NHSRCL Invites Survey Bids for Mumbai – Hyderabad High Speed Rail

India’s National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) today invited tenders (bids) for the first ever preparatory survey work to develop the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the upcoming 767 km Mumbai – Pune – Hyderabad High Speed Rail (MHHSR bullet train) project in Maharashtra and Telangana.

This is the fifth of six new high speed rail corridors, planned by the Government of India in 2019, for which basic preliminary work has commenced to start construction on the project. Others already in the preparatory stage include the 865 km Delhi – Varanasi line886 km Delhi – Ahmedabad line741 km Mumbai – Nagpur line, and 465 km Delhi – Amritsar line.


Scope: Survey, Identification of Overhead, Over Ground, Underground Utilities And Identification Of Power Sourcing Options for substations along the proposed Mumbai – Pune – Hyderabad High Speed Rail Corridor.

  • Period of Work: 112 days
  • Bid Submission End Date: 17-Nov-2020 03:00 PM
  • Bid Opening Date: 18-Nov-2020 03:30 PM

On the Mumbai end of the line, the line’s new civil infrastructure is expected to start from Thane, or thereabouts, and branch off from the 508.17 km Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Rail corridor’s Package C3 for which a tender notice is currently pending due to land acquisition issues.

Stations on the Mumbai – Hyderabad HSR line are expected to come up at Mumbai (BKC), Panvel (possibly at the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport), Lonavla, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune, Baramati, Solapur, possibly Gulbarga, Humnabad-Zahirabad, Sangareddy and Hyderabad. Additional stations will likely be built en route for the slower service.

Update: NHSRCL’s tender document indicates 10 new stations will be built at Navi Mumbai, Lonawala, Pune, Kurkumb/Daund, Akluj, Pandharpur, Solapur, Kala Buragai, Zaheerabad and Hyderabad

Indicative alignment of Mumbai – Pune – Hyderabad High Speed Rail line

If the other four new lines’ development is anything to go by, then in the coming days NHSRCL will invite bids for the following tenders:

  • Carrying out Ridership Study (Traffic Study)
  • Data Collection and Associated Survey Work
  • Preparation of Detailed Social Impact (SIA), Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Preparation of Final Alignment Design including LiDAR survey
  • Preparation of GADs of Crossing Bridges over Rivers Canals Railways and Roads Expressway NH SH and Major District Roads and GADs of proposed Stations and Maintenance Depots

This is the first HSR line planned in South India and will cut down the travel time between Mumbai and Hyderabad to less than 4 hours. With this development – the first tender notice is now pending only for the approximately 450 km Chennai – Bengaluru – Mysore high speed rail line.

For more updates, check out the High Speed Rail section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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33 Responses to "NHSRCL Invites Survey Bids for Mumbai – Hyderabad High Speed Rail"

  1. Hameed says:

    Pune Hyderabad does not have many notable or mid-sized towns in between. I would like if Chennai Mysuru line is prioritized over this section during execution.

    • Sanket says:

      I think there would be a few. Daund, Solapur, Gulbarga can be some of them. It all depends on the alignment though. I think that the fast service (Mum-Pune and Mum-Hyderabad) will be the most important ones though, because there is heavy traffic of flights, trains and vehicles between the cities.

  2. Santhosh says:

    I envy the importance NCR region has been getting in all the infrastructure projects offlate.

    2 High Speed Rail Corridors.
    Both the Dedicated freight corridors passing nearby.
    First RRTS of the country.
    389 kms of operational metro and many more hundreds of kms under construction.
    Tens of Expressways from Delhi towards all directions.
    Western Peripheral Expressway and Eastern Peripheral Expressway.
    Another mega airport at Noida.
    Ring Metro for Gurugram.
    … and many more.

    We are happy that our country’s capital is going to have best infrastructure in the future. But when the minister says we need to study the feasibility of Airport metro to Bangalore, or suburban trains not getting approvals on time, or peripheral ring road not being taken care by central govt, it does feel like discrimination. Isn’t it ?

    • Sham says:

      I agree. Far too much is being showered on NCR /Delhi when infra in all other cities is crumbling. Ruling parties in central govt don’t bother about any other cities & keep pouring funds only on Delhi.

