MahaMetro to Manage Navi Mumbai Metro’s Pending Work

Navi Mumbai’s City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) on Tuesday announced its decision to appoint Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation (MahaMetro) to manage the pending construction and system engineering work of Navi Mumbai’s 11.10 km Line-1 which will connect CBD Belapur with Pendhar through 11 elevated stations.

This decision was tweeted out by Sanjay Mukherjee, MD and VP of CIDCO on Twitter. Details on the agreement’s detailed scope, value, timeline or deadline were not announced.

@CIDCO_Ltd has been examining the issue of #NaviMumbai#Metro and has decided to focus on it’s competences and bring in the best in the field to buttress it’s capabilities. Hence, it has decided to give #MahaMetro the task of completing the #Engineering and #Construction

#CIDCO shall continue to monitor the project closely. We have roped in #DMRC Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Louis Berger Consultants and such experts in the field to take this task of commissioning the #Metro#Rail forward

We shall also focus on #Financing the project, #financial discipline, land monetisation along the corridor, enhancing non #Fare-box #revenues, and last mile connectivity. We remain committed to our cause of Transit Oriented Development.

Update: Here’s CIDCO’s press release:

The project’s Detailed Project Report was prepared by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and construction work had commenced in November 2011 with guidance from a General Consultant team comprising of Louis Berger Group and Balaji Railroad Systems.

The project has been delayed over the past decade due to delays in receiving key approvals (eg. ROB over Central Railways’ lines), poor project management by CIDCO and contractors involved (see list), and a lack of general interest by the state government regardless of the political party in power.

Core civil work on the line is complete and now systems and architectural finishing work is pending at its 11 stations located at CBD Belapur, Sector 7, CIDCO Science Park, Utsav Chowk (Khargar), Sector 11, Sector 14, Central Park, Pethpada, Sector 34, Panchanand, Pendhar.

Navi Mumbai Metro’s Route Map – view system info

Trial runs began using CRRC Zhuzhou train-sets within Taloja Depot in August 2019 and on the main-line to Pendhar Station in September 2019. I haven’t heard or read of testing being extended the other way towards Sector 34 though.

CIDCO had no experience in executing complex engineering projects – their core competence is in urban development which itself is dubious at best – so it’s good to see them finally hand over Navi Mumbai Metro’s pending work over to MahaMetro which is executing Nagpur Metro, Pune Metro, and Nasik Metro Neo. In the future, it might even manage Thane Metrolite looking at the scope of the General Consultant service’s tender for the future development of these projects.

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11 Responses to "MahaMetro to Manage Navi Mumbai Metro’s Pending Work"

  1. Kanishka says:

    Finally…the better sense prevailed.

    The following lines of this famous song apes perfectly on the state of affairs of this project…

    कभी खुद पे कभी हालत पे रोना आया,

    बात निकली तो हर एक बात पे रोना आया।

    ..the nincompoop babus of CIDCO do not have it in them to execute such a project. No matter, I despise the incompetent bureaucrats more than the snollygoster politicians…

  2. Deepak says:

    Good news 👏

  3. U says:

    TMRG will Navi Mumbai Metro open in this Yr end or next Yr Q1
    What about rest of planned lines of Navi Mumbai Metro

    • TMRG says:

      1) Good chance by year-end as core civil work is over. Systems, arch finishing, station entry/exit work is pending. Let’s see
      2) DMRC cancelled the detailed design consultant tender, so things are on-hold for now.

  4. Clevin Gomes says:

    1)TMRG, can you please tell us which International Bank is funding Mumbai Metro (Line9)
    2) Is JKumar and NCC Have got the contract for L2B civil pending works?
    3)What’s the last date of submission for Mogarpada Depot?

    • TMRG says:

      1) Civil work is through MMRDA’s funds; not sure about systems work
      2) Not yet
      3) Submission Jan 12 and opening on 15

  5. Kishur Bhatia says:

    Why only line 1 ?…Its high time to connect full Navi Mumbai with Mumbai over the Vashi creek joining Mankhurd for seamless connectivity by Metro …

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      There’s a strong possibility that the Airport Express Line (Line8) and Magenta Line (Line14) will go through Navi Mumbai

  6. Kanishka says:

    ..In 2013, saw the piers/viaduct under construction for this project. It’s 2021 now; damn it..

    The way CIDCO cannot manage construction/commissioning of this metro line, similarly they wouldn’t be able to manage its operations (once opened for public).

    Wait for CIDCO to hand-over the operations to MMMOCL (the way they handed over remaining construction works to MahaMetro).

    …meanwhile the adversary has opened 18 metro lines over the last fortnight.

    …ohh the incompetent mofos of CIDCO! Pity..

  7. Mayur says:

    Better late than never.

    In 2010, when I was in tenth std, I used watch its construction daily on my way to school, waiting eagerly for its construction to get completed.
    In 2021, after getting a decent job and married, I am still waiting eagerly for its construction to get completed.


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