Chennai Metro Line-4’s Train Design Unveiled as Alstom Begins Production

The first look of Chennai Metro’s new train-sets is out! Alstom Transport today formally launched manufacturing thirty six 3-coach trains for Chennai Metro’s 26.1 km Line-4 at their Sri City, Andhra Pradesh facility in the presence of Chennai Metro Rail Ltd. (CMRL) officials.

These trains as part of the 116.1 km Chennai Metro Phase 2 project’s Package ARE03A will be operated on Line-4 which will connect Light House – Poonamallee Bypass via 30 elevated and underground stations.

CMRL had originally awarded Alstom with a Rs. 946.92 crore contract in July 2022 to supply 26 train-sets of 3 coaches capable of running driverless on the unattended train operations (UTO) mode. In November 2023, they awarded a Rs. 269 crore follow-up order to procure an additional 10 train-sets (30 coaches)

1st sideframe setup fixture – Photo by Alstom

The 36 train-sets will be operated in formations of DMC+TC+DMC where DMC = Driving Motor Car and TC = Trailer Car. They will be capable of GoA4 grade of automation and have a maximum design speed of 90 kmph. In a 3-coach configuration, each train will be 67.8 meters long and be capable of accommodating approximately 1000 passengers.

All trains will be stabled and maintained at Poonamallee Depot in western Chennai which is under construction by Altis – VCL JV.

Here’s the first look of the trains shared by CMRL on X:

From what I see, the train-sets’ design is quite similar to Mumbai Metro Aqua Line’s Alstom trains which are currently also being manufactured at Sri City. Dare I say, I like Chennai’s color scheme better especially since it wraps all the way around the front. Chennai’s trains will however be only 2.9m wide (similar to Jaipur Metro & Delhi Metro’s Violet & Green line BEML trains), but narrower than Mumbai’s 3.2m wide trains.

Pink color’d grab handles will be installed to demarcate spaces dedicated for women-only. A full list of features can be viewed here.

Video posted by CMRL on X:

Bidding is currently underway for the second round of Line-3 and Line-5’s 210 coach rolling stock contract which was cancelled in December 2021. The current technical bid opening date is February 21, 2024. A list of all Chennai Metro Phase 2 tenders (civil, systems) and their status can be viewed here.

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4 Responses to "Chennai Metro Line-4’s Train Design Unveiled as Alstom Begins Production"

  1. Anirudh says:

    Basically a fit version of its Mumbai cousin haha

  2. Anand says:

    It’s Mumbai line 3 design with a color change

  3. AyUsH tHaKuR says:

    Alstom rakes are getting uglier with succeeding projects, whoever is approving these designs needs to be fired. Will this be the first to be manufactured under Adessia family in India?

  4. Modi hai tho mumkin hai says:

    Doesn’t look good. Like the full fromt glass designs like bangalore metro. The recently arrived CRRC coaches look much better than this


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