Simplex Casts 1st Pier for CA-01 Section of Mumbai Metro’s Line-7

Earlier this week, workers from Simplex Infrastructures removed formwork (casting molds) to finish casting their first pillar in Goregaon East for Mumbai Metro’s 16.5 km Line-7 between Andheri East and Dahisar East. This comes just a couple weeks after J Kumar Infraprojects and NCC finished casting piers for their respective sections at Malad and Magathane.

Simplex was awarded the contract to build package CA-01 between Andheri (E) & Aarey stations in April 2016 and commenced soil testing works in July 2016.  The CA-01 section of the line connects up to existing Line-1’s WEH Station and consists of 5 stations at Andheri (E), Shankarwadi, JVLR Junction, Mahanand and New Ashok Nagar. A small portion of it, between Andheri (E) and Shankarwadi, will run on the eastern edge of the Western Express Highway while the rest of the line will be built on the western edge.

Package CA01 from Andheri (E) to Aarey – view Mumbai Metro info & map

Some images of the 1st pier located near the New Ashok Nagar Station’s site:

January 9: Rebar framework – Photo Copyright: Krishnarao Muppneti

January 12: enclosed by casting molds – Photo Copyright: Krishnarao Muppneti

Photo Copyright: Krishnarao Muppneti

January 17: Ready! – Photo Copyright: Krishnarao Muppneti

Photo Copyright: Krishnarao Muppneti

Someone else on Twitter also spotted this pier along with another pier :

Images from other sections of the line can be seen here:

• J Kumar Completes Casting 1st Pier for Mumbai Metro’s Line-7

• NCC Casts 1st Pier for CA-03 Section of Mumbai Metro’s Line-7

For more updates, check out the Mumbai section of the Metro Rail Guy!


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10 Responses to "Simplex Casts 1st Pier for CA-01 Section of Mumbai Metro’s Line-7"

  1. Ashwin says:

    Which of the 3 sections is the most challenging?

    • TMRG says:

      Definitely CA-01. They’ll have to:

      1) Build underneath Line-1’s viaduct; we might see a steel bridge here
      2) Transition the line from the east side to the west side via n-shaped portals
      3) Build above the Mrinal Tai Gore flyover

  2. Yash says:

    I can’t help but notice AC units in the adjoining slums…my hostel doesn’t even have one 🙁

  3. Mayur says:

    Do you think that all J Kumar and NCC will finish up their packages before Simplex finishes theirs?

    • TMRG says:

      J Kumar’s is the “easiest” of the lot and will be the first to get completed.

      Race for the 2nd position will be quiet tight as NCC’s scope includes the multi-level Dahisar East interchange station for lines 2 & 7, and getting its structure ready will take a lot more time than a regular station.

  4. Hardik Desai says:

    Which according to you is the realistic completion date, both for line 2 & 7?

    • TMRG says:

      I’m looking at a mid-2020-2021 opening. Construction has just started, so let’s see what happens as far as challenges/constraints go.

  5. Siddharth says:

    no updates since over a month…

  6. Amrendra Kumar Singh says:

    Kindly update any substantial progress at site. Last, we got to know the current status dated 03rd May 2017. But, contractor wise progress with comparison is not available.
    1 Soil Investigation Works 78% of the soil investigation work for pier foundation completed.
    2 Barricading Works 62% of barricading work completed.
    3 Piling Works 26% of piling work for 162 out of 708 foundations completed.
    4 Pile Cap Works 13% completed (95 out of 708)
    5 Pier Works 60 piers cast.
    6 Pier Cap Works 43 pier caps cast, and 18 pier caps erected.
    7 U Girder Works 109 of 1,400 U-girders cast, 1 U-girders erected.
    8 Station Work Work is in progress at 7 (Shankarwadi, Mahananda, Aarey, Pathanwadi, Bandongri, Magathane and National Park) out of 13 stations.


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