CMRS Inspects Bangalore Metro’s Challaghatta – Kengeri Section

The Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS) from the Indian Railways’ Southern Circle on Friday completed a 1 day inspection of Bangalore Metro Purple Line’s 2.1 km Kengeri – Challaghatta section.

This elevated section of the 73.92 km Bangalore Metro Phase 2 projects‘s Reach 2B was constructed by Soma Enterprise through a contract awarded back in 2016. Challaghatta Station’s construction near Rajarajeshwari Medical College was a late addition to the project’s scope.

The CMRS’ statutory safety inspection involved assessing Challaghatta Station’s passenger amenities & control room facilities, a motor-trolley inspection of the line’s viaduct which includes steel girders over NICE Road, and critical systems (track by Texmacosignaling & electrification by Alstom) en route.

Unlike other CMRS inspections, I don’t have a detailed schedule this time around. If someone does, then shoot me a message via the Contact page.

Route map of Bangalore Metro’s Reach 2B Kengeri – Challaghatta Extension – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 information & map

Some snaps:

Photo by Chandra Bhushan Yadav
Photo by Rahul Varshney
Photo by Rahul Varshney
Photo by Chandra Bhushan Yadav
Challaghatta Station’s E&M room – Photo by Christin Mathew Philip
Special train deployed at the end – Photo by Ankit Jain

I expect the CMRS’ team to submit their approval letter by Monday afternoon.

As I’ve mentioned in the past – approvals from the CMRS are always conditional in nature. We’ll have to wait and see what conditions are laid out for Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL) to rectify before the start of operations, how quickly remediation work is performed and a compliance report is sent back to the CMRS.

The commercial opening of this and the 2.2 km Baiyyappanahalli – Benniganahalli – KR Pura section, which underwent inspection on September 21, will then be dictated by the availability of local and national politicians’ calendars.

The exact opening date at this time remains anyone’s guess. Whenever both open, Bangalore Metro’s Purple Line will become 42.17 km long connecting Challaghatta – Whitefield (Kadugodi) and the entire network will become 72.17 km large.

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4 Responses to "CMRS Inspects Bangalore Metro’s Challaghatta – Kengeri Section"

  1. Appandai Rajan says:

    Hello BMRCL, when is inauguration from Byapanahalli to KR Puram missing link. This is started in 2016, taken the time to complete around 7 years now waiting for Politicians for inauguration. Horrible guys, no one knows about inauguration from Byapanahalli to KR Puram.

    • Mohan V says:

      As per un official news by BMRCL, K R pura- Baiyappanhalli ‘ likely to open on 2 oct 2023’..
      They may do inauguration post, starting of service.. with whomever they want to call..may be PM can visit he visited / landed directly from G20 at ISRO at 6am.. let us see … But BMRCL starts service on 2 oct 2023 btw KR pura to Baiyappanhalli to benefit citizens.. inauguration can wait when … Are free to do..and take credit…!!!

  2. Abhishek Biswas says:

    Frustrating levels of incompetency when it comes to a holistic planning by BMRCL.
    First they said the delay is due to the complexity of the launch of the web girder. Once that is done then they realise that the Tin factory station is not ready. Multiple postponements of the inspection, flip flop between opening both the new sections together vs Krpuram Baiyapanahalli first. And now we wait for politicians availability. I hope the politicians have some empathy on the lakhs of of people who spending hours together to commute to office and back. Or they still want Bangalore to keep on coming in the news for 4 hr jams on ORR like last week.


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