BMRCL Invites Bids for Bangalore Metro ORR Line’s Construction

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. today initiated the civil bidding process for the construction of Bangalore Metro’s 19.457 km Outer Ring Road Line which will be built entirely overground between KR Puram and Silk Board with 13 stations enroute.

In a tender notice published in local newspapers, bids have been invited from infrastructure firms for the construction of three similar sized civil packages, each consisting of viaduct and station work.

Notice Inviting Tenders
On behalf of Managing Director, BMRCL, General Manager (Contracts) invites separate sealed tenders for following works in ORR line of Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase-2A as detailed below:

Package 1
Construction of elevated structures (viaduct & stations) of length 7.086 km (approx) from Silk Board (ORR) to Bellandur Station (excl.) including 4 no. of elevated metro stations and other allied works.
Estimated Cost: 427.29 crores
Tender document sale date: February 27 – April 12
Submission date: April 13 (11 am – 3 pm)

Package 2
Construction of elevated structures (viaduct & stations) of length 6.451 km (approx) from Bellandur Station (Incl.) to Doddanakundi Station (Excl.) including 5 no. of elevated metro stations and other allied works.
Estimated Cost: 416.66 crores
Tender document sale date: March 1 – April 16
Submission date: April 17 (11 am – 3pm)

Package 3
Construction of elevated structures (viaduct & stations) of length 5.920 km (approx) from Doddanakundi Station (Incl.) to KR Puram Interchange Station and upto Baiyapppanahalli Depot including 4 no. of elevated metro stations, structure works near Baiyapppanahalli Depot, road widening works and other allied works.
Estimated Cost: 386.00 crores
Tender document sale date: March 5 – April 19
Submission date: April 20 (11 am – 3pm)

The line’s detailed project report, prepared by BMRCL’s in-house team, was revealed in November 2016 and estimates the line’s construction & system procurement to cost Rs 4202 crores. The BMRCL has in the past referred to this line as Reach-7 and has not yet assigned a dedicated color to it.

13 stations are planned to be built at KR Puram (interchange with Line-1/Purple Line), Mahadevapura, DRDO Sports Complex, Doddanakundi, ISRO, Marathahalli, Kodibisanahalli, Kadubeesanahalli, Bellandur, Ibbalur, Agara Lake, HSR Layout and Silk Board (interchange with Line-3) –

Map of Bangalore’s ORR Line – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2A info & map

The BMRCL plans to fund this line through what it calls an innovative financing model in which private entities are currently being engaged to pitch in anywhere from 25% to 50% of the line’s construction cost (Rs. 1100-2100 crores) and in return be granted exclusive advertising and leasing rights within the stations to monetize on their investment.

Until now, the BMRCL has publicly acknowledged signing two memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreements with Embassy Group (Kadubeesanahalli Station) in June 2017 and Intel Corporation (Bellandur Station) in January 2018, each for Rs 100 crore. With funding not entirely secured, the BMRCL will initially have to rely on state government funds to carry out construction with the hope that additional funds from private firms will kick-in during the construction phase. Maybe the sight of ongoing construction work will show the government’s commitment and instill confidence? We’ll have to wait and see.

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57 Responses to "BMRCL Invites Bids for Bangalore Metro ORR Line’s Construction"

  1. Sunil says:


  2. SA says:

    I am glad this is happening. It’s a while before construction starts, but hope the viaducts are on the service road or acquired land. Imagine digging through the newly laid white-topped roads of ORR

  3. KT says:

    This is awesome. They should have built this line in phase 1.

  4. Syed Khaja says:

    Finally..great news for bengalurians.

  5. Santosh says:

    From Silk Board to ORR Agara lot of ramps down/up which it may rapid slowdown the construction. Between thee two locations not much firms hence BMRCL could have taken alternative route Via Tavarkare road, NIMHANS, then it will join ORR Agara as some one suggested a couple of times in order to not only speed up construction but also to over come serious traffic jams. Unless BMRCL follow this suggestion all public who use ORR be prepared to face hours to gether traffic jams that is going to hit world news with people life become stand still that trigger huge to huge impact on productivity. We all are going to watch this circus once d constructions starts ASAP.

