1st Pier Cap Launched for Mumbai Metro’s Line-7

Yesterday night, workers from J Kumar Infraprojects launched and erected the first pier cap on Pier-62 near the Pathanwadi Station for Mumbai Metro’s upcoming 16.5 km Line-7 between Andheri East and Dahisar East. The 10.5 meter wide pier cap weighs 65 tons and was cast at J Kumar’s Bandra Reclamation yard where U-girders are also being cast in a different section of the yard.

J Kumar is responsible for constructing package CA-02, from Aarey Station to Magathane Station, of the line and completed casting their first pier in December 2016. This package includes 6 stations at Aarey, Dindoshi, Pathan Wadi, Pushpa Park, Bandongri and Mahindra & Mahindra.

Map of Line-7’s Package CA-02 – view Mumbai Metro info & map


Photo Copyright: Tarvinder Singh

Photo Copyright: Tarvinder Singh

Photo Copyright: Tarvinder Singh

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11 Responses to "1st Pier Cap Launched for Mumbai Metro’s Line-7"

  1. Hardik Desai says:

    Wowww. Do you think 2019 deadline will be met?

    • Kamal says:

      Now they have launched second one as well..

    • TMRG says:

      Mid 2019? Nope, given the site constraints and the fact that system bids are yet to be invited.

      • Shreeharsha Phene says:

        Mr TMRG,
        Considering the time taken
        by Mumbai Metro 1 line, approx 6 years for 11.5 Kms and
        Best in India ( expected ) performance of 3 years 10 months for 11.5 Kms for Kochi Metro.
        The time expected for 16.5 Kms Metro line 7 seems ambitious!.
        I recall in Mumbai Metro 1 line apart from underground utility shifting crossing the Western Rail line and also Western Express highway had taken a long time .
        Fortunately Mumbai Metro line 7 does not have these challenges !

  2. Vishal says:

    as I asked on earlier posts, Mumbai seems to have unique U sections compared to other cities. Other cities seem to have smaller sections which are launched by gantries where as Mumbai seems to have longer sections (possibly covering entire length between 2 adjacent piers. (Similar design seen on Metro 1 and even pics from JKumar’s yard show similar design). Any particular reason?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, operators and their design consultants select the type (U-girders in Mumbai/Lucknow/Noida versus segment boxes elsewhere) depending on the site’s characteristics (space primarily) and aesthetics.

      U-girders require more space to be launched (major drawback), but given their massive length, the crane sub-contractor only needs to make 2 trips to bring 2 U-girders on-site for building 1 span between 2 adjacent pillars. On the other hand, if segment boxes are used, then they’d require roughly 10 trips (1 trip per segment box). Launching gantry cranes used in this case are extremely flexible and can launch & build spans throughout the day with very little on-ground site space.

  3. Dhaval says:

    Post more updates


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