MMRDA Publishes Mumbai Metro Yellow Line-2A’s Station Names

My post on Mumbai Metro Line-7 (Red Line)’s station names yesterday led to a minor storm on Twitter, so here’s a somewhat similar post on Line-2A’s finalized station names.

On May 20, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) invited proposals to appoint a consultant for ‘Non-Fare Box Revenue Sources Study and Bid Process Management’ for Mumbai Metro’s 16.5 km Red Line/ Line-7 (Dahisar East – Gundavali) and 18.6 km Yellow Line / Line-2A (Dahisar East – DN Nagar).

Within the tender documents on page 65, MMRDA has published the finalized names of all 17 elevated stations on Line-2A.

List of Mumbai Metro Line-2A (Yellow Line) Stations (North to South)

  • Dahisar East (interchange with Line-7 / Red Line)
  • Upper Dahisar (formerly Anand Nagar)
  • Kandarpada (formerly Rushi Sankul)
  • Mandapeshwar (formerly IC Colony)
  • Eksar
  • Borivali (West) (formerly Don Bosco)
  • Pahadi Eksar (formerly Shimpoli, then Shimpawali)
  • Kandivali (West) (formerly Mahavir Nagar)
  • Dahanukarwadi (formerly Kamraj Nagar)
  • Valnai (formerly Charkop)
  • Malad (West) (formerly Malad)
  • Lower Malad (formerly Kasturi Park)
  • Pahadi Goregaon (formerly Bangur Nagar)
  • Goregaon (West) (formerly Goregaon)
  • Oshiwara (formerly Adarsh Nagar)
  • Lower Oshiwara (formerly Shastri Nagar)
  • Andheri (West) (formerly DN Nagar, interchange with Line-1’s DN Nagar Station)

Line-2A (Yellow Line) Route Map

The names of all stations were finalized in November 2019 by MMRDA (see their signed doc below) and shared with all stakeholders of the project such as J Kumar Infraprojects (civil contractor) and AECOM (Detailed Design Consultant / DDC). Since then, Shimpawali Station (formerly Shimpoli) has been renamed to Pahadi Eksar.

Studio Archohm released the following render of Mandapeshwar Station (formerly IC Colony) in April 2020 through their Instagram page.

Credit: Studio Archohm’s Instagram Page

Just like the Red Line / Line-7’s Akurli Station whose design renderings they shared, this station could possibly be the first on Line-2A to get ready. We shall soon find out!

For more updates, check out the Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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17 Responses to "MMRDA Publishes Mumbai Metro Yellow Line-2A’s Station Names"

  1. Guit says:

    Pathetic names… Just imagine the confusion when people say Oshiwara… Wait… No… Lower Oshiwara. This confusion while taking tickets, while getting down, while giving someone address of nearest metro station. So much confusion. MMRDA should simply keep names as they are as known by majority of people as original areas such as Mahavir Nagar, Shimpoli, Oshiwara. Pathetic thinking.

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      Yes you r right. The old names were actually better than the new ones such as Shimpawali, Charkop, Mahavir Nagar etc. On the other hand when MMRDA were shown the final names of Red Line (Line 7) the Shankarwadi Metro Station was renamed as Mogra. I prefer the older name (Shankarwadi) instead of newer name (Mogra)

    • Sanjay says:

      This is exactly what happened when the Versova Ghatkopar Route was named. None of the stations from Versova to Azad Nagar is located at that mentioned locations

  2. Justin Jebanandam says:

    Its so annoying to hear this changed names… from where does pahadi goregaon comes … I stay next to this station there is nothing like pahadi here…

    • Sanjay says:

      Goregaon got its railway station in 1862. Then it was called as Pahadi. Whoever suggested this name for the Metro Station name has picked it up from there.

  3. yaqin ali says:

    They should probably name a station with a unique number as well as name and it should be on people what they call that particular station by name or number according to their choice. This could be done with street names also…

  4. Saamir Syed says:

    Goregaon West station should be named as Oshiwara, and the other Oshiwara station’s name should remain the same

    • Saamir Syed says:

      And Pahadi Goregaon station’s name should be Goregaon West…MMRDA should take this in consideration

  5. Panchapakesan says:

    The station names are long and confusing. They should name the stations as per BEST bus stops names.

