’ll be posting one-off construction images on Twitter so do follow or check out my handle.

For more updates, check out the Nagpur section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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4 Responses to "2nd Launching Gantry Commissioned for Nagpur Metro’s NS Line"

  1. Sagar says:

    Wonderful progress. So this month, NCC commissioned 2 LGs in Nagpur and Bangalore. Do they have projects anywhere else?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, they have another 2 ongoing projects:
      • Navi Mumbai (Line-1) – Khargar Sector 14 to Pendhar (viaduct only) – construction is mostly complete
      • Mumbai (Line-7) – Mahindra & Mahindra to Dahisar (viaduct and 5 stations) – construction has just started

  2. Satyen says:

    Why are the pillars so tall?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, this section is just north of the upcoming 3.41 km double-decker portion of the viaduct, so the piers (pillars) have been designed accordingly with a suitable gradient to provide a smooth ride up/down that structure. If the pillars were regular sized, then that would create a new amusement park ride 😀


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