Afcons Begins Piling for Kolkata Metro’s Line-6 in New Town

Afcons Infrastructure today evening began piling work – the first step of construction – to build Kolkata Metro Line-6’s Package ANVS, a 3.519 km mostly elevated extension from Sub CBD-2 Station to Kolkata Airport (Biman Bandar).

This section of the 32 km Line-6 (Kavi Subhash New Garia – Kolkata Airport) was originally envisioned to be underground, but large-scale land acquisition for its ramp and station at Teghoria (named Rabindra Tirtha) forced Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. (RVNL) to convert a large potion of it – barring an approximate 950m airport stretch – into an elevated line.

Afcons had started barricading works in February after emerging as its lowest bidder in December 2020. Here’s a snap with engineers & safety officials from RVNL, Afcons and Meinhardt – the project management consultant for this section.

Photo via Saumitra Dey

Afcons’ ANVS package includes the construction of 2 new stations at Chinar Park (formerly Rabindra Tirtha) and VIP Road (Haldiram), and the following viaduct & underground sections:

  • Viaduct (2 sections)
    Section 1: (CH: 25900 approx.) to CP:801 (CH:27200 approx.)
    Length: 1300M (Approx.)
    Section 2: CP: 801 (CH: 27200 approx.) to start of ramp (CH:28450 approx)
    Length: 1250M (approx.)
  • Ramp/Underground
    Start of Ramp (CH:28450) to end of Design Limit (CH: 29400)
    Length: 950M (approx.)
Indicative location of stations and route of Sub CBD-2 – Airport section – view Kolkata Metro info & route map

This is Afcons’ third package on Line-6. Their other packages include ANV1 with a 5.75 km viaduct between New Garia and VIP Bazaar and Package ANV3 with a 5.16 km viaduct between NICCO Park and CBD-1. These are well under construction with gaps in between due to land acquisition issues.

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14 Responses to "Afcons Begins Piling for Kolkata Metro’s Line-6 in New Town"

  1. Rupraj Sengupta says:

    Quick mobilisation from afcons side before the monsoon!

  2. Gourav Basu says:

    Can you throw some light on why the Nicco park station hasnt seen any construction till date? I knew there was some issues at the Technopolisvstation

    • TMRG says:

      Not sure what’s going on there. I believe it had something to do with first creating parallel lanes for diverting traffic.

    • Rupraj Sengupta says:

      First problem is the foot over bridge may have been removed in the meantime,larger problem is chingrihata turn still incomplete so they going slow.

    • SUBHRADIP DHAR says:

      Technopolis is solved , problem is chingrihata and CC2 to airport . 2023 Dec ekta clear pictur epaoa jabe

  3. Dd says:

    Line 6 airport station kon banaye ga

  4. U says:

    Piling started on Line 6
    God knows piling will start on line 3(from Majherhat to Mominpore) 1/3rd portion of it has already completed piling

  5. Clevin Gomes says:

    What about Ruby Flyover, which becoming a bottle neck for line 6 to inagurate from New Garia to Ruby

  6. Jayanta Sircar says:

    Calcutta went through long periods of hell when the first North – South Metro came up. There are some more in various states of progress. Wish the Railways thought it fit bring out a status report against each project with an approximate end date for all

  7. Dd says:

    One thing is that kolkata metro still better’than navi mumbai metro

  8. Sandeep Shah says:

    Can anyone explain me if this entire stretch from Garia to Airport is free from any problems? When will the entire stretch be open to public? Which parts still has problems.

  9. Happy says:

    Any update Agra metro.


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