    • sham says:

      What a rant! The metro viaduct is going to come up between the road ramps & does not go above them anywhere. Same on ORR. And not much “firms”? Are all metro routes only where there are firms??? Please stop all this senseless doomsday talk.

    • Ronith says:

      I am in utter disbelief over this suggestion. The very idea that metro will be built on ramps is witless. And additionally suggesting it should make inroads into Koramangala and Tavarekere, well Sir, with all due respect, you are essentially setting back the project by another 20 years atleast.

      Ps – Kindly also do have prior knowledge on where what is located before suggesting. Thank you.

  6. Rahul says:

    Finally….was waiting for months to hear this

  7. TMRG Follower says:

    The infra companies would be living this decade with so many metro projects under construction in India. Kudos to the government for implementing them at such speeds.

  8. Ravi says:

    Dear Metrorailguy,

    Earlier there was news that the Jayadeva Flyover demolition will take place sometime in the month of January but till now there is no news of the same. Does the work got slowed down or whats the ground reality there? could you help us throw some light on the progress of the Bommasandra – RV Road line please.


  9. PRao says:

    Way too many stop stations for 20km distance.
    9 should be enough. Remove agara and bellandur

    • sham says:

      13 stations for 19km is actually less.

    • Naveen says:

      Bellandur is going to be busiest station on this route besides Silkboard and KR Puram.

    • Girish says:

      Between Iblur Junction and Marathahalli, there are approximately 150,000 people working. This route will be a boon to Bengaluru.

      • Chandru says:

        How to remove Bellandur station, Intel funding 100 Crores for this project. Apart from this always you noticed this is the only place traffic jammed in entire day. So many Volvo buses are standing near this place. I think more than 2 lakhs people travelled here.

    • PVR722 says:

      Lol. You want to remove Bellandur?
      Have you ever even stayed in Bangalore or travelled via the ORR?
      Do you know where Ecospace and Ecoworld tech parks are?
      Do you know where Intel is?
      Stop bullshitting around and be aware of the ground reality first.

    • Arshak says:

      Dude it’s metro not full fledged train. the purpose of metro is to travel shot distance in cities without hassle of traffic.

  10. jk says:

    Hope Marathalli stretch should have two stations one in between Kalamandir to Underpass and second station near More Megastore. That way it helps the people coming from towards whitefiled and domlur via bus.

  11. Syed Khaja says:

    Hi, TMRG, Does this mean that its work will start before the underground stretch?

    • Sham says:

      Most likely, as tenders for UG sections received were higher & that needs to be resolved first before any awards.
      Besides, TBMs have to be ordered & shipped to site by contrators & that takes lot of time. So, in all likelihood, the ORR line may start earlier, unless bids received are higher !!!

  12. test says:

    I live in Marathalhalli and little difficult for me to react to this . One side I am very happy for it but on other side little worried about traffic jam for next 2 – 3 years …ORR is having very heavy traffic ..10 lakh vehicles per day as per one new paper

  13. Partha says:

    I am glad to hear this news and hope they start the work ASAP. But, I can sympathize with the people who need to commute (I might be one of them in, near future). No pain no gain, so we have to put up with it. But, I shudder to think at the prospect of construction work happening across corridors (ECity, ITPL, ORR,BG Road, BTM). All these places are already a nightmare to commute to/from. The only hope is that they begin and finish construction ASAP and start services soon at least in bits and peaces.

    But I do hope I don’t have to dabble in this! Fingers crossed.

  14. Aravind says:

    Very true ideally there should 1 station every km. There has to be stations near agara, sarjapur signal, salarpuria soft zobe, central mall, ecospace, embassy tech village, prestige tech park, multiplex, marAthalli bridge, kalamandir, bagmane world tech centre among others. This will increase ridership.

