Mumbai Metro Line 9 to be Extended to Dongri with 2 New Stations

Besides Mumbai Metro Line-2B’s extension to Cheeta Camp, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has firmed up plans to extend Mumbai Metro’s 11.38 km Line-9 (Red Line) to its newly identified train maintenance depot in Dongri, Thane District.

Back on September 18, MMRDA formally submitted an application to obtain Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) clearance for the main line’s extension to Dongri Depot from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

This approximately 4.9 km long proposed extension from Subhash Chandra Bose Ground Station will feature 2 new elevated stations at Murdha and Rai Goan on Uttan Road.

In addition, Dongri Depot will be built to stable and maintain BEML trains for the entire Red Line connecting Dongri – Mira Bhayandar – Dahisar East – Gundavali – CSIA Terminal 2.

Dongri Depot is proposed to come up on 41.36 hectares of land situated on a hillock (view on Google Maps). MMRDA’s application highlights this land is not affected by CRZ. However, a few locations of the extended alignment is affected in CRZ IA (50M Mangrove Buffer), CRZ IB, CRZ-II area.

Here’s an alignment of the extension prepared by Line-9’s General Consultants SYSTRA – CEG – SMCIPL JV in June 2023:

Alignment of Line-9’s extension and Dongri Depot – via MMRDA’s CRZ submission (includes my labels)
Line-9 and Line-9 Extension – via MMRDA’s EIA Report

Per MMRDA’s environmental impact assessment (EIA) report, 4100/4825m of this extension’s main-line falls under CRZ. Excerpt:

  • This project partially Falls under CRZ IA (50M Mangrove Buffer), CRZ IB, CRZ II as per Thane district CZMP 2011 maps
  • The total area affected under CRZ IA (50M Mangrove Buffer) area with construction of 5 Nos of piers is 125 Sq. M., CRZ IB area with construction of 13 no.s piers is 364 Sq.m. CRZ II area with construction of 137 nos piers is 9191.75 Sq. M

MMRDA’s CRZ application is currently being examined. It went through scrutiny by Maharashtra’s Coastal Zone Management Authority between September 18 – 27 who’ve now sought further clarification through an official EDS (Essential Details Sought) letter.

For those closely tracking Mumbai Metro, Line-9 really needs a new depot to alleviate pressure off of Charkop Depot, which is shared with the Yellow Line, for high frequency train operations.

Here’s a layout of Dongri Depot. Workshop and stabling lines here are proposed to be 210m long, capable of handling 8 coach trains.

Layout of Dongri Depot – via MMRDA’s EIA report

With various approvals, funding and bidding hoops to jump through, I see construction on this extension starting no sooner than mid-2025.

With this proposal, the city’s Red Line will eventually become 35.95 km long comprising of 4 sections:

  • 4.9 km Line-9 extension: Dongri Depot – Subash Chandra Bose Ground
  • 11.38 km Line-9: Subash Chandra Bose Ground – Dahisar East
  • 16.5 km Line-7: Dahisar East – Gundavali
  • 3.17 km Line-7A: Gundavali – CSIA Terminal 2

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17 Responses to "Mumbai Metro Line 9 to be Extended to Dongri with 2 New Stations"

  1. Sahil says:

    Whatever extensions, realignments, etc., need to be done must be done at the earliest, and all the Metro lines must be operational by 31st December 2030. From the 1st of January 2031 morning, Mumbai citizens should wake up to see a fully complete metro network as initially conceptualised.

    • Satish nair says:

      Yes dear. Your dream and aim is shated by all Mumbaikar. Hope Mumbai will become a livable place aoon.

  2. Savio says:

    Request to setup a stop at dongri too to all concerned authority, will be a big boon to gorai tourism

  3. Aryan says:

    Don’t think it will start even 2025. Many extensions/Branch line are still pending
    L2B Cheeta Camp extension was announced in 2019. GR has been passed now.
    L3 no update on Navy Nagar extension which was announced in 2021.
    L5 govt announced extension till Ulhasnagar in 2019.
    L9 Due to narrow road construction of L9 branch line towards Bhayandar East haven’t started yet.

    • TMRG says:

      Yes, 2025 is on the optimistic side 🙂 It has a higher chance of being fast-tracked though compared to others because of the depot component.

      • Anamik says:

        Looking at what pace the Metro Construction going on in Mumbai. This can’t be completed by 2026 & MMRDA also knows it.
        The Depot is going to be situated at Dongri Hill. And the terrain consists of valley which needs to be filled to construct Depot.
        God Bless MMRDA if they finish this Depot before 2026.

  4. Anamik says:

    Murdha, Rai, Morva people didn’t let Carshed build in their fields. Because of them Depot work went years behind on Schedule. And now government is giving them Metro stations. What do you think will they now not sell their fields??
    Requesting Government not to build metro stations in those villages or announce their fields as no development zone & build just 1 station at the start of the car depot.

    • Anamik 1 says:

      You are right bro first they stop for metro work and now government is giving them metro station not fair they must approve station at dongri and morva

    • Harshad says:

      Why only a station,they people oppose the carshed because of their ancestors land which carshed was previously made,and what compensation they give it’s not clear by government.they are requesting the government make track from behind the village what’s wrong in that?

  5. Sahil says:

    If someone can make this conversation viral, it will reach the authorities concerned.

  6. Obrio says:

    As native of this place, let me tell you that our houses are going to be demolished !!!!!!!
    Our lives are going to be much affected, this development is for whom?


    • Frenil says:

      It simply means that you are a Project Affected Person (PAP). There is a systematic procedure laid down in the law for PAPs. Kindly approach a lawyer if you don’t know how to go ahead and claim the benefit under the PAP Rehabilitation Scheme.

      • TMRG says:

        Excellent feedback! This is the right approach.

        • Frenil says:

          Thank you so much, TMRG! If there is a systematic procedure laid down in the law through which one can claim the benefit, then there is no need to launch a hunger strike, carry out a morcha, destroy some public property or do any such wrong acts.

  7. Sunil says:

    There is no development on Metro-8. It’s completion should coincide with the phase -1 completion of NMIA.

  8. Venkat says:

    No word from any of the authorities reg Metro no 4 ( Wadala to Thane). No mention of this since a few years. The project, a very vital one for Eastern suburbs, is languishing since long. GOK when it would become ready.


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