Bids Invited for Indore Metro’s Super Corridor Route

Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (MPMRC) on Wednesday invited tenders (bids) for the construction of Indore Metro’s 10.927 km MR10 Road Station – Gandhi Nagar Station section with 9 elevated stations on ‘Super Corridor’ road.

Package IN-03 is Indore Metro’s second notice in the past fortnight (other was IN-02 for 7 stations between ISBT/MR10 Flyover and Radisson Square), and the very first integrated package with both viaduct & station work.

MPMRC now interestingly refers to Line-3 as Indore Metro’s Yellow Line. This line of the Phase 1 project will form a ring around the city and connect Palasia – Railway Station – Rajwara – Airport – Bhawarsala via 30 elevated stations.

Tender No: 273/MPMRCL/2021/Package IN-03

Package: IN-03

  • Estimated Cost: Rs. 1000 crore
  • Deadline / Completion Period: 847 days (2.32 years)
  • Pre-Bid Meeting: March 31, 2021 at 11 am
  • Bid Submission End Date: April 30 2021 at 4 PM
  • Technical Bid Opening Date: May 1 at 4:30 PM

Brief Scope: Design and Construction of Elevated Viaduct between Ch.14+488 & Ch.25+415, viaduct connecting Depot leading upto interface location, Nine (9) Elevated Metro Rail Stations including all Civil, Structural, Roof structure, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) works, Architectural finishes, Façade, Entry/Exits, FOB, Viaduct within the stations including Transition spans” for Indore Metro Rail Project Yellow Line.

The 9 stations will be located at Gandhi Nagar, Super Corridor 6, Super Corridor 5, Super Corridor 4, Super Corridor 3, Super Corridor 2 and Super Corridor 1, Bhawarsala Square and MR 10 Road. Scope also includes constructing a roughly 575m depot-line.

Map of Gandhi Nagar – MR 10 section of Yellow Line via the tender docs – view Indore Metro info & full map

Per the notice, this package will be funded through equity contribution of Government of India (GoI) and Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP), and not by ADB – the chief lender of the project.

Things on this project – at least on the tendering front – are now finally moving along. Prior to recent developments, tendering had been on-hold for over 31 months since the 1st notice, for a 5.29 km viaduct, came out in 2018 and was won by Dilip Buildcon.

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21 Responses to "Bids Invited for Indore Metro’s Super Corridor Route"

  1. Kanishka says:

    what is so ‘super’ about this corridor?

  2. Hari Puttar says:

    It’s good that now mpmrcl is floating tenders fast
    Even if dilip buildcon 5.29 km viaduct is not completed we can think of super corridor to railway station or even Mumtaz bagh
    This tender 3 will take time bcz super corridor divider is made by greenery
    And also it’s the longest part
    The next tender will be may be Underground bcz from airport almost 1km from depot to Rajwada is underground
    But let’s hope for the best
    Mpmrcl focusing on indore bcz in bhopal the work is goingon great speed but in indore not even a pillar casted
    Will make a video when work will start 😃😃

    • Santhosh Dalai says:

      This is SKDalai working in Mumbai metro line 3 corridor, in ugc1 as SRE tunnel. I’m eagerly waiting for the understand package in indore or bhopal to start….do let me know if any news comes in.

  3. Ab says:

    Maybe I am missing something, but this metro seems to be avoiding the densely populated areas. So how is it useful?

    • Hari Puttar says:

      Yep you are missing
      This is just some tenders of indore metro
      This line 3 or yellow line is 33.5 km long which goes through Rajwada , sarafa , airport , railway station, under-construction ISBT, ring road which are always full

      • Himanshu Doria says:

        Hey man, Do you have any YouTube channel or something chronicling the project’s progress ?

        • Hari Puttar says:

          I have a yt account but only one video posted in January
          I just watch videos on youtube
          My some yt friends were telling me to make a video on indore metro updates
          So I made one
          I can give you the link

  4. Abhishek Threja says:

    Why they are not issuing tenders for bhopal. Only focussing on indore

    • Hari Puttar says:

      The company working In both indore nd bhopal metro tender 1
      I.e. dilip buildcon is just working in bhopal and not even concreted a pilllar till now in Indore
      Dbl is just focusing on bhopal and also has completed 150+ pillars and 30 span
      And not even workin on indore
      If this was continued then indore may not get metro and bhopal will
      So now mpmrcl is focusing on indore more than bhopal
      So that they could give metro both to Bhopal and Indore
      Even if the dbl 5.29 km is not completed in Indore then the other parts will be completed
      Bhopal me pehle hi acchi speed pr kaam chal raha hai viaduct pr almost pillars ka kam ho gya hAi
      abhi udhar 30-35 pillrs pr girders bhi launch kr diye hai

  5. Sid says:

    where is the tender listed. Did not find on MP metro website or Central procurement website or DMRC

    • Hari Puttar says:

      Even I didn’t find it on mpmrcl website
      May be they are not posting tenders on website bcz some days ago when I search mpmrcl on Google below mpmrcl website it was showing this website may be hacked
      Or they are not posting tenders intentionally

  6. Sahil says:

    @TMRG – Where we can see these tenders?

  7. rohit says:

    is metro going to run on one side of super corridor or somewhere in the green fields parallel to super corridor?


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