U-Girders to be Used on Bangalore Metro Line-4’s Elevated Section

If the August 2017 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Bangalore Metro’s upcoming 21.415 km Line-4 (Gottigere – Nagawara) is to be believed, then the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. will have its civil contractor utilize U-shaped girders for building the viaduct of the line’s 7.501 km elevated section between Gottigere – Swagath Road Cross. This will be the first time U girders have been used in the city, as up until now the BMRCL’s design team had its contractors utilize prefabricated segment boxes which are later post-tensioned to form a span between adjacent piers.

AECOM is the line’s detailed design consultant (DDC) and Simplex Infrastructures recently emerged as the lowest bidder for constructing the elevated portion which comprises of 5 new stations at Gottigere, Hulimavu, IIM-Bangalore, JP Nagar 4th Phase and Swagath Road Cross (see Phase 2 map).

Relevant excerpt and diagram from the EIA document –

These girders are typically 24.90m – 27m long and have previously been utilized to build portions Lucknow Metro’s Line-1, Kochi Metro’s Line-1, Mumbai Metro’s Line-1 and Delhi Metro’s Violet & Airport Express lines. Although they require a lot more space to get launched, and as such often done only at night, they do help to build lines more rapidly and provide a smoother, aesthetically pleasing and unified look to the structure. That’s why operators continue to choose them for building new lines in the cities of Delhi (Red Line), Mumbai (Line-2, Line-7) and Noida (Aqua Line).

A U-girder getting launched for Delhi Metro’s Airport Express Line – Photo Copyright: Siddharth Gupta

Trial Run on Faridabad Line - photo: Daily Mail, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Delhi Metro’s Violet Line (Badarpur-Faridabad section) comprises of U-girders – Photo Copyright: Daily Mail

1st stretch of Kochi Metro’s Line-1 was built using U-girders – Photo Copyright: KMRL

The EIA document was prepared to meet the loan requirements of the European Investment Bank (EIB), but all of the information in it might not be accurate to date. It reconfirms that the line will be equipped with a 25kV AC overhead equipment (OHE) system, but the BMRCL’s CPRO continues to insist that 3rd Rail will be utilized. It also claims the underground Cantonment Station will be “integrated with the Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station” and come up in the “front side car parking area” (see page 20) which is clearly not the case as seen in the line’s detailed alignment released in July.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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25 Responses to "U-Girders to be Used on Bangalore Metro Line-4’s Elevated Section"

  1. Surya Prasad CA says:

    BMRCL is relasing all the information about this section, but not just the exact alignment with station locations…. Something seems to be fishy with this….

    • Sham says:

      They released an accurate map of stn locations long back & it has been posted here by TMRG too.

      • GK says:

        BMRCL has released only the underground stations location, I think what is asked in this query is elevated one has not been released till now, as per my knowledge.

      • Surya Prasad CA says:

        BMRCL has relased only the underground section alignment with station locations but not this elevated stretch. Please go back and see older posts of TMRG.

  2. Arvind says:

    this is brilliant if it is true. I’ve seen the segments being put one by one in chennai and it appeared to be a little slow.

  3. sriharsha says:

    The banerghata road is very narrow. This will add to the problem if a quick fix solution is not found fast. The U shaped girders is quick to place on the pillars unlike the ones currently being used in bangalore.

  4. Adi says:

    Quite a zig zag turn in the delhi metro photo.

    • Oswald says:

      If only if they could take the Silk-board to BTM layout line till JP Nagar station and provided an interchange there and allow for future expansion on Outer Ring road.

      A complete metro ring on the outer ring road would have been completely feasible.

      Also they should have continued the KR Puram to Silkboard line till Banshakari. The Electronics – Silkboard line could have been extended till Indiranagar thru Koramangala, Domlur. If not now, then maybe in phase 3 or phase 4.

  5. Syed Khaja says:

    Then BMRCL Got approval from the European Investment Bank (EIB ) For loan?

  6. Vijay George Richards says:

    Hi TMRG,
    If U girders are used will it have the option of 3rd rail power line. Or will it have to compulsory overhead only.

  7. Ashok says:

    That’s good news. As one of the “affected” parties on this stretch anything that speeds up construction is welcome news.

  8. KRISHNAN says:

    Fatima Bakery land ownership row may delay Metro to Nagawara ( 4 sept)


    • Vijay George Richards says:

      This is bad news. This is an underground section and it is bound for delays anyways,. Any such event will only delay it further.

    • TMRG says:

      Civil bidding is still underway, so if they can sort this out by mid-2018 or so, then it shouldn’t really affect things.

  9. krishnan says:

    BMRCL news letter is now released – sept 2017

    The last page has phase 1 + phase 2 detailed map and even the ORR line (17km – 2A line) is also added for the first time

  10. GK says:

    We still don’t know the exact location of Elevated stations of gottigere – nagwara line. If any body has this data pls share it.

  11. KRISHNAN says:

    Hi TMRG

    Some of the names of metro stations in Whitefield side are very confusing.

    1 Hope-farm junction is called Ujjval Vidhyalaya
    2 Whitefield railway station ( which is 2-3 km from Whitefield bus station ) is simply called Whitefield .This is basically the Sai baba ashram.
    3 iGATE bus stop is called Kundalahali. Actually the bus stop after Marathalli bridge is called Kundalahali

    BMRCL could have added more comments in the map (page 21 of sept 2017 ) .


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