Bids Re-invited for Mumbai Metro Line 4’s Rolling Stock & Signaling Contract CA-234

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) on Saturday re-invited bids for supplying five major critical systems of Mumbai Metro’s 35.2 km Line-4 & Line-4A (Green Line) under Package CA-234.

This long pending development comes exactly 2 years after Alstom Transport, the winner of Line-4’s rolling stock contract MRS2 and signaling contract CA72, had pulled out of the project in 2022 due to overall poor civil construction progress, especially the line’s train depot whose location hadn’t been finalized at that time.

The new tender notice for Line-4’s major systems includes supplying rolling stock (39 trains consisting of 6 coaches for a total of 234 coaches), CBTC signaling & train control (S&TC), telecommunication, platform screen doors (PSDs), and depot machinery & plant (M&P) for Mogharpada Depot.

Germany’s KfW will fund the design and build component of this contract spanning 168 weeks (3.22 years) through a EUR 545 million loan. MMRDA will fund the comprehensive maintenance component of 17 years which includes 2 years of Defects Liability Maintenance Period (DLP).

  • Estimate: Rs. 4297.49 crore
  • Contract Period: 2 + 17 years
  • Pre-Bid Meeting: March 27, 2024 at 11 am
  • Bid Submission Deadline: May 20, 2024 at 2 pm
  • Technical Bid Opening: May 21, 2024 at 3 pm

MMRDA’s Brief Scope: Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Integration, Testing and Commissioning of Rolling Stock, Communication Based Signaling & Train Control, Telecommunication, Platform Screen Doors Systems and Depot Machinery & Plant including 15 Years of Comprehensive Maintenance After 2 Years of Defect Liability Maintenance Period of Line 4 and Extension Corridor (4A) [Wadala – Kasarvadavali – Gaimukh] of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA

Design of Mumbai Metro’s MRS1 train-set for the Yellow Line – Source: BEML

Per the tender’s schedule, the first prototype train has to be delivered at week 52 (1 year) after contract signing, the next 9 trains at week 70, the next 10 trains at week 88, the next 10 trains at week 104 (2 years), and the final 9 trains at week 112.

Like Line-6’s rolling stock delivery schedule, Line-4’s schedule to me looks highly aggressive and unattainable. I envision either MMRDA will relax these timeframes after feedback from the pre-bid meeting or train manufacturers will not honor the schedule when supply starts.

Per the tender documents, MMRDA expects their independent safety assessor (ISA) and Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety  (CMRS) to certify the line’s Phase 1 with 20 train-sets fit for revenue operations in August 2026.

That timeframe of course depends on multiple moving pieces coming together. For now, if the the technical bid opening doesn’t get pushed out (which it likely will), then we should see financial bids getting opened in Q4 (October – December), and a contract subsequently getting awarded & signed depending on how the lowest bid is placed. Long way to go, but I’m glad we’ve finally reached the re-bidding stage.

A list of Mumbai Metro Green Line’s packages (civil & systems) and their status can be viewed here.

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12 Responses to "Bids Re-invited for Mumbai Metro Line 4’s Rolling Stock & Signaling Contract CA-234"

  1. Aryan says:

    TOI article says that MMRDA has asked the successful bidder to install communications-based signalling and train control (CBTC), telecommunications, platform screen doors (PSD) and depot machinery. Alstom was the Lowest Bidder in 2021 for PSD, CBTC, Telecommunications, etc (you also covered that) but your article now says that CBTC, signalling, PSD, etc is invited with Rolling stock bids So Previous Bids cancelled by MMRDA or Alstom?

  2. Arun says:

    CA-234 for 234 coaches

    Good coincidence 🙂

  3. Kartik says:

    Why is the delivery timeline unattainable? Can’t beml simply provide the same trains they provide for line 2A and 7 for these lines? It will be an easy continuation of their already operational manufacturing lines. Infact since line 2B, 9 and 7Awill take a lot of time, instead of sending those trains to mogharpada depo where they will not be used anyways, they can be diverted here.

    I understand there might be some practical and legal problems such as not meeting delivery targets for line 2B but mmrda can deal with that.

    Are there some differences in technical specifications that prevent this from happening?

  4. Mohsin says:

    Any vacancy in metro for electrical engineer

  5. Mohsin says:

    Any vacancy in metro for electrical engineer like supervisor, je, station controller

  6. XX says:

    As Kfw german bank is financing
    Might be an European Supplier to win with good footprint in India like Alstom

  7. Rajkumar says:

    Why rolling stock with S&T package . THE ROLLING STOCK MUST BE SEPERATE FROM SIGNALLING AND TELECOM . This is clear indication of only 1 company getting benefit i.e ALSTOM.

  8. Praveen says:

    I understand that currently two live tenders for RS with S&T is live for Line 5 and Line 6 with requirement of 132 and 108 cars. Line-4 tender is not available.


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