Track-Laying Work Begins Inside Lucknow Metro’s Tunnels

On this past Sunday, Kalindee Rail Nirman – the ballastless-track contractor for Lucknow Metro’s 22.8 km Line-1 began laying tracks inside both the up-line and down-line tunnels between Sachivalaya & Hazratganj stations. Tunnel Boring Machines S52 and S53 had completed tunneling works on this 780m portion of the 3.44 km underground section in August 2017 after which track-bed concreting work started.

As per a LMRCL official –

LMRC is using the Mass Spring System (an Elastomer pad of 25mm thickness) below the track bed for construction of track. Mass Spring System, procured from Austria, eliminates the problem of vibration and sound in adjoining structures of the underground portion. For the construction of track, first of all, an Elastomer Mass Spring System sheet is laid after which the reinforcement mesh is laid, and then it is filled with concrete up to the rail bottom. Rails are then wielded continuously to avoid any joint in the rails.

Underground section’s map – view Lucknow Metro map & information

Puja at Sachivalaya Station before commencement – Photo Copyright: LMRCL

Photo Copyright: LMRCL

Meanwhile, both Terratec TBMs operated by Tata-Gulermak JV are making great progress for building the Sachivalaya – Hussainganj section’s 613 m tunnels:

• TBM S52 – 296/429 rings built (commissioned on September 21)
• TBM S53 – 87/436 rings built (commissioned on October 2)

1 ring = 1.4 meters

For more updates, check out the Lucknow section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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3 Responses to "Track-Laying Work Begins Inside Lucknow Metro’s Tunnels"

  1. sharath chenjeri says:

    The Picture looks promising. Is this a sneak-peek into 21st Century India ? At least looks like one.

  2. Priyanshu says:

    i am very curious to know when the road & traffic will be normalised between charbagh ramp & sachivalay ?

    • TMRG says:

      Only after the roof flabs of the en-route stations are completed, water-proofed and resurfaced.

      Will easily take another year.


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