1st U-Girder Launched for Mumbai Metro’s Line-7 at Malad

Earlier this morning at 2:30 am, J Kumar Infraprojects launched the first 24.90 meter long U-girder at Pathanwadi (Malad) for constructing the elevated viaduct of Mumbai Metro’s 16.5 km Line-7 project. This milestone at pier#62 & 63 was witnessed by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, who took a tour of both Line-2 and Line-7’s construction sites and casting yards prior to the event. The U-girder weighs about 150 tons and a few northbound lanes of the Western Express Highway were closed down to facilitate its launch.

J Kumar is responsible for constructing package CA-02, from Aarey Station to Magathane Station, of the line and completed casting their first pier in December 2016 and erecting the 1st pier cap in March 2017. They completed casting the first batch of U-girders for both the 18.6 km Line-2 and Line-7 at the Bandra yard in January 2017, and as per the MMRDA’s website, a total of 109 U-girders had been cast by all 3 contractors of the line by April 26 2017.

J Kumar’s scope of work also includes the construction of 6 stations at Aarey, Dindoshi, Pathan Wadi, Pushpa Park, Bandongri and Mahindra & Mahindra:

Map of Line-7’s Package CA-02 – view Mumbai Metro info & map


Being transported out of the yard – Photo Copyright: Tarvinder Singh

Photo Copyright: Tarvinder Singh

Photo Copyright: Mehul Thakkar

Photo Copyright: CMO Maharashtra

Done! – Photo Copyright: Deshmukh Singh

Photo Copyright: Tarvinder Singh

Station designs, diagrams/schematics at the launch site – Photo Copyright: Kartheesan Ranganathan

Images from the casting yard & station design prepared by Ayesa – Photo Copyright: Kartheesan Ranganathan

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15 Responses to "1st U-Girder Launched for Mumbai Metro’s Line-7 at Malad"

  1. Romeo Tango says:

    Do we know if the station entraces/exits land on both sides (E-W) of the broad WEH highway, atleast where flyovers don’t run along the length and where sizeable population/establishment may reside on both sides of the highway? Or are there skywalks around these stations for accessibility?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, no station details/designs have been made public, but it’s highly likely that they will build skywalks/FOBs to connect both sides.

  2. USOZ says:

    I don’t understand why Indian politicians celebrate every step with such big bonanza. Its just the first girder; wait until its built the celebrate and take credit.

    • TMRG says:

      Yea, if you check Twitter, you’ll see they made a circus of the launch event!

    • mohsin says:

      our CM have to be full rights to take credit,coz last government is handicapped fir approval of infra projects.Our current CM has full vision & ambition to complete infra projects. CM don’t waste time in infra projects, so he has rights to take credit.

      • TMRG says:

        No doubt about that – his active participation and hands-on approach is very much appreciated. Just a day earlier, he also visited a couple of Line-3 sites. It’s just the over the top celebration that is unwarranted at this stage.

        • USOZ says:

          “the over the top celebration that is unwarranted at this stage.”

          Exactly, there is a difference from being proactive and pretentious.

          • Trance says:

            To be precise it’s called show-off. What about other metro projects they have not started yet.

  3. Raj A says:

    There appear to be some images pertaining to station design/schematics above. Are these public images? It would be nice to put them up on this site too.

  4. Arun says:

    Where exactly is rushi sankul station coming up. Is it opposite to dmart?

  5. amit chitre says:

    Do you think july 2019 is still a realistic deadline ? I mean for it to start working by july 2017 or even end of 2019, the construction of the lines and viaducts should be complete by dec 2018 or a little later. Same goes for line 2a, given that they dont even have any girders erected. The CM said its all “pre cast” and all, but its a pretty big project. I was shocked to see they even planned to finish the work in 30 months.

    • amit chitre says:

      I meant july 2019… not july 2017

      • TMRG says:

        July 2019 is not possible at all due to the line’s scope, site space and bidding delay in procuring systems (rolling stock, signalling etc.)

        In all probability, it’ll open up only in 2020/2021. Prior to that, the MH govt might launch a trial run for election purposes.


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