SNC Launches Bangalore Metro ORR Line P2’s 100th U-Girder Span

Shankaranarayana Constructions (SNC)’s launching crew on Friday night celebrated the erection of their 100th U-girder span for Bangalore Metro’s 56 km Blue Line on the Outer Ring Road (ORR).

The city’s new Blue Line by BMRCL is being developed in Phase 2A (ORR Line) and Phase 2B (Airport Line) to connect Silkboard – KR Puram – Bengaluru International Airport through 30 stations.

The 27.90m long girder weighs 164 MT and was placed on top of piers ORP-450 and ORP-451, located at Doddanekundi Split Flyover, for the ORR Line’s 8.377 km Package 2 (Kodibeesanahalli – KR Puram).

This 100th span marks the launching of 200 out of 544 U-girders for Package 2. SNC had cast their first U-girder at Kacharakanahalli near Whitefield in February 2022 from where 544 girders, ranging from 18m to 28m, are currently being cast in two casting bays. The first U-girder was launched in June 2022 in Mahadevapura.

SNC’s digital banner for the event

BMRCL awarded ORR Line Package 2’s Rs. 623.55 crore contract to SNC in May 2021 with a tight 27 month deadline.

SNC’s scope includes constructing the line’s Kodibeesanahalli – KR Puram section’s 8.377 km viaduct, 7 elevated stations at Kodibeesanahalli, Marathahalli, ISRO, Doddanekundi, DRDO sports complex, Saraswathi Nagar and K R Puram, a 1.097 km depot-line linking to the existing Baiyapanahalli Depot and a 0.30 km pocket track.

Route Map of Phase 2A’s ORR Line-5 (Blue Line) – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2A info & map

In Package 2, SNC will launch 446 U-girders for its viaduct and 98 U-girders at the track-level within the 7 stations en-route.

Photo by Niyamathulla Shaik
Photo by Niyamathulla Shaik
Photo by Niyamathulla Shaik

Some recent cool drone shots of the line’s viaduct shared by @WF_Watcher on Twitter can be viewed here.

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9 Responses to "SNC Launches Bangalore Metro ORR Line P2’s 100th U-Girder Span"

  1. Gaurav says:

    How do you access SNC’s progress so far and how do you think AFCON is doing on their package? It’s a rarity that civil construction is tracking well for BMRCL.

    Do you reckon silk board to KR Puram line can be opened as per the original schedule?

    • AJ says:

      Rolling stock tenders still not takes min 2 years fir proto trai manufacturing another 6 months for testing..if all goes well this line may open by Jan 2026

    • TMRG says:

      SNC is doing nicely by Bangalore’s standards, but there’s no way they’re completing this in 27 months. We’re already at month 24 now. Afcons’ package is a little more challenging with utility shifting works slowing things down.

      I don’t know what the ‘original schedule’ is? But at this time this line won’t open anytime before Q4 2025.

  2. Manjunath says:

    Congratulations and well done SNC. You are doing a great job of maintaining the pace and ensuring safety. Keep going 💪

  3. Ashok Kumar says:

    SNC is on par with other big firms in terms of quality, productivity and timeliness in delivering things. This karnataka based firm has taken this contract as pride and really doing great job. Government should give many contracts and encourage them.

  4. Anil Kumar says:

    SNC is doing a smooth job ensuring minimum traffic disruption by quickly removing the barricades after laying the U girders. Seeing the progress in this section moving fast is encouraging after we have seen the earlier snail paced works. It would be better atleast to Complete 2A first and not waiting for 2B. 2A will complete the loop to ensure that the huge IT professionals are able to utilise it.

  5. Anand Asir A says:

    Is there any INTER-CORRIDOR built between Chennai Metro corridor 4&5 in Porur for Poonamallee Depot train to be used in corridor 5?
    As the elevated section of corridor 5 get completed first, is there a possibility of running train to OMR, IT corridor from it?

  6. M .Narayanan says:

    It looks like that certain portion of SNC’s contract from KR Puram to Tin factory remains stalled and I have seen some court case numbers are written in many pillars. No idea whether it was solved. Anyone have any updates on it?
    Indeed SNC was doing an excellent job in many counts.

  7. Prahalad Rao R says:

    SNC is doing well.Hope they are ahed of others (Afcons & NCC).Excellent job.Encouragement should be given to such contractors.Dec2024 dedline is approxhing fast another 18 months left.L&T given traction contract,they are another champion in time bound completion.Any good luck for all the 4.


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