GR Infra Wins Bangalore Metro Pink Line’s Pending Work

August 6 Update: BMRCL awarded GR Infra with this section’s construction contract with a value of Rs. 364.87 crore on August 3.

July 16 Original Post:

GR Infraprojects today emerged as the lowest bidder for completing construction work on the 7.501 km Dairy Circle Ramp – Kalena Agrahara section of Bangalore Metro’s Pink Line after BMRCL opened financial bids for Package R6-CC-01BW.

A Rs. 578.70 crore contract for this section of the 73.92 km Phase 2 project was originally awarded in September 2017 to Simplex Infrastructures with a 27 month deadline. That contract was finally terminated in February 2021 for poor progress on key performance indicators over a period of at least 15 months, with BMRCL’s newsletters indicating completion of 37% civil work.

BMRCL invited bids for this package in mid-March with a Rs. 339.21 crore estimate and 21 month deadline. Technical bids were opened in June to reveal 3 bidders and evaluation was completed on July 8.

Financial Bid Values:

FirmBid (Rs. Crore)
GR Infraprojects364.87
Afcons Infrastructure388.51
ITD Cementation India393.05

Tender: BMRCL/Phase-2/Reach -6/Elevated/Via&Stn/RC/2021/75

Package: R6-CC-01BW

Brief Scope: Construction of Elevated Structures (Viaduct & Stations) of length 7.50 Km (approx.) from Gottigere to Swagath Road Cross (Chainage 00.00m to 7501.818m) including Kothanur Depot entry line, road widening & allied works and 5 numbers of metro stations viz. Gottigere, Hulimavi, IIMB, JP Nagar 4th Phase, Swagath Road Cross in Reach-6 line of Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase-2 (Balance Works)

This section’s five stations on Bannerghatta Road are located at Kalena Agrahara (formerly Gottigere), Hulimavu, IIM-B, JP Nagar 4th Phase, and Tavarekere (formerly Swagath Road).

Pink Line’s elevated section (Dairy Circle Ramp – Kalena Agrahara) – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 info & map

GR Infra has no experience in delivering metro projects, but they qualified through the technical round based on the parameters set. Their bid was 7.56% higher than BMRCL’s budgeted estimate, but following negotiations they should go on to be awarded its contract unless BMRCL wants to retender this and consume more time.

With GR Infra possibly on board, they will need time to mobilize men and machinery (unlike ITD if they had won), and I see construction work resuming no sooner than Q4 2021 if a contract is awarded. Interesting times ahead.

As shared in the past – there’s a long way to go for this line to become operational which I estimate would happen no sooner than mid-2024. Things may further get delayed as bidding for its systems (rolling stock, signaling system etc.) has still not started.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore Metro section or my Home Page!


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23 Responses to "GR Infra Wins Bangalore Metro Pink Line’s Pending Work"

  1. Sriram says:


  2. Steve says:

    What was the technical criteria to qualify? It must have been really low for this company to sail through. Good luck to Bengaluru.

    • Amar deep soni says:

      What do you knw about GR Infraprojects limited. Pls see the history before commenting. The glory of GR Infraprojects limited will clear your doubt. Not even a single project is delayed, 85% is completed before time. You should do the market research. Good luck to you and your future.

  3. Pratham says:

    TMRG, How do you see GR Infra completing this pending line. Simplex’s LG is still up just south to Jayadeva Interchange and north of JP Nagar station, what will they do of it??

  4. Shashi says:

    GR Has just completed successful IPO and are cash rich. Expect them to bid aggressively for airport line too

  5. Ashok says:

    I was hoping ITD would get it, or atleast Afcons would get (Afcons is doing the underground section from dairy circle).
    Let’s hope for the best ! As someone as pointed out in the comments above, GR Infra has just completed a successful IPO, and will be eager to prove themselves.

    After Shankaranarayana, this is another section which is been given to a “newbie” (from a metro construction perspective).

    Good luck to both!

  6. Amit Limaye says:

    Please get in act now. Real estate on Bannerghatta road has crashed down lower than a C grade city in India. Bangalore real estate hype and bubble has bursted. Builder lobby do something for investors

  7. Sandeep k says:

    Please get in act now. Real estate on Bannerghatta road has crashed down lower than a C grade city in India. Bangalore real estate hype and bubble has bursted. Builder lobby do something for investors

  8. Pratham says:

    Kengeri Section’s CMRS Inspection on 23 and 24 July…. Waiting for your article

  9. Reddy says:

    Bangalore is the eternal “ UNDER CONSTRUCTION City.

  10. Vivek says:

    The work has started, they have at least changed the names in the boards everywhere and I see containers being setup at all the stations! At last good to see some progress after 2 years!

  11. Balaji says:

    The work on this Pink line is in full swing. Looks like the new contractor GR Infra is taking things seriously after simplex failed and delayed this by over 2 years. The pillars and viaducts have been completed from Hulimavu arch to just before Rainbow hospital. The portion in front of Vega Mall is now being built. However there are still some overhead portions still not started upto Dairy circle, Eg. Opp mosque, jayadeva hospital etc. I don’t see this line starting anytime before 2026. Considering the work started in early 2018, had it been Delhi, it would have already been operational. These guys are too slow.


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