      If central govts were sensible, they would have started a program to fund infra for other cities, like they have always done for Delhi, but we have narrow-minded govts.

      Bangalore seems to have been specifically ignored as central govt never approves anything in time nor releases funds even after repeated appeals by state govt. This is true even for flood & disaster relief.

      • Himanshu Doria says:

        Metros projects are under construction in several tier-1 and 2 cities. What are you talking about ?

        Delhi metro phase 4 was actually curtailed by half after seeing low ridership figures and some of these routes are being converted to metrolite systems.

        No need to get jealous of people of Delhi NCR, they don’t elect environmental cuckoos to the local government.

        • SHAM says:

          Delhi metro’s phase-4 was cut because Delhi AAP govt was not ready to pay for routes that were not viable but CG had pressurized AAP govt to approve all the lines. Eventually, a compromise was reached & metrolite was brought in.

          The recent speedy approvals for tier-2 cities are all for cities in election bound Bihar & UP. A city like Bangalore desperately needs metro expansion due to terrible traffic & huge growth with poor transport infra but where are the approvals for ORR line after 3 years? Even the airport metro line is stuck for 1.5 years.

          Also, RRTS has 50% CG contribution which may run to several tens of thousands of crores from central govt. But the same CG committed only 20% for Bangalore Suburban rail, further cut to just Rs.500 crores by Railway Board.

          Is Bangalore part of India or not? I agree with Santosh – it does feel like discrimination.


          I really don’t understand the need for metro lines for Agra & Kanpur which don’t even have proper City bus transportation. CG approving metros for these cities but sitting on approval of Blore ORR – Airport metro line for more than 2 years. I. Voted for BJP, but Center is highly biased towards NCR, Hindi belt states, GJ & MH. But big revenue generating tech cities are in South, Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai. These cities are consistently ignored by Center for approval of any major infrastructure project, be it express ways, Ring roads, Hi speed trains, Vande Bharat express. There is only one Expway proposed in South Chennai- Blore which is yet to start construction. No Vande bharat express. Only one hi speed. Rail line Chennai – Blore – Mysore proposed. There is a clear data which clearly shows Centre’s apathy towards South. Infact KA is the only state which voted overwhelming for BJP in 2019 election. Center did not give sufficient funds when state reeled under heavy floods in last 2 years.

    • Himanshu Doria says:

      Cry discrimination all you want, but the fact is the infra project execution in these cities have been abysmal and riddled with corruption. Central Govt, irrespective of party in power, have been wary of getting involved because these projects have been a major monetary sinkhole due to involvement local environmental nuts, religious institutions and politicians resulting in the delay in completion of these projects. Read about BMRCL defence land scam.

      The MoUD is right about studying the feasibility of the Airport Line, specially after the Aarey Fiasco.
      Just because the State Government has gave its ascension, it doesn’t mean that Central Should not check each and every minute detail of this project and suggest reasonable changes if necessary. If tomorrow the state government changes and a hostile govt comes and it demands to change the alignment unnecessarily, the Central Government should have a technical and technical backing to reject those demands.

      Delhi-NCR people are pragmatic in nature, specially in the case of public transportation because they witnessed the wrath of Private Blue line and Inter-state buses, they know what MRTS and RRTS bring to the table, that is safety and comfort.

      • SHAM says:

        Wrong – you do not know enough. It isn’t any scam but land ownership issues between All Saints church & Defense who had leased the land to the church but church claims land ownership. BMRC has nothing to do with it but has been trying to acquire the land for a station. So, get your facts right first before making such allegations.

        And no metro rail has ever changed alignment so far except Pune & Mumbai due to objections by environmentalists.

        The sinkhole that you talk about is actually Delhi that is getting subsidized with money from other states.

        • SHAM says:

          And one other thing – Delhi’s perennial smog problems could be because it has no environmental activism in addition to road expansion funded hugely by the central govt (supposedly to reduce congestion but vehicle volume keeps growing adding to pollution). Only supreme court has been saving Delhi’s pollution problems but even SC has limits.