  6. Jayant says:

    Absurd names. They should stick to the common names instead of putting random names. Mumbai even identifies buildings by name not number, so sticking to popular names is the best thing. These names have nothing in common with popularly accepted names!

  7. Kaushik says:

    Why the hell does the govt want to play the politics in naming always….. Why don’t they keep names which is colloquialally used by the locals… It is really irritating to see this change of names for places and stations..

  8. Bishwajeet Bose says:

    Suggested review of following station names:

    Lower Malad –

    Malls Point (because of 2 large malls side by side) or,

    Elanza / Kalpataru point (because of nearby 2 large housing societies) or,

    GMLR Point (Goregaon Mulund Link Road starting point)

    Pahadi Goregaon-Goregaon West or, Bangur Nagar

    Goregaon West-Goregaon Aagar (because of adjoining BEST depot)

  9. Glenn says:

    wtf is pahadi??? I’ve never heard of such a place in Mumbai. The f**king ppl who came up with these names, do they even live in Mumbai?? They have messed it up more than they have mended it.
    For line 2A I can vouch for the following names because I know the areas or live close to them:
    1. Anand Nagar should not be renamed to Upper Dahisar because the stn is literally in f**king Anand Nagar which is a famous neighborhood in Dahisar east
    2. I’m fine with Kandarpada because I live here and although the bus stop is Rushi Complex (no person ever used Sankul -_-), the area is called Kandarpada but this is a bit debatable but still Kandarpada works.
    3. IC COLONY SHOULD REMAIN IC COLONY. Mandapeshwar makes noooo sense at all. I’ll tell you why. This is how the area is geographically: Metro Stn | IC Colony | Mandapeshwar, wherein Metro Stn is on the west side and Mandapeshwar is on the east side. So IC colony comes first after the metro stn even before you can get to Mandapeshwar (Seriously, who the f*** did MMRDA even consult -_-).
    4. Eksar is cool.
    5. Don Bosco changed to Borivli West is okay because Don Bosco is a school and it is rather better to name the place after the area. Although Borivali West would mean a much much larger area because even IC colony and Shimpoli come under Borivali West so maybe they should come up with a more specific name or stick with Don Bosco, but Borivli West might work.
    6. Pahadi Eksar: This one is TOTAL B***S**T. That area is not even Eksar and I don’t understand who the f*** has fascination with the word “pahadi” that they pasted it everywhere. Eksar is at least 2kms away from Shimpoli and YES, THIS SHOULD REMAIN SHIMPOLI for the same reason as Anand Nagar: the stn is literally in Shimpoli and right in front of Shiimpoli Telephone Exchange. Shimpoli folks will go crazy if they hear that their stn is gonna be called Eksar. Biggest Joke :’) :p
    7. Mahavir Nagar should have remained the same because it is in Mahavir Nagar but I guess Kandivli West works.
    8. Dahanukarwadi seems fine
    9. Google Earth shows Valnai way in the west. But the Metro stn is located at Mithchowki. And anyone who has travelled Link rd knows Mithchowki very well so I don’t know why MMRDA never called it that. Instead it was earlier called Charkop (which was again BS) and now Valnai (which also looks BS). I’ll let the ppl who are living there decide that. But I’d recommend MITHCHOWKI for sure

    MMRDA should just name the goddamn stations depending on the area where they are located. Isn’t that common sense?? I remember Metro 1 also created confusion this way while naming JB Nagar/Chakala station.
    I suspect there’s gonna be a great tussle between locals and MMRDA regarding stn names. In the end they will have to change it because some of them make no sense at all but a lot of money will be wasted to update signages and station names at the taxpayers expense

    For the rest of the stations I do see a lot of faults and probable sources of major confusion but I’ll let the citizens of the area speak on that. This was my take. I just hope someone from MMRDA working on L2A reads this and considers renaming the stations appropriately.

  10. Vikas says:

    Why lower Malad? Is it low lying? Is it south Malad?
    It should have just been named irorbit Malad. EVERYONE knows it like that.
    Infact Inorbit Mall would have been proud to be associated with a station.


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