BMRCL Signs MoU with Intel to Fund Bangalore Metro’s ORR Line

The February 2018 newsletter of the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. indicates that the BMRCL signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Intel Technology India Private Limited on January 17 for the development of an undisclosed metro station on the upcoming 17 km Outer Ring Road Line between Silk Board and KR Puram of Phase 2A.

After the Rs 100 crore MoU signed with the Embassy Group in June 2017, this is the second MoU under the BMRCL’s ‘innovative financing model’ that has been made public. However, no specific details about the exact name of the station or the MoU’s value have been disclosed.

Caption from BMRCL –

Shri Mahendra Jain, IAS, Managing Director, BMRCL along with Ms. Nivturi Rai, Country Head & President Intel India, & Vice President, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation-Signed the Memorandum of Understanding on 17.01.2018, as Intel is financing through Innovative Funding for one of the Station of Phase-2A (i.e. for K. R. Puram to Silk Board Line). Also present were the Senior officials from Intel India and Directors from BMRCL.

Intel Technology India’s campus is located south of the ORR in Bellandur, so it’s highly likely that the elevated Bellandur Station will be financed by them. In return, it is expected that a direct ramp access between the station and campus will be built, and Intel will receive advertisement and retail space.

Here’s the mid section of the line which includes Bellandur Station –

Bellandur Station on Bangalore’s ORR Line – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2A map & info

The line’s Detailed Project Report was prepared by BMRCL in 2016 and estimates its construction & system procurement to cost Rs 4202 crores. Instead of relying on foreign lenders, the BMRCL plans to fund this line through what it calls an ‘innovative financing model’ in which private entities are currently being engaged to pitch in anywhere from Rs 1100 crores (BMRCL’s claimed likely scenario) to Rs 2100 crores (BMRCL’s claimed optimistic scenario).

The disclosure of this MoU is an encouraging sign in an otherwise delayed project. Tenders for the line’s construction are expected to be invited only after a certain undisclosed threshold value of funds are tied up.

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9 Responses to "BMRCL Signs MoU with Intel to Fund Bangalore Metro’s ORR Line"

  1. Navnit S says:

    Does BMRCL plan to use the same model for the rest of the station on the line ? i.e the exclusive access to a private campus + ad revenue, in exchange for funding the station ? Or is there something more, like realty sector ?

    • TMRG says:

      They expect only half of the stations to be funded this way, not all. Each MoU’s terms & conditions are expected to be unique, but will largely follow that ramp + ad + retail space model. We can also expect some of the stations to be suffixed with the firm’s name. Eg. Intel Bellandur. This naming convention isn’t confirmed, but it’s quite likely to become a reality.

  2. Tanmay says:

    Any updates on when the ORR line work will start?

  3. Krishnadutt Ramarao says:

    Good update; Headline is misleading though; Intel is funding one station on the ORR line, not the ORR line itself

  4. krishnan says:

    ORR line is very critial for Bangalore. It connects two IT hubs of Whitefield and Electronic city. An early start of this project will help to finish it by 2020-2021 or earlier ( assuming 30 months lead time ) .The traffic density of ORR is 10 lakh vehicles per day and is increaseing on a daily basis.

  5. Keerthi Bhushan says:

    BMRCL’s creativity to find funds in any rational way possible is very welcome. With a larger vision on these lines the ORR could become a model of private and public collaboration as well as a pollution free zone.

  6. SANTOSH bingi says:

    Conflicting reports. Deccan herald indicates that work will start only when 900 crores is confirmed through innovative financing while other news papers say that BMRCL will proceed to tendering. What is the actual position?

  7. Praveen says:

    We have some more important information related Phase 2a and innovative funding model here


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