ITD Cem Begins Casting Segments for Bangalore Metro’s Line-3

Earlier this month, workers from the ITD Cementation India Limited JV began casting 8.5 meter wide segments for building the 12.8 km Bommasandra – HSR Layout section of Bangalore Metro’s 19.143 km Line-3 (Reach-5) between Bommasandra and RV Road stations.

This feat at their yard in Chandapura comes 6 months after they won 2 contracts on April 28 2017, valued at Rs 485.52 and 511.35 crores respectively, for Reach-5’s 6.418 km package-1 (Bommasandra – Hosa Road) and 6.385 km package-2 (Hosa Road – HSR Layout) of the 73.95 km Phase 2 project. This entirely elevated section on Hosur Road will consist of 11 stations at Bommasandra, Hebbagodi, Huskur Road, Electronic City-II, Electronic City-I, Hosa Road, Basapura Road, Chikkabegur , Muneshwara Nagar , Oxford College and HSR layout –

Bommasandra – HSR Layout section of Line-3 – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 info & map

Puja before casting – Photo Copyright: Partha Sarathi Mitra

Update – some low-resolution images from the November newsletter

Photo Copyright: BMRCL

1st segment – Photo Copyright: BMRCL

Work to setup ITD’s casting yard at Chandapura began in July 2017. Here are some images from BMRCL’s September 2017 newsletter

Batching plant

3 rolling gantry cranes to move & stack segments like this

The newsletters haven’t indicate the total number of segments planned to be cast. Going forward they’ll include it, like done for the other stretches.

Demolition and piling works can be seen happening at different places along the line’s alignment, images of which I’ve tweeted and re-tweeted on Twitter. From the October newsletter, here’s an update on the pre-construction activities happening behind the scenes –

• The General Arrangement drawing and land plans have been prepared.

• The permission for use of NHAI service road for construction of viaduct and stations by NHAI of Bangalore Metro Rail between Central Silk Board and Bommasandra is obtained from NHAI. The MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) has been entered between NHAI & BMRCL.

• BMRCL has proposed modifications in location of service road to the extreme western edge along NH on Hosur Road. This proposal is already presented to NHAI. The present utility corridor will not be disturbed resulting in minimum shifting of existing UG utilities wherever there is infringement with metro structures. Trial trenches are being taken for identification of UG utilities for confirming infringement with metro structures.

• The Detailed Design and Drawings of viaduct and stations are in progress. The Road widening plan has been prepared and submitted to Traffic police and permission letter is obtained from Addl. Commissioner of Police (Traffic).

• Out of total 545 properties acquired, compensation packages for 493 properties amounting to ₹ 1336.66 Crores have been sent to SLAO, KIADB and payment has been made in respect of 275 properties amounting to ₹ 734.33 Crores.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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37 Responses to "ITD Cem Begins Casting Segments for Bangalore Metro’s Line-3"

  1. NV says:

    What about casting yard for Whitefield line?

  2. Parthasarathy says:

    I was repeatedly suggesting that hosur road section can be started immediately since service road already available to start work. Now they have started and we can see activities all along entire hosur road

  3. Arun says:

    What is expected date of opening the metro for public for Biappanahalli to Whitefield and Nayandahalli to Kengeri as per TMRG ?

  4. Arun says:

    What is expected date of opening the metro for public for Biappanahalli to Whitefield and Nayandahalli to Kengeri as per #TMRG ?

  5. Syed Khaja says:

    Hi TMRG,Does that mean they will not use “U” girder?

    • TMRG says:

      Nope. The Peenya Depot is sufficient to house and maintain the existing rolling stock of 26 trains even after they get converted to 6 coaches. Space constraints will arise if and when BMRCL orders & receives an additional batch of trains. But that won’t be a show-stopper; there’s no way they will delay operations on Reach-4B or Reach-3C due to this. If need arises, they’ll park the trains outside of the stabling sheds until the new depot gets ready.

  6. Madhu says:

    Hi TMRG

    What is the status of 6 coach trains supposed to start in Dec. 2017?

    • TMRG says:

      Under assembly right now. I don’t see the intermediate coaches rolling out in December as announced by BMRCL. According to BEML, they’ll begin supplying them from July 2018 onwards.

  7. Avinash S says:

    Why is it named HSR Layout station? At present bus stop there is named as Roopena Agrahara.BMRCL should consider renaming station to Roopena Agrahara instead of HSR Layout and there is one line from Silkboard to KR Puram along the ring road which passes through entire HSR Layout and station is planned at HSR BDA Complex and this station could be named HSR Layout station.

