[Pics] Bangalore Metro’s Chickpet Station – March 2017

Here’s a picture-post with some new images of Bangalore Metro’s upcoming Chickpet Station where major civil and interior finishing works are currently underway. These have been compiled from a bunch of sources and were shot over the past 2 weeks. Images of the station from my previous update in January can be viewed here: [Pics] Bangalore Metro’s Chickpet Station – January 2017

For those unaware, the BMRCL and Karnataka government have publicly been targeting to open this station, part of the pending 12 km section of the Green Line between Sampige Road – Yelachenahalli, in April 2017 (and remain quite adamant about it with impunity), but are internally working towards meeting another deadline.

Testing on the 4 km underground section between Sampige Road – National College is yet to start, and given how things are playing out on the public relations front, it doesn’t seem like the BMRCL will issue a new deadline this time around. Instead, their strategy now is to act confident until April and then take it from there. Once we enter April, it’ll be interesting to see what facet of the project they blame this manufactured delay on – testing issues? safety inspection? Surely not civil work.

Pending section of the Green Line – view Bangalore Metro map & information

An open shaft on the northern end – Photo Copyright: a TMRG follower

Concourse level is visible here – Photo Copyright: a TMRG follower

Photo Copyright: a TMRG follower

Station entrance & ancilliary services building – Photo Copyright: a TMRG follower

AC chiller plant – Photo Copyright: a TMRG follower

Consignment of granite slabs for concourse/platform level – Photo Copyright: a TMRG follower

Photo Copyright: a 2nd TMRG follower

Photo Copyright: Asianet

Photo Copyright: Asianet

Photo Copyright: Asianet

Photo Copyright: Asianet

Photo Copyright: Asianet

Waterproofing around another entrance – Photo Copyright: Asianet

Photo Copyright: Asianet

Photo Copyright: Asianet

Escalator units – Photo Copyright: Asianet

While I do not have any images from the underground concourse & platform levels at this time, I do not expect them to look significantly better than what we saw in January. As I’ve mentioned in Phase 1’s February update, don’t hold your breath for an April opening as this line is heading towards a late-2017 opening with a good chance of opening in 2018 as well.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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19 Responses to "[Pics] Bangalore Metro’s Chickpet Station – March 2017"

  1. KRISHNAN says:

    Thanks TMRG for opening our eyes as always.It is very clear from pictures that huge amount of civil work is pending.

    The fake media publicity event now seams to be happening on 10- March 2017.

    North-South Metro trials set to begin – NEWS9


    • Ramanujam Iyengar says:

      As usual Critics are always ready. Empty vessels usually make the most noise. The metro team is doing a great job given that it has so many handicaps.

      • TL Narang says:

        Totally Agree with you Sir.

      • TMRG says:

        Hi, no one is underplaying the work constraints/difficulties encountered or doubting the commitment of BMRCL’s engineers/managers. Their work and dedication is overlooked, hidden from plain sight and no doubt, exemplary. The issue in Bangalore’s case is with the management announcing weird deadlines and offering little evidence to support it. I’ve provided my thoughts in the past – both through posts and comments. I think this comment will be a good start for you to read.

        By the way, how should I address you? Ramanujam Iyer or TL Narang? The comments system indicates both comments belong to you.

  2. Srikanth says:

    I prepared my mind for 2018 opening already. I just smile at the Govt. ads which states April opening .. 🙂

  3. Santosh says:

    They may not have the passenger stop at the chickpet station, they did the same when purple line opened railway station stop was not initially opened to public, since it was not complete,

    • Non UV says:

      That was not a UNDERGROUND station. Looking at the pictures, there are open holes to be filled.

      • Saikumar says:

        Chickpet is a underground station. Few open holes are meant for dropping items for Chickpet and KR market stations construction since there is no other way.

        • Ravi Kumar says:

          Good observation . – Mr. Saikumar. It seems you are a local person from Chickpet Area itself and that makes you to hive such a detailed Observation . Thank You .

          • TMRG says:

            3 types of openings in Chickpet:
            1) shaft for lowering materials – not closed at this time & that’s fine for now
            2) shaft for exit/entry structures – not closed & they would (hopefully) never be
            3) TBM shafts on the southern/northern end of the station box – not closed (see pics) & that’s not acceptable.

  4. Aravindan says:

    So much of work pending and still they do the public of April opening. Media too has to share the blame as they never raise the relevant questions and publish whatever is said by BMRCL

  5. swaroop says:

    At least they can open the sampige road to majestic which is complete. I travel from Mahalakshmi layout and waiting for this to open from a long time. Every time I need to come to City railway station to drop my vehicle and take metro to Indiranagar. It feels very irritated. Any changes of opening the line from nagasandra to at least majestic which is now complete?

  6. flthere says:

    Wonder how the civil works are below the ground in this station.

  7. neo says:

    I stay near the south elevated line end and pass near the Banashankari, J P Nagar and Yelchenahalli stations almost twice on a daily basis. But I have not even once seen the metro train. Not sure if the elevated up-line testing is happening in full swing. I have seen the lights within these stations switched on though (for the first time) around 2 weeks back.

    • Suhas Sharma says:

      I can vouch for that. I travel that route pretty frequently almost always wanting to see the trial train but it never happens.

  8. Ravishankar N says:

    There must be feeder facility from Puthenahalli stn to Hulimavu


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