          Delhi metro’s ridership in 2019 with nearly 350km costing lakhs of crores is a paltry 35-45 lakhs. Compare this with metro ridership in any world city with 350km network & see where Delhi stands – probably at the bottom. Cities like Paris, Singapore, Hongkong, Mexico city, Tokyo have higher ridership with lesser network length. Not to mention Chinese cities all of which have far higher ridership with similar or lesser network lengths. So, Delhi is certainly wasting Indian taxpayers’ money.

          • Himanshu Doria says:

            Yare yare

            1. Delhi metro network is 389 km and average daily ridership is around 42-47 lakhs per day. It was ranked 10th most busiest in 2018 when the phase 3 was not fully commissioned.

            2. DMRC has one of the most efficient project managers and planners, and have been employed by many state governments to execute their metro Projects. Moreover, DMRC has been the consultant to Dhaka and Jakarta Metro projects.

            3. DMRC has completed 2 phase of Delhi metro in 10 years while the first phase of Bengaluru took 12 years. You cant even compare these two agencies. Take a look at which pace BMRC is executing current phase-2 😂😂 and try calling Delhi metro a monetary sinkhole.

            4. DMRC has separate Property Development/Business Development wing. A large part of revenue comes from it. It’s a self sustaining entity that always trying to generate money from Non-Fare sources to compensate for rising operation and maintenance costs.

            5. Wasting taxpayers money ? seriously you guys have to tone down your jealousy. Stop being such a crybabies man.

      • Santhosh says:

        Simple fact: Delhi for its population has 389 km of Metro, 30 kms for Noida Metro, 12 kms of Rapid Metro and it’s expanding very well. Bangalore which has population of 1.3+ crore has a paltry 42 kms of Metro in operation and 72 kms under construction. The 38 km of Airport link metro is crucial for Bangaloreans to avoid everyday problem of its notorious traffic. Even after its approval, the total network will not even be 40% of what Delhi has in operation currently. Not even 1 km suburban rails so far. Feasibility concern is a joke when even the tier 3 cities are getting approvals for Metros.

        • Abhishek Threja says:

          Which tire 3 cities get approval for metro??
          Do you even know definition of tire 3 cities

          • SHAM says:

            Tier-1 commonly refers to the six large metropolitan cities but I don’t think there is any firm definition for tier-2, tier-3, tier-4 etc..

            Earlier, we had CCA classification for HRA to govt employees but that has long been abolished. Population based classification is most appropriate like it was being done in earlier census, like for example:

            Tier-1 100L & above
            Tier-2 50-100L
            Tier-3 30-50L
            Tier-4 10-30L
            Tier-5 5-10L
            Tier-6 2-5L

            People use tier-2 for any city from Ahmadabad or Pune (over 50L) to even Gorakhpur & Aligarh (below 10L) – this is most inappropriate as city sizes & population are vastly different.

            PS: It is tier, not tire.

  3. Prabhanjan says:

    With this I think Nashik-Pune line to be upgraded to full fledged Shinkansen and changed to Nashik-Bengaluru HSR.

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      I don’t think so, bcoz the govt. Will make this line in Broad Gauge Tracks instead of Standard Gauge Tracks which will be use for Indian Shinkansen High Speed Rail

  4. Ashutosh says:

    Hey pls a single page with basic information all HSR project going on,with google map tagged of route on single map.

  5. Rohan says:

    Now it seems like that NHSRCL is just working crazily for the bullet train’s project in Pan India 🇮🇳 🇮🇳. Jai hind Jai bharat

    • Himanshu Doria says:

      Relax man, its just pre-work before the preparation of DPR, we don’t even know the technical details of these corridors.

      • Rohan says:

        But at least now nhsrcl throwing tender for bullet train project na. Why we always have a narrow minded thinking.

  6. Vishrut says:

    Do we know who got survey DPR and GAD projects for other routes?

  7. Mayur Mahajan says:

    I wonder why don’t they consider Mumbai-Pune-Bengaluru route for HSR.
    In 2020, it still takes 24 Hrs. by rail to travel between 2 megacities.

