Greater Noida West Metro’s Revised DPR Approved by NMRC’s Board

Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC)’s board on Monday approved the revised Detailed Project Report (DPR) for 29.7 km Noida Metro Aqua Line‘s Extension to Knowledge Park V in Greater Noida West, per Indian Express.

The revised DPR prepared by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) envisions a 17.43 km extension of the Aqua Line from Sector 51 Station to Knowledge Park V via 11 new stations. Along the way, a proper interchange facility is proposed to be built with the Delhi Metro’s Blue Line at Sector 61 Station.

11 stations are proposed to be built at Noida Sector 61, Noida Sector 70, Noida Sector 122, Noida Sector 123, Greater Noida Sector 4, EcoTech 12, Greater Noida Sector 2, Greater Noida Sector 3, Greater Noida Sector 10, Greater Noida Sector 12 and Greater Noida Knowledge Park V.

Here’s my take on how the line’s alignment and the location of its stations might end up looking:

Indicative alignment of Sector 51 – Knowledge Park extension – view Noida Metro route map & information

Although not disclosed, I see this plan definitely involving part demolition or abandonment of the Aqua Line’s viaduct built north of Sector 51 Station (view on Google Maps). This additional viaduct with a buffer-stop was built by CEC – SAM India JV to allow the reversal of trains and position the line for its future extension.

In order to accomplish this re-route, the Aqua Line will have to cross the Blue Line twice – once at the intersection of Vishwakarma Marg – Vikas Marg and the other just south of Sector 61 Station.

Here’s a map showing both features:

The revised DPR has now been sent to Noida Authority for its approval. Following their feedback and approval, the DPR will subsequently be sent to the Uttar Pradesh government for its cabinet’s approval.

The project’s prior DPRs envisioned a 14.95 km eastern extension of the Aqua Line from Sector 51 to Knowledge Park V. A foot overbridge (FOB) was planned to connect Sector 51 (Aqua Line) and Sector 52 (Blue Line) stations. That plan was cancelled for a more tightly-integrated interchange facility.

GR Infraprojects was declared as the lowest bidder in December 2021 for this extension’s first civil package (Noida’s Sector-51 to Greater Noida’s Sector-2) after four rounds of bidding, but a contract was never awarded. It goes without saying, but NMRC will have to re-invite bids for the line’s construction for the fifth time when the project receives approval.

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28 Responses to "Greater Noida West Metro’s Revised DPR Approved by NMRC’s Board"

  1. Mayank Singh says:

    I Don’t want to sound too demanding, but please do update these news at TMRG at the earliest. These DPR updates on other portals are useless. Its the TMRG ones which display a thorough map and proper commentary.
    And yes, a perpetual thanks for your timely efforts and enthusiasm for the Indian metro rail scene.

    • TMRG says:

      Thanks, this is a side-gig so I write about updates as I find time. I’d like to get them out asap but have other commitments.

  2. Sumit Malik says:

    Why this northern detour?

    • TMRG says:

      To provide a proper interchange facility

    • Ankit Tomar says:

      This is to Provide the connectivity to Kailash Hospital sec-71 which is owned by so called MP Mahesh Sharma. Before these 2 tenures of Modui Govt he was having 2 hospitals only first one was in sec-26 Noida and another one was in Greater Noida but after becoming MP from BJP he has opened a wide chnain of hospitals located in Sec-71 Noida, Jewar, Khurja, Dehradun, Delhi, Behror(RJ), Azamgarh. Lakhs of people residing in his constituency waiting to get a single metro line but he is the only one who is getting development.

  3. Sunil jadli says:

    Ye kewal 2024 election ke liye hai election hote hi sab gayab

  4. NAVEEN BANSAL says:

    Finally noida metro realizing their network is no good without a proper interchange with the delhi metro. Hopefully they soon start integrating the delhi metro cards with noida metro payment systems too.

    • Aditya says:

      Not integrating the ticketing system with DMRC was an even more dumber move than not making a proper imterchange with Blue Line.

  5. Akash Vashisth says:

    I not sure whether they will construct a new Station at Sector 61 or use existing one with additional line or platform.

    Also, I would like to know where will be the interchanges with the Ghaziabad Jewar RRTS line.

  6. Sagar Rayu says:



  7. Amit Gaur says:

    I doubt that sector 51 & Sector 61 will ever be connected. There is no chance that NMRC can go over or under the existing DMRC line.

    KP to Sector 61 & Sector 51 to Depot station both will remain seperate lines for ever.

    Earlier alignment was the best.

  8. Ramesh Sharma says:

    Please start this project
    Public needs

  9. Rohit Sharma says:

    This is an again false jumla sent by the godi media to ensure people keep their anger in place for the upcoming elections. It’s been 10 years since hearing this. People of greater Noida and Noida extension has just been fooled all the times. And this update is no different. Post only if you see a real board around the proposed line saying metro work in progress.

    • Priya Ranjan says:

      This announcement just seems to be a jumla for the election. Until they start construction, GNW metro will always be on paper. It has been 10 years. Earlier proposed alignment was better and ~33% cheaper.

  10. Ritesh kumar says:

    Ye sab builder ke feke hue paise per rumours failate hai…. News aayi and rate 100-300 per sqr feet up.
    Ye metro ka route past 5 years se final ho rha hai aise he

  11. Surya says:

    This is just 24 election gimmick and nothing else …. Seen this happening fr so many years

  12. Surya says:

    This is just 24 voting gimmick and nothing else …. Seen this happening fr so many years.
    Thanks to the metrorailguy fr keeping this site posted

  13. Sanjay Kumar says:

    This metro rout shall be finalized shortly to enable citizens of Greater Noida West to move smoothly

  14. Vijai Pal Singh says:

    I hope some of the intelligent person understand people problem but time too much taking for all.
    I hope which is shown on paper is good for public if it happens on th land.

  15. Pk Bage says:

    Even a lay man would say that earlier route was the best. Double engine sarkar took 10 years to finalize the DPR, should we believe them?

  16. Mohanlal says:

    Again a lolly pop, just to cool the anger of Noida extension commuters before the general elections
    10 years in waiting is not enough still planning is going-on NOW GENERAL ELECTIONS are there they can’t call new tender.
    Wait & watch till next state elections nothing is going to happen.

  17. himanshuk_seo says:

    Grateful for the useful and educational insights in your blog.

  18. Mradul Mishra says:

    I am not happy with this new alignment. Even it is not possible at all because current elevation of both Noida Sector 51(Aqua Line) and Noida Sector 52(Blue Line) is almost same and for overpassing Blue Line, Aqua line needs to climb within 150 Meters.

    Instead they could have constructed a new ramp between Sector 122 and Blue Line Station Sector 52(The new station of Aqua line at Sector 52 will be underground).

    Even if they want to serve Sector 70 then just keep Sector 122 to Sector 51 as main line and Sector 61 to Sector 122(via Sector 70) as branch line.

    The cost will remain same but it will definitely save time and money.


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