Kolkata Metro’s Official Line Colours Published

Kolkata Metro last week officially assigned line colors to the city’s metro lines and their extensions which are in different stages of execution.

This exciting development was conveyed to Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) in a letter by the organization’s Principal Chief Operations Manager dated March 3.

The city (and India’s) first metro line, referred to as north-south line, primarily built in the 70s & 80s will be known as the Blue Line. The city’s second line, referred to as east-west line, which ran into tunneling issues will be known as Green Line.

  • Blue Line (32.25 km Line-1) – Dakshineswar to New Garia (Kavi Subhash)
  • Green Line (16.34 km Line-2) – Howrah Maidan to Sector V
  • Purple Line (15.246 km Line-3) – Joka to Esplanade
  • Yellow Line (18.13 km Line-4) – Noapara to NSCBI Airport (Biman Bandar) to Barasat
  • Pink Line (12.50 km Line-5) – Baranagar to Barrackpore
  • Orange Line (29.87 km Line-6) – New Garia (Kavi Subhash) to NSCBI Airport (Biman Bandar)

The city’s Pink Line has been dead since inception, while the rest are in various stages of implementation.

Future Kolkata Metro network’s route map with official colors assigned – view project information

This development is something I was looking out for as line colors are easier to recognize / relate-to compared to line numbers for the average rider.

With this, I’ve now cleaned up and updated the Kolkata Metro Information Page and all the maps within it. A similar exercise was performed in Mumbai in 2019-2020 by MMRDA in collaboration with SYSTRA to establish line identities – see details here.

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11 Responses to "Kolkata Metro’s Official Line Colours Published"

  1. Hari Puttar says:

    Nice developments . Will the colour scheme be reflected on coaches ?

  2. Rupraj Sengupta says:

    The pink line baranagar to barrackpore not hoping for in my lifetime.

    • Md Imamuddin says:

      Me too bro 😭
      I will be lucky if I can board on a metro of bkp to baranagar in my lifetime

  3. NIKHIL NAYEK says:

    Pink line work should immediately be started and adequate money in budget be sanctioned. This is one of the busiest routes and lakhs of commuters will be benefitted .

  4. Kalyan Chakraborty says:

    Is there any possibility to start the work of Pink Line at the same time sanction of the route Tollygunj – Joka. All those are totally under darkness.

  5. Ishan Bhasin says:

    Yes this article is from the future. Perhaps in 2067 these lines will be operational

  6. Rajdeep Chakraborty says:

    Isn’t the east-west one already red?


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