    Although air connectivity is quite robust now between BOM-BLR and PNQ-BLR, the rail infra is severely neglected and bus operator cartels are milking travelers.

    I feel successive governments (Central and states) have missed a golden opportunity to develop multiple smaller cities along Mumbai-Pune-Bengaluru

  8. Clevin Gomes says:

    I guess, NHSRCL will make a deep shaft at navi mumbai to run trains to southern side.If they will make shaft on navi Mumbai, it make more service such as Ahmedabad to Hyderabad

  9. Sham says:

    Haimanshu Doria,

    Delhi 10th most “busiest”? See this link that tracks ridership per km length of metro & check where Delhi stands:


    Delhi is 94th, behind Mumbai, Kolkata & Bengaluru in ridership per km, which is the correct criterion to gauge how busy a system is.

    Delhi seems most efficient only because it has financial & logistics backing from central govt & all ministries that sit in delhi, else it might be same or worse than others in India.

    Delhi ph-1 took 8 years (1998-2006), ph-2 took 5 years (2006-2011). So, it took 13 years, not 10 years. Ph-2 was pushed through because of CWG games as urban ministry spearheaded it & offered all the assistance & co-ordination. No other city gets such assistance.

    1st phase of Bangalore metro took 10 years (2007-2017). 1.5 years were lost because CG wasn’t releasing funds in time & UG tendering was delayed due to lack of funds. Another 2 years were lost because a TBM was stuck in rocky UG conditions, much like it happened for Delhi too during ph-3.

    Delhi metro’s property realization is worse than Hyderabad which is on PPP mode with L&T, which is also bad. Please read DMRC’s last annual report (2018-19) on its website since you seem to only brag without any stats or reference.

    So, all that you have said is hogwash & seems to be idle bragging. If other cities get the same level of assistance & finance from CG, Mumbai would not remain with 11km, Bangalore with 42km, Chennai with 45km etc..

    Indeed Delhi metro & Delhi city are wasting tax payers money because tax collected elsewhere is being used on Delhi because the CG is obsessed with Delhi & does little for other cities.

    • Umang says:

      You definitely haven’t travelled in delhi metro. That’s for sure.
      Even though i get your frustration over slow infrastructure development and agree to it on many points. But to call delhi metro a waste of taxpayers money is not right. Delhi Metro is the best thing to happen for people who can now easily commute to majority of Delhi-NCR, any Metro rider in delhi will tell you the same. None of it is waste.
      I’m in favour of other cities to get sufficient metro network as well. It should not be a comparison but whole nation must develop. Its all just politics which makes us suffer that’s all. But whatever we are getting is not a waste.

      • Sham says:

        Umang, I have traveled by delhi metro & appreciate your view that its politics – that is very correct but not acceptable as India, being a democratic republic cannot keep developing infra only in one city & ignore others.

        I say there is wastage on delhi metro because a network over 375km must have some 60-70L ridership to justify investments even at a modest 16-18k per km on average. Even a European system like Paris metro has just 214km but handles close to 20k per km.

        I think Delhi must review further expansion until full utility of metro has been realized.
        Unbridled road expansion may be a reason for the below par ridership of delhi metro. Central govt must pay attention to other cities that have need for metro expansion.

    • Himanshu Doria says:

      You are scraping the bottom of the barrel here without any relevant factual evidence, 😂😂.

      I can make 10 Km line between Rajiv Chowk and Central Secretariat and call it 10th most busiest line in the world in the terms ridership per km, but that statistic doesn’t mean anything because in the end, I am still running 10 Km line.

      The per km ridership is a useless metric in assessing the operational load in a network. It is at best can be used as a constraint for maintaining adequate headway for the operation.

      Here is the latest ranking of the metro systems on the basis of annual ridership,


      Delhi metro is on the 7th position here. Report is prepared by UITP , The international association of Public Transport Authorities.

      Since you are talking about annual report, Delhi Metro is still Operationally profitable, And the revenue from other sources like Shop rents, Parking Fees, Advertisements, Station Name rights now exceeds revenue from the fares. And don’t give the example of L&T metro, poor chaps were not able to invoke force majeure clause to cut their losses caused due to pandemic.

