Bombardier Wins Mumbai Metro Line-4’s 234 Coach Contract

March 4, 2021: MMRDA has awarded Alstom with Mumbai Metro Line-4 & 4A’s 234 coach rolling stock contract. Alstom had completed their acquisition of Bombardier in late-January 2021.

January 17, 2021 Original Post:

Bombardier Transportation on Saturday emerged as the lowest bidder to design and supply 234 metro coaches (Rolling Stock Package MRS2) for Mumbai Metro’s under construction 35.2 km Line-4 & 4A (Green Line) which will connect Wadala – Kasaravadavali – Gaimukh through 34 stations.

The procurement of Line-4’s 234 coaches, signalling & platform screen doors is being financed through a 525 million euro loan from KfW for which an official loan agreement was signed in November.

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) had invited bids for the procurement of this line’s rolling stock on December 20, 2019 with an estimate of Rs. 1865 crore and completion period of 144 weeks. Technical bids were opened on May 29, 2020 to reveal 3 bidders – BEML, Bombardier and CRRC.

The following price/car values are unconfirmed. I’ll remove this message when confirmed.

FirmPrice/Car & Approx. Total Bid
BombardierRs 7.92 crore (Rs. 1853.28 crore)
BEMLRs 8.31 crore (Rs. 1944.54 crore)
CRRCDisqualified in Technical Bid Evaluation

Brief Scope of MRS2: Design, Manufacture, Supply, Testing and Commissioning of 234 Nos. Standard Gauge Cars Including Training of Line 4 And Extension Corridor [Wadala – Kasarvadavali – Gaimukh] of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA.

Per MMRDA’s tender documents, Line-4’s train-sets with light weight fully furnished modern passenger cars must be fit for Unattended Train Operations (UTO) confirming to Grade of Automation- GoA4 as specified in IEC 62290:2014 or latest. The trains shall initially be operated in GoA2 mode and will be progressively operated in GoA3/GoA4 mode (see GoA graphic for explanation).

The rake formation shall generally be as follows:

• 3 Car train formation: DMC – TC – DMC
• 6 Car train formation: DMC – TC – MC – MC – TC – DMC

DMC = Driving Motor Car; MC = Motor Car ; TC = Trailer Car

Line-4 Rolling Stock Specifications

  • Safe train speed: 90 kmph
  • Door opening times: 2.5 s (Max.)
  • Door closing times: 3.5 s (Max.)
  • Tare weight of a unit 126T for 3-car unit with weight of any car should not exceed 42T
  • No of axles per car: 4
  • Maximum Static Axle Load: 17 tonne
  • Train length: 6 Car Train 136m (approximately)
  • Maximum Length over couplers for all cars: 23000 mm
  • Maximum Length over Car Body (including end fairings)
    – DMC: 22,350 mm
    – MC/TC: 22,010 mm
  • Maximum Width over Body: 3,200 mm
  • Maximum Vehicle Overhang: 3630 ± 175 mm
Representational only: Design of Mumbai Metro’s 576 coach MRS1 train-set – won by BEML and being manufactured since July 2019 in Bangalore – Source: BEML

Financial bid values are unconfirmed at this time, but if Bombardier’s bid is indeed Rs 1853.28 crore, then it aligns very well with MMRDA’s budgeted estimate of Rs. 1865 crore.

If no extraneous issues arise during financial evaluation, then following KfW’s approval, Bombardier will go on to be awarded with Line-4/4A’s MRS2 rolling stock contract in the coming weeks. This will be their 3rd major win in India in the past 8 months. Back in May 2020, they won the 82.15 km Delhi – Meerut RRTS line’s rolling stock contract for 210 coaches (30×6 + 10×3), and in June they won Kanpur and Agra Metros’ 201 (67×3) coach contract.

Once awarded, Line-4’s new trains’ design is expected to be officially revealed by MMRDA or leaked out in about 9 months.

