MMRC to Execute Mumbai Metro’s Line-11 (Wadala – CSMT)

Maharashtra’s Urban Development Department last week decided to hand over the execution of Mumbai Metro’s Line-11 (Green Line) to Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) given their experience of handling 33.5 km Line-3 (Aqua Line)’s construction.

This 12.774 km long line with 10 stations will extend Mumbai Metro’s 32.32 km Line-4 southward from Bhakti Park in Wadala to Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT). Up until a formal handover is completed, it will continue to be under the purview of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA).

Per Line-11’s Detailed Project Report (view DPR’s PDF) prepared by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation in 2018, it will consist of a 8.765 km underground section with 8 underground stations flanking Mumbai’s eastern seaboard on and along land under the Mumbai Port Authority’s jurisdiction.

The 10 stations (including 2 elevated) en route are proposed to be built at Wadala RTO (elevated), Ganesh Nagar (elevated), BPT Hospital, Sewri, Hay Bunder, Coal Bunder, Darukhana, Wadi Bunder, Clock Tower, Carnac Tower and CSMT (new station box to provide an interchange with Line-3).

Indicative route of Mumbai Metro’s Line-11 between Bhakti Park and CSMT – view Mumbai Metro Green Line info & route map (black line shows Monorail)

The Urban Development Deparment’s website has been unavailable for a couple days, so here’s a copy of the order, in Marathi, shared by Chandrashekhar Dhage on Twitter:

There’s a long way to go – easily another 2 years I’d say – before construction work begins.

The prior DPR had estimated Line-11 to cost Rs. 8739 crore, which will have to be revised to account for current prices and then approved by the state government. Other necessary steps include securing financing, preparing detailed designs, appointing a General Consultant and conducting the civil tendering process.

During the approval process, I hope MMRC and the government consider extending the line further south to Flora Fountain (Fort) and Colaba Causeway Market to increase the line’s utility.

After the completion of Line-11, the city’s Green Line will become roughly 57.11 km long connecting Shivaji Chowk (Mira Road) – Gaimukh – Kasarawadavali – Wadala – CST through 48 stations. This includes 32.32 km Line-4, 2.88 km Line-4A, 9.209 km Line-10 and 12.744 km Line-11. Detailed information on each can be viewed here.

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13 Responses to "MMRC to Execute Mumbai Metro’s Line-11 (Wadala – CSMT)"

  1. Kartik says:

    I think Mumbai metro in its entirety (except blue line) should be handed over to mmrc. They should also be given Navi Mumbai metro.

  2. D says:

    What does “interchange” at CSMT mean?

    Will the trains on green line continue on towards Cuffe Parade?

    Or does “interchange” simply mean that one can get down at csmt and hop on a line 3 train?

    • Kaka Balli says:

      Only if you are still alive by the time this line gets completed. Bhagwan aapko lambi umar de. Jai Shri Krishna.

    • TMRG says:

      The latter. A simple line interchange facility for passengers.

    • Kartik says:

      When trains go from one line to the other it is called a junction. Junction is a place where trains change lines

      Interchange on the other hand is where passengers change trains. So you must have got your answer, you will be able walk and change between the two lines just like you do right now between L1 and 2A/7.

  3. The GR says:

    Why isn’t there an interchange between line 1 (Ghatkopar) and line 4 (skims past the currrent Metro station)?

  4. Sunil says:

    Bad connectivity. Metro 3 has no connectivity with bullet train terminal.

  5. Pankaj says:

    CSMT Station will be the most important station as it will be connected to Habour line, Metro line-3, Metro line-11 & Indian railway suburban & long-distance trains.
    Also, there are 3 Heritage structures. Redevelopment of CSMT station is in progress.

    It will be a kind of Multi-model transportation hub.

    Therefore such integrated structures shall be designed and constructed at least 100 years.

    Such structures shall be free from vibration induced by trains, vehicles on roads, pedestrians, etc. otherwise cracks in the structures will develop like in Delhi Metro.

    We have a lack of seriousness regarding Vibration effects on structure & humans.

  6. Esmail Beguwala says:

    Can you please update this article with the new alignment of Metro 11. It now starts from Anik depot and has 15 stations and now passes through Antop hill, Byculla, Nagpada, bhindi bazar, Crawford market, horniman circle and ends at the museum.


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