      The proof is in the pudding, DMRC have been appointed as an executing agency by several state govt for their metro projects. Mumbai Metro Line-2A and Metro Line 7 are being executed by them and would the be first lines get commissioned after Line-1. Kochi Metro, Nagpur Metro, Jakarta Metro, Dhaka Metro, Ahmedabad Metro. This alone shows the faith several Govt have on the capabilities of DMRC. When did you last time heard any state govt employing CMRL, BMRC as an executing agency, leaving ofcourse the govt of state these agencies belong to.

      Not to mention several former DMRC executives and project managers are now working at top positions in other agencies like NCRTC which is executing the Rapid rail project and UPMRC which is executing Kanpur and Agra Metro projects.

      So instead of blaming Center for each and every shortcoming, better to ask your state agencies and tough it up and do their jobs. Also Delhi metro is going to be limited to phase-4 only, with exception of adding of light metro routes ofcourse. phase-5 is not currently on the drawing board yet despite getting in-principle approval.

      • SHAM says:

        Sorry, but you sound like a cheer-leader for DMRC. Nobody is doubting DMRC’s achievements – they have many. After all, they were the first metro under an SPV, getting full support from central govt in addition. But they also made several mistakes – Airport express ridership over-estimation & the resultant fiasco, losing case & paying heavy compensation to Reliance, badly designed green line split towards Inderlok /Kirtinagar + no station on ORR, recent construction collapse & re-tendering etc. So, DMRC made many goof ups despite all the experience & support, one would have expected better.

        Average ridership per km length of a network is the correct criteria to gauge success of a metro network & not just the total ridership. Delhi metro pales in comparison to almost all other major systems when comparing its length to its ridership, even Paris is performing far better.
        Other examples: S’pore-33.84L/202.4km; Tokyo-107.85L/304.1km; Hongkong-49.45L/174.7km; Mexico city-45.35L/200.9km; Seoul-78.24L/353.2km; Shenzen-55.27L/303.4km etc..
        Thus, all major systems with equal or lesser lengths have higher ridership.

        DMRC’s last annual report balance sheet (2018-19, pg.87) shows they made a loss before tax of 764.32 crores. Revenue breakup is as follows:
        Traffic earnings (fares) – 3119.02 crs;
        Rental – 462.21 crs;
        RE Lease – 97.28 crs;
        Consultancy – 34.16 crs;
        Feeder bus – 1.56 crs.

        How can you expect any other system to do consultancy work etc when their own systems are strangled without being given even the basic approval & release of finances, forget about any support??
        Hardip Puri sounds like a DMRC spokesperson (much like you do), tweeting away & fighting with Delhi govt for its expansion, while denying other cities even basic approvals. I don’t know about others, but BMRC has a training center, metro staff from other cities are also being trained there.

        And as along as people like Hardip Puri are in-charge in urban ministry, DMRC will keep building phase after phase while Delhi’s road expansion will continue & metro ridership will never reach its true potential, while continuing to strangle all other cities’ infra.

  10. Mahadev says:

    It should go straight like

    Hyderabad— Sangareddy— zahirabad — Humnabad –omerga — Solapur………etc

    Why always there is no route from omerga even it is streight and lot of people goes to Pune Mumbai…

    All politics for development also…

  11. Dr.K.Janardhan Reddy says:

    One side we are privatizing many essential services on war foot basis. But ANOTHER SIDE so called land pooling process done by State and Central in the view of Infrastructure development finally for Private Establishments. It may influence the Farmer to loose his age old right i.e., cultivating to feed the nation (agrarian country like India) is become questionable. In due course of time we will see only infrastructure i.e. developed but again we import Sugar, Rice etc. to feed our citizens major challenge to our next generation citizens. 3Rs only in the document of SDG(UN). But, when it come in to practical implementation where is the Signature of “Mother Earth” i.e., NATURE. Kindly think about alternatives instead of going for huge cost involvement in the project(Bullet Train) mainly Fertile LAND which may feed a country like Singapore. They are going for virtual agriculture forming to feed their citizens instead of importing essential need…FOOD.


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