Alstom is expecting to close out their acquisition of Bombardier Transportation on January 29, following the receipt of all regulatory approvals in December 2020, so this is essentially a win for them. Whether they manufacture these from Bombardier’s plant in Savli, Gujarat or from Alstom’s plant in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh remains to be seen. Both plants are booked up – see this post for Alstom’s order book – so it’ll be interesting to see where these will be manufactured.

Update: Bombardier’s VP for India & SE Asia Product Family has indicated on LinkedIn these trains will be designed at their Hyderabad Global Engineering and Technology Centre.

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24 Responses to "Bombardier Wins Mumbai Metro Line-4’s 234 Coach Contract"

  1. Clevin Gomes says:

    I knew it Bombardier will win. The main advantage is that their plant is located at Savli,Gujarat. So they can deliver it faster. Thank you MMRDA for disqualify Chinese Companies.

  2. Sumit says:

    You just made my weekend sir. Thank you 🙏

  3. Shiv says:


  4. Himanshu Doria says:

    UTO ? So I guess PSD system is going to get used in Line 4 ?

    • Narahari says:

      Without PSD, UTO is not allowed. Both shall be present.

      • Clevin Gomes says:

        Obviously it will have PSD’s, MMRDA have received 4 bids to supply Signalling as well as for PSD’s for the Green line:-
        1. Alstom
        2. Bombardier
        3. Hitachi
        4. Siemens
        Although I’m happy that Bombardier have won the contract for rolling stock. But I wish that Alstom, Hitachi or Siemens should win the Signalling and PSD’S contract as Bombardier have a history to make poor CBTC Signalling System. Yeah, it can make Best Rolling Stock but it can’t make best CBTC Signalling System. Delhi Metro Pink line is an example. Where they face initial glitch of their CITYFLO , CBTC Signalling System.

  5. Dd says:

    Status of varansi Guwahati allahabad Bareilly metro any

    • TMRG says:

      Varanasi: Rebranded as metrolite; DPR is ready and now pending approval
      Guwahati: New DPR has not been prepared
      Allahabad and Bareilly: DPRs not prepared

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bombardier Transport has been acquired by Alstom. Does that mean that all projects won by bombardier will be in Alstom’s plate ultimately?

    • TMRG says:

      Yup. The trains coming to Delhi-Meerut and Kanpur+Agra will definitely sport Alstom branding. Existing trains will still have Bombardier logos/name-plates within coaches. I don’t see those being changed – not worth it.

      Transaction is expected to close on January 29.

  7. Russell ian Duarte says:

    We need to know who is the bombardier group owned by? It seems fishy as it had to go to Gujerat,,,,, sly ways of acting

  8. U says:

    TMRG will Tenders for Rolling Stock of Kolkata Metro line 3 and 6 be floated this year??

    • TMRG says:

      Since those lines are Indian Railways-owned projects, I don’t think there will be a global tender for either. Most likely they will be contracted out to one of the local ICF shops.

      • U says:

        That’s a high possibility
        But Kolkata Metro line 1 has rolling stocks from China
        So there might be a chance for global tenders or at least by collaboration(not china obviously to boycott them)

  9. amit chitre says:

    I like how you cheekily made this comment … Once awarded, Line-4’s new trains’ design is expected to be officially revealed by MMRDA or leaked out in about 9 months.

  10. KRT says:

    I wish Bengaluru was not stuck with CRRC

  11. Ayush Kumar says:

    Please explain CRRC’s status, did they pull off or were they barred from bidding?

    • Himanshu Doria says:

      “Technical Disqualification”. I guess memo has been given to all metro agencies to disqualify Chinese companies from major contracts citing technical mumbo-jumbo without raising the hullabaloo of discrimination by Chinese companies.

  12. Raman Sehgal says:

    Kolkatta Metro Line 3 ans Line 6, there won’t be global tender for Rolling Stock. It’s been given to ICF.


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