MVR Infra Awarded Bangalore Metro Whitefield Extension’s Contract

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL)’s updated website indicates M Venkata Rao Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. on February 23 was awarded a Rs. 48.62 crore contract to extend Bangalore Metro’s 42.17 km Purple Line further north of the newly opened Whitefield (Kadugodi) Station.

This 588 meter long extension of the 73.92 km Bangalore Metro Phase 2 project‘s Reach 1B will take the Purple Line across the Indian Railways’ Bengaluru – Chennai line and up to Belathur Colony on Whitefield – Hoskote Road.

It will have no new stations, and its intended purpose is purely to improve train operations by adding a train reversal crossover-track facility. In addition, the contract’s scope includes building a small 28m extension of the under construction Whitefield Depot’s 3rd line. Both this and Reach 1B’s mainline were built by ITD Cementation India Ltd.

BMRCL had invited bids for this contract in October 2023 with a Rs. 42.30 crore estimate and 18 month completion deadline.

I don’t have a list of bidders for this package. If someone does, then leave a comment below or shoot me a message via the Contact page. I’d like to add it in here for record keeping.

Contract Value: Rs. 48,62,54,255.00

Tender No.: BMRCL/Phase-2/Reach-1B Extn./Via /2023/99

BMRCL’s Brief Scope: Extension of metro line by length of 588 m (Approx.) beyond Whitefield Metro Station in Reach-1B and extension of 3rd line at Whitefield Depot by length of 28 m (Approx.) for Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase-2.

Route of Purple Line’s new extension (red) and location of Whitefield Depot – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 route map and information

As shared in the past – trains at Whitefield (Kadugodi) currently only use 1 platform to serve passengers. As the line literally ends 14 meters north of the station (view satellite imagery) inbound trains are forced to arrive at a restricted slower speed.

This new extension with a train reversal cross-over track facility will greatly improve train throughput and allow BMRCL to run high frequency train operations in the future. By using both platforms, a positive side effect is improved crowd management.

There’s one possible reason I can think of why this never got featured in Reach 1B’s original plan. Its extension involves crossing the Indian Railways’ line and dealing with its bureaucracy to secure design approvals and mega blocks.

The juice here was just not worth the squeeze compared to other challenging sections such as at Benniganahalli or Doddanekundi where the South Western Railways has sought a design change to increase the length of 65m open web girder to 85m.

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6 Responses to "MVR Infra Awarded Bangalore Metro Whitefield Extension’s Contract"

  1. Visaw says:

    Most neglected satellites town is hosakote in Bangalore, no metro nor no train. No good hospital nor infrastructure

  2. Ravi says:

    yes, since indian railways and bmrcl have independent bureaucracies, they cannot be expected to cooperate with each other. in a better world, the entire area above the rail tracks could have been made into 1 large multi modal transportation hub. metro station, train station, bus station, mini shopping centre, car parking and perhaps even a hotel, all rolled into one… the train station made a mandatory stop for all trains… the convenience it would have added to everything is simply beyond imagination!

  3. Girish says:

    Metro line from KR Puram should be extended till Hoskote via TC palya, Battarhalli, Budigere cross or else atleast this line from Kadugodi can be easily be extended till Hoskote.

  4. Bhaasker Krishnamurthy says:

    Yes the Metro line could be extended till Hoskote as the express way ifrom Chennai is also bound to touch down at Hoskote shortly. This will help commuters to reach the CBD faster & save their precious time which is the cause of Expressways as well

  5. Manzoor Ahmed says:

    Metro should be extended through varthur & Sarjapur.


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