BEML Receives 72 Coach Order for Mumbai Metro’s Lines 2 & 7

In a BSE filing, BEML Ltd. has announced it has received another order from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to supply 72 more coaches (12 train-sets of 6 cars) to operate on Mumbai Metro’s upcoming 18.6 Line-2A (Yellow Line) and 16.5 km Line-7 (Red Line).

The order is valued at Rs 501 crore and takes the total number of coaches on order for both lines to 576 (96 train-sets).

Here’s a list of all orders DMRC has placed with BEML after they emerged as the lowest bidder for rolling stock package MRS1.

  • Contract MRS1 – 378 coach order (63 train-sets) valued at Rs 3015 cr – LOA issued in November 2018
  • Additional Order – 126 coach order (21 train-sets) valued at Rs. 834 cr – LOA issued in August 2019
  • Additional Order – 72 coach order (12 train-sets) valued at Rs. 501 cr – LOA issued in November 2020

A model coach was unveiled in September 2019 at Akurli Station while the first train-set’s body shell was ready in January 2020 – see some snaps here.

Design of Mumbai Metro’s MRS1 train-set for the Yellow Line (unveiled in July 2019) – Source: BEML
Design of Mumbai Metro’s MRS1 train-set for the Red Line – uploaded in Feb, shared in August – Source: BEML

Major technical details of Mumbai’s MRS1 train-sets can be viewed here.

BEML’s tentative delivery schedule published in September indicated the first train-set was going to be delivered to Charkop Depot in November 2020, but industry sources have pointed to me the delivery has been pushed back to February-March 2021.

Both lines’ current publicly announced deadline is May 2021, and as we move closer to that time period, a new deadline will likely be announced conveniently blaming the delays on COVID-19. At this time, I do not see either line getting operational before 2022 as there’s just far too much civil and system work pending – see my Twitter handle for images.

For more updates, check out the Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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17 Responses to "BEML Receives 72 Coach Order for Mumbai Metro’s Lines 2 & 7"

  1. KP Bhole says:

    Direct order or through tender?

  2. Clevin Gomes says:

    Seriously, once again postponed, I was eagerly waiting for the trains to arrive atleast Dec. Based on progress, I don’t think that they will open the line by 2022. Even so, they cannot run the trains at the frequency of less than 15 minutes, since Charkop Depot can handle only 20-25 trainsets. MMRDA should speed up the work if they want to meet the deadline. If they can’t complete, then give the work to MMRCL.

  3. Kanishka says:

    Is central govt. funding involved in L2 & L7?

    If yes, then I assume that these lines will be inaugurated just around the time when the big-bang celebrations start for 75years of Independence (~15th Aug. ’22) – & all the union ministers will come around projecting these projects as success stories, brushing aside the delays already suffered…

    The projects will be put under the head of “India@75 package ..

    • TMRG says:

      Naah, these aren’t centrally funded. ADB (chief) and NDB are the lenders for $926 mn and $260mn respectively. Rest $1314 mn will come from MMRDA/state government sources.

  4. Brahamjeet Dhanker says:

    Hello Sir,
    Any news about result of Mumbai Line 4 Project?

  5. Clevin Gomes says:

    TMRG, any idea where thr Ramp will be made for Mumbai Metro Red Line South Extension from Andheri to Airport T2 as they will make 2.1km 9f the line Underground and as the AAI have given an approval to construct the Underground tunnel?

    • TMRG says:

      Naah, I don’t know know where the ramp will come up. Haven’t seen the design, but if I had to guess it’ll come up on the northern corner at the intersection of WEH and SEAR

  6. Mitesh says:

    As we want to contract any thing in india we try to do it so ,but it does not take less then five to six years to do.As we see the same thing which is been done in twoandhalf to three and half years in the world. They may have done the same things years back

  7. Virendra says:

    Thank you great India, Congratulatios Beml Ltd.

  8. Vinay Aggarwal says:

    Any update on Line-4 Rolling Stock tender?


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