L&T Completes Building Hyderabad Metro’s Malakpet ROB

On the night of July 25, workers from Larsen & Toubro (L&T) launched the final 35 ton precast segment to complete building a curved 394 feet (120m) long rail overbridge (ROB) at a height of 58 feet (17.7m) over the Indian Railways’ lines at Malakpet for Hyderabad Metro’s 29.87 km Line-1 between Miyapur and LB Nagar.

The bridge’s central span is 165 feet long while the spans on either end are 98 feet (east side towards New Market Station) and 131 feet (west side towards MGBS Station) long. As per Larsen & Toubro, work to launch and post-tension the last 12 segments on the bridge’s central span over the railway lines took 25 days to complete and had to be carried out in the night time utilizing 3 hour railway blocks as permitted by the Indian Railways. To avoid any glitches during construction, the bridge’s segments were first ‘trial’ launched at the Uppal casting yard, then brought on-site to Malakpet and launched using heavy duty launching gantry ‘bridge builder’ cranes from either sides.

Malakpet ROB’s location – view Hyderabad Metro map & information

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Photo Copyright: Telangana Today

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This is the 5th of 8 railway crossings that Larsen & Toubro has completed for its 3 lines in the 72 km Phase 1 project. Here’s the status of all bridges:

• Allugaddabavi – Completed
• Begumpet – Completed
• Bharat Nagar – Completed
• Bhoiguda – Yet to Begin
• Chilkalguda – Completed
• Lakdikapul – In Progress
• Oliphanta Bridge – In Progress

Next in line to get completed is Oliphanta Bridge followed by Lakdikapul and Bhoiguda bridges.

For more updates, check out the Hyderabad section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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2 Responses to "L&T Completes Building Hyderabad Metro’s Malakpet ROB"

  1. Abhi says:

    Any update as to the delay in start of the bhoiguda bridge?? Further, is that bridge crucial to corridor 2 or 3???

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, it’s crucial for Line-2 (JBS – MGBS – Falaknuma). I’m not sure what the hold up is. HMRL and its MD have provided timely verbal & visual updates on all ROBs except for that one.


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