ITD-ITD Cem JV Lowest Bidder for B’lore Metro’s Bomasandra-HosaRd

The Italian-Thai Development – ITD Cementation India (ITD-ITD Cem) JV today emerged as the lowest bidder for constructing the 6.418 km Reach 5 – Package 1 section of Bangalore Metro’s 19.14 km RV Road – Bommasandra line (Line-3) between Bommasandra and Hosa Road under the 72 km Phase 2 project. This is their 3rd win in Bangalore over the past week, a hat-trick of sorts, after they emerged as the lowest bidder for constructing Reach 1A and Reach 1B for the Purple Line’s 15.257 km eastward extension to Whitefield.

The BMRCL invited bids for this package in December 2016 with an estimated cost of Rs. 468.64 crores, and the ITD-ITD Cem JV submitted the lowest bid at Rs. 485.52 crores.

Financial bid values submitted by 3 of the lowest technically qualified bidders:

Firm Bid
ITD-ITD Cem JV Rs. 485.52 cr
HCC-URC JV Rs. 495.83 cr
NCC Rs. 497.87 cr

Note: Simplex Infrastructures & IL&FS Engineering also qualified through to the financial bidding round. Their bid values will be added when available.

Besides constructing the viaduct, the contractor will  be responsible for 5 new stations at Bommasandra, Hebbagodi, Huskur Road, Electronic City-II, Electronic City-I as well as a viaduct leading into the new Hebbagodi Depot which will spread across 28 acres. Bids for the depot’s construction have not been invited yet due to land acquisition issues.

As per BMRCL’s March 2017 newsletter, land acquisition is still ongoing on this entire stretch – “Compensation packages in respect of 284 properties acquired for 8 KM stretch from Muneshwaranagara Station to Bommasandra are being prepared.

A detailed PDF document which shows the exact locations of all stations can be viewed here. The BMRCL has not yet announced this line’s official color or invited bids for the line’s system (eg. rolling stock, signalling, AFC gates, telecommunication) contracts yet.

As this section includes a depot, the BMRCL can choose to start fragmented operations here without relying on the RV Road – Silkboard section which will take a lot more time to construct due to the multi-level Jayadeva Hospital Interchange and other obstacles along the way. Timing wise, I expect this section (package 1) to open no sooner than 2021. If the BMRCL chooses to start operations on this stretch along with the rest of the line for better inter-connectivity, then I expect it to open only in or after 2022. This is an improvement over my previous estimate in December.

In the coming days, if no extraneous issues arise, then the BMRCL will go on to award the ITD-ITD Cem JV with the 72 km Phase 2 project’s 7th major civil contract:

Line Reach Stretch Contractor
Purple 2A Mysore Road –
Pattanagere (3.945 km)
Green 4B Yelechenahalli –
Anjanapura Twp (6.290 km)
Purple 2B Pattanagere –
Challeghata (4.869 km)
Green 3C BIEC –
Hessaraghata (3.031 km)
Purple 1B Visvesvaraya Ind. Area –
Whitefield (7.218 km)
Purple 1A Baiyappanahalli –
Visvesvaraya Ind Area
(8.039 km)
Line-3 5(P1) Bommasandra –
Hosa Road (6.418 km)

Phase 2’s Status

Blue: Under Construction | Black: Contract Awarded | Orange: Financial Bids Opened | Purple: Bids Invited | Grey: Bids Yet to be Invited

Compared to Reach 2A/2B/4B (shown in blue above) in south-west Bangalore, the BMRCL’s tender evaluation team has made phenomenal progress in quickly evaluating bids for the newer stretches. Stay tuned to find out the lowest bidders for package 2 (Hosa Road – HSR Layout) and package 3 (HSR Layout – RV Road)!

May 3 2017 Update: BMRCL has awarded ITD with this section’s contract:

Source: BMRCL

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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12 Responses to "ITD-ITD Cem JV Lowest Bidder for B’lore Metro’s Bomasandra-HosaRd"

  1. Shashidhar says:

    Looks like ITD-ITD Cem is going build most of BMRC phase 2 metro . At this rate ITD-ITD Cem may win other 2 sections of Reach 5 and Elevated Section of Reach 6

  2. Parthasarathy S says:

    Whoa! It has been quite a week for Phase-2. And even a better one for ITD-ITD. Hope everything is ironed out and work starts soon. Given that there was a weeks gap in inviting bids till from Hosa rd to HSR hope the fin bid is confirmed within next week.

  3. Pavan says:

    TMRG, is there any particular reason you refer to this new line as “line-3” instead of the official color, as you do for the other lines. Hasn’t BMRCL finalized the colors for the new lines yet? I assumed it was yellow for line-3 because that’s used quite consistently in maps/illustrations I find on the internet.

  4. KRISHNAN says:

    Trial run on underground Metro in 3 days -March 25, 2017

  5. Deepak NR says:

    Its very important that incentives are given to take up and finish works rapidly -on a war footing, start digging at the same time right across the lines (not from one end to other or one after one), same applying for erecting pillars and the boxes at on top!.

    BMRC has broken all records with phase 1. Don’t do the same with phase 2, its v easy to give excuses for delays!! The City needs the works to be done on a war footing..thank you!

    • Parthasarathy S says:

      +10 million. But, unfortunately that’s not how this will be done. I’m sure the finalized tender itself is “War footing” by BMRCL standards so far (and hence the improved estimation of completion time by TMRG),

    • KRISHNAN says:

      Hi TMRG

      Any idea why it takes more than a year to start the production. As per the report we will start getting the intermediate metro cars from June 2018 only.It seams only welding and fabrication work. I dont see why it would take more than 6 months.

      Is it because BEML has too many orders in its books and need to finish them first before starting Bangalore order ?
      I feel that once phase 1 is completed the daily traffic will reach sky high and at-least ten 6 cars trains would help in the rush hours.

      • Shashidhar says:

        As Usual BMRCL management is late and managing BMRC in worst possible way . We should have 6 coach metro by June/Oct 2017. so that phase 1 starts using 6 coach once its completed .

        if BEML delays , then we would have 6 coach metro only in 2019 or even later thats full 2 later than we actually required

  6. Murli says:

    BMRC has put out a notice in newspaper on charging of underground third rail between National college and Sampige road metro stations. So expect more of trial runs which will take some time and April end opening of ph1 still looks way away.


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