L&T Completes Building Hyderabad Metro’s Lakdi-ka-Pul ROB

On the night of  February 10, workers from Larsen & Toubro (L&T) launched the final 45 ton precast segment to complete building a 392 feet (119.48) long rail overbridge (ROB) at a height of 46 feet (14.02m) over the Indian Railways’ lines at Lakdi-ka-Pul for Hyderabad Metro’s 29.87 km Line-1 between Miyapur and LB Nagar.

The bridge’s central span is 171 feet long while the spans on either end are 108 feet (north side towards Khairatabad) and 103 feet (south side towards Saifabad) long. As per Larsen & Toubro, the main span’s 13 segments were launched using  a ‘Bridge Builder’ device weighing about 100 tons and had to carry out work in the night utilizing 3 hour railway blocks.

More details will be added here when HMRL’s entire press release is available.

Gold circle: Lakdi Ka Pul ROB – view Hyderabad Metro Phase 1 map & info

Photo Copyright: L&T

Video uploaded in September 2017 –

Video uploaded in January 2018  showing a segment getting launched –

HMRL’s MD explained some of the challenges encountered –

At Lakdikapul, the tracks of Indian Railways are in a deep cutting (about 26 ft) below the road level and no space was available for laying the foundations and Metro Rail pillars on both sides of the railway track due to presence of a busy road on one side and MMTS station, RR district collectorate building and a private hospital on the other side. The area also has hard granite rock and to cut the rock to a depth of 43 ft posed a serious challenge for the engineers. Since the foundations had to be laid adjacent to the busy road with heavy traffic, the deeply dug pits had to be secured with special shoring and shuttering mechanism, consisting of heavy steel beams with extra protection.

This is the 7th of 8 railway crossings that Larsen & Toubro has completed for its 3 lines in the 72 km Phase 1 project. Here’s the status of all bridges –

• Allugaddabavi – Completed
• Begumpet – Completed
• Bharat Nagar – Completed
• Bhoiguda (Steel) – In Progress
• Chilkalguda – Completed
• Lakdikapul – Completed (this post)
• Malakpet – Completed
• Oliphant Bridge  (Steel) – Completed

For more updates, check out the Hyderabad section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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4 Responses to "L&T Completes Building Hyderabad Metro’s Lakdi-ka-Pul ROB"

  1. smant says:


    So the pending bridge (Bhoiguda) comes under Line 2 (JBS – Falaknuma) ?

    • Krishna says:

      Yes.. JBS to MGBS line which is expected to be commissioned by year end.. For now, people who are working in Hitec city and near by are concerned about Line 1&3 as it helps many office goers

  2. Pulkit Mohta says:

    Hey there,
    Where were you for over a month? Missed your updates. Could you kindly add some updates on the Mumbai metro line 3? So much has happened on the line and I am not aware of any progress they have/had made, all ’cause I didn’t get any of your updates.

  3. RT says:

    It would be great if one more route will be added to HMR from pocharam to gachibowli(Financial district) in Phase 2 as most of the people commute in these routes and always they are crowded.(from pocharam -medipally-uppal-ramantapur-kachiguda, gowliguda, puranapoolXroads,Langar houz ps, ibrahim bagh, kokapet, financial district). there is a proposal for construction of flyovers in these routes. It would be better if a metro is constructed rather than flyovers.


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