  8. Ravi says:


    When is the interjection at silk board planned? Are there any designs ready? if so, please could you elaborate on the construction. is it like a road cum rail bridge kind of set up? As I can see, silk board is an interchange station as well so considering this how it will be planned to ease the traffic flow in already congested junction?

    Appreciate your reply. Thanks for really really bringing up the latest updates.


  9. Ravi says:


    Could you please let us know if BMRCL will construct the skywalks across the stations on Hosur Road to allow easy accessiblitly to the people residing in both sides of the NH. Since the width of the NH is too much will the metro station serve the purpose of residential areas spanned across both sides of the NH.

    The existing underpass by NH is not well maintained and might not solve the process. How the BMRCL overcome this? please quote any previous instances of the same situation where BMRCL has overcome in the past.


    • TMRG says:

      Underpasses are planned below the highway.

      I didn’t see this being mentioned in the scope of works, so BMRCL will have to invite bids for their construction. In Green Line’s case, they just invited bids for 3 underpasses beneath Tumkur Road – many years after the line started. Hopefully that won’t be the case on Hosur Road.

      • Ganapathi Subramanyam says:

        Dear TMRG,

        As you are aware the metro is on the western part of service road of NH44 which is a 10 lane highway connecting bengaluru and chennai. Maximum pedestrian deaths have been reported because of speeding vehicles.

        I sought information from BMRCL regarding skywalks but so far i have not received any information from them.

        As far as i know there is a new skywalk which is being built by BBMP at proposed HSR station.

        Existing subways are located at 3 locations one of which is located right at Muneshwara nagar station ( Kudlu Gate) . The other subway is located around 200m from chkka begur station.

        A new subway is proposed at Hosa road. Hope BMRCL start the process of obtaining permission from NHAI for skywalks or subways at other location so that it is ready in three years time .



  10. VT says:

    Hi TMRG,

    How do you see progress on Reach4B, do you see 2020 still possible?


  11. TFM says:

    TMRG, When can we expect Phase 2 Extn 2 Green Line – Yelachenahalli to Anajanapura Township to be completed for operation ? Work seems to be progressing at multiple places and picked up after rains. Can we expect before end of 2018 ?

  12. Srinivasa Prabhu says:

    Hi.. I could see that the work is going very fast from hsr layout station to bommasandra… but I don’t find the same thing with Rv road to silk board.. I would say rather it hasn’t started at all…

  13. Ravi says:

    Hi TMRG,

    In today’s article in Times of India, there is a proposal to destroy the existing Jayadeva Fly over for Metro work and also few proposals to go underground and not to destroy the fly over. Please clarify if this is already planned and what is the BMRCL approach in this regard? Has these proposals coming up delays the construction of this line?

    Do let us know how the progress of this work and will it complete on time. Please specify the completion timelines as per your prediction.

    Once again, i am appreciating your valuable efforts to take your time and answer all the queries posted.

    Great Job!!!


    • TMRG says:

      Hi, demolishing the flyover has been part of the plan for years. See this post from 2 years ago, which also explains the interchange station’s design –

      Any proposal to save its demolition and make both lines’ underground at the intersection will not be given any thought at this time, especially since contracts have already been awarded to Simplex (Line-4) and HCC (Line-3 including the interchange station box) for that area.

      Barricades can be seen at different places along Marenahalli Road, but work will start at Jayadeva Hospital only after the flyover is gone. Out of all 3 packages on Line-3, I consider this is to be the most difficult section to construct and don’t see it opening up before 2023.

  14. Siddharth says:

    Hi TMRG,

    Any update on the stretch between Silk Board and KR Puram.

    • TMRG says:

      Funding is an issue. Out of 1100-2100 crores of private financing, they’ve publicly acknowledged signing up for only Rs 100 crores from 1 firm.

  15. Vijayakumar says:

    Why has the station in Jaynagar 5th block/7th&8th block been named RV road> This makes no RV Road ends at South End Circle at the south and the road south of south end circle is called 4th Main Road and no RV Road.

    How can an outside be expected to be aware that RV road station is in Jayanagar and not in/on RV Road. How can an outside know he has to get down in RV ROAD !!!! to go to Jayanagar 5/7/8 blocks???

    More apt name is JAYANAGAR 5/7/8 BLOCK..


    Please review the above and resopond whether what I say makes sense or not?

  16. Vijayakumar says:

    No where on Namma Metro website can one find journey time between stations and between terminal stations.

    I suggest this information is also posted on your website, as this will help people better plan or know which train to take to arrive at a particular place instead of being in the dark.

  17. priya says:

    what will be the time taken from BTM layout to Electonic city 1 travel using metro.

  18. santu santra says:

    hey sir can u contact me i need to know the exact loaction for the new projects


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