3 Bidders for Gurugram Metro HUDA – Cyber City Line’s DDC Contract

February 8, 2024 Update: HMRTC has scrapped the tender and re-invited bids under GGNCDD-15(R2)

May 12, 2023 Original Post: Three design & engineering firms have submitted bids for the Detailed Design Consultant contract GGNCCDD-15(R1) of Gurgaon Metro’s 28.5 km line connecting HUDA City Centre and Cyber City.

This elevated new corridor by Haryana Mass Rapid Transport Corporation Ltd (HMRTC) will form a ring line through Gurugram and Old Gurugram via 27 stations. Haryana Government’s cabinet had approved the project’s final Detailed Project Report (DPR) in August 2020 at an estimated cost of Rs. 6821.13 crore.

This is a contract re-tender. Back in August 2022, Egis Rail S.A. had emerged as the only bidder in its first round and subsequently the tender was cancelled for poor participation.

HMRTC re-invited bids in March 2023 with a Rs. 17.68 crore estimate and 48 month completion deadline. Technical bids were opened this afternoon.


  • Egis Rail
  • STUP Consultants
  • Spectrum Techno Consultants (apparently in a JV with Tandon Consultants and Fountainhead Architects per the comments section)

Brief Scope: Detail Design Consultant DDC for Civil Architectural and E and M works of Elevated Section 28 KM 500 m having 27 Stations Main Corridor from HUDA City Centre to Cyber City Gurgaon of Gurgaon Metro Project and also inclusive of Depot connection

Indicative alignment of the HUDA City Centre – Moulsari Avenue metro line with key destinations marked – view Gurgaon Metro info & route map

Spectrum’s bid was submitted in their Managing Director Umesh Rajeshirke’s name, which was strange. Last month, a random guy had similarly submitted a bid for Kochi Metro Phase 2’s Detailed Design Consultant contract.

Anyhow, if HMRTC is satisfied with the participation in this round, then all 3 bids will undergo technical evaluation which can take a couple months to complete. When that is done, the financial bids of the technically qualified bidders will be opened to reveal who’s the lowest bidder and most likely design consultant.

The contract’s scope indicates a 1.85 km spur will be built from Basai Village towards the under construction Dwarka Expressway.

Besides an interchange with the Delhi Metro’s Yellow Line and Gurgaon’s Rapid Metro, this line will likely have an interchange with the 106 km Delhi – SNB RAPIDX (RRTS) line at Udyog Vihar.

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17 Responses to "3 Bidders for Gurugram Metro HUDA – Cyber City Line’s DDC Contract"


    The third party was not random.It was JV between Spectrum-TCPL and FH

    Facts should be correct.

    • TMRG says:

      Thanks, lead bidder was mentioned as Umesh Kondiba Rajeshirke.

      I can make the change. Are you suggesting the bid is a JV between Spectrum – Tandon Consultants – Fountain Head?

  2. Shikhar says:

    Connection to Airport Metro Express at Sector 21, Dwarka should be part of it. It would facilitate fast movement to Gurgaon from Central Delhi. Added advantage would be connecting Blue Line. Would bring Southwest Delhi closer to Gurugram

  3. garudha says:

    The DPR says this line will be track-integrated into the existing Gurgaon Rapid Metro so train will run from HUDA City Centre along the new line and continue to Sector 56 on existing infrastructure. Nice to avoid another interchange!


    Is the Gurugram Metro expansion using Third Rail system.

  5. Madhav kaushal says:

    Gurugram is so lame when it comes to Govt infra spending, what a shame. Learn from Noida.

  6. Samuel Abisheik says:

    Hey tmrg! Cmrl has trimmed their phase 2 stations and has changed alignment and network is now 116 kms. So please update ur cmrl page with new alignment and stations! Thanks

  7. Nitin says:

    Gurgaon planners really need to introspect
    1. Why airport express line has not been extended to gurgaon
    This would ha e significantly reduced choking at Airport turn on NH 8
    2. why it took 13 years for foot overbridge at huda city centre towards south city 1
    3. Why foot over bridge doesnt connect to the first floor like in many other stations.

    • Tarun says:

      Well raised issue. Can’t get over these facts. Gurgaon being so important location jobwise & yet not connected well. Such a shame to haryana govt.

  8. Avtar says:

    They should focus on connecting delhi dwarka/airport to gurgaon to releive the stress on roads. No point in building lanes after lanes for a never ending traffic. Why does nobody gets it in haryana government ?

  9. Deepanshu Yadav says:

    When will Gurugram metro extension work start at ground level ? When will be Construction start for metro ? After Diwali or in 2024 🤨🤨🤨

  10. Sumneh says:

    How to found a job opportunity for civil engineering merto Gurgaon.


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