  15. Karthik says:

    This is really a wonderful news !! Hopefully the tenders are finalised asap and work begins.. looking forward for full Ring road connectivity so that anywhere to anywhere we can go in bangalore vi Outer Road and take local transport from there to reach

  16. flthere says:

    This will perhaps be the most popular line for the entire Namma metro.

  17. USOZ says:

    Man BMCRL is really on it!

  18. Rajesh Reddy says:

    How can they call for bids without any notification for land acquisition???
    What’s the due process?

  19. Parikhit says:

    I had been waiting for this piece of news since forever and keeping my hopes pinned on faster construction. The ORR metro will definitely ease the horrifying traffic that we witness each day.

    But I also read that 1400 trees will be axed and there has been no news about moving them into different locations. More so after years there has been some greenery on ORR and to not have them again certainly is the price we will have to pay.

  20. Naveen says:

    Great News.. I do not believe the traffic jams will be any more or less than what we already have. This is what i have seen in Whitefield section as well. Traffic is bangalore is caused by bad lane discipline at junctions. Metrowork should reduce a lane right through the stretch and as a result, less vehicles approaching a merging junction simultaneosuy.

    • Navnit S says:

      Exactly, In the end all the Traffic on ORR is at bottlenecks such as silk board and Marthalhalli junction where the road is narrower than the ORR. So just reducing a lane on the ORR is not going to affect the existing traffic jam.

    • JIJESH RAJAN says:

      Totally agree with you

  21. Arun says:

    Congrats TMRG for crossing 10k followers on Twitter.

  22. Vm says:

    TMRG , when you post a major development as this , it would be useful to most of the lay persons here to post a ” my take” on the proposed project , since you have a good grasp on the subject. What i worry about is projects coming up based on political considerations rather than present or future loading and then being under utilized for years and becoming money drains . Eg Jaipur metro.

    • Arpan says:

      This is unlikely to be the case in Bengaluru, since the situation is very different from that of Jaipur. Bengaluru has at least 2-3 million white-collar professionals who need to commute every day and are more than willing to pay the relatively higher metro fares. The ORR metro will cut through the highest density corridors of tech offices and also connect with two lines on both ends which already connect major residential areas.
      If I am not wrong, BLR has the highest AC bus fares in the country and yet BMTC Volvos on the ORR route run full during peak hours. Also unlike Jaipur, the road infrastructure is older and several times over capacity in BLR. Even among the upper-middle classes, there will be a substantial number of people who will abandon cars in favor of the metro, especially if the last-mile connectivity to offices is sorted out. This route was needed 5 years back and will see high patronage the day it is operationalized.

    • Partha says:

      I don’t think any reasonable project that offers even partial relief from traffic in Bangalore will fail. We can have, Mono rail, LRTS, Tram and everything else being built and all of them will be utilized. They will run on profit as well.

      All of Bangalore’s proposed projects were needed since 10 years ago. So, no problem of being under utilized. And IMO, the cities should have mass transit before they grow too large and even if they are utilized a bit less initially, they help cities grow in a “less painful” manner.

      My comment isn’t specific to Jaipur (I’ve not followed the project or usage and have no idea regarding it).

  23. Prasanna says:

    Any idea if there will be property acquisitions and widening of roads in order to support construction activity? Already ORR stretch is a nightmare to commute let alone the situation once the construction begins. Hope government will take enough measures to ease the traffic during construction.

  24. Sampat nayak says:

    Finally the news I was waiting for many years

  25. Muniraju says:

    Any changes in kadubeesanahalli station after funding from Embassy. Earlier the station is planned opp new horizon engineering college and other side is in Salarpuria touch stone? Pls reply

    • Aravind says:

      If embassy is funding, then station might come up in front of embassy tech village entrance which is just a yards away from the road leading to horizon eng college side entrance.

  26. subodh says:

    Hi TMRG: This article tells how BMRCL wants to shorten the underground phase of gottigere-nagawara line from 13 kms. There are also several reports in other sources saying the 13 km will become 5 kms or less. Can you please throw light on this matter using your exemplary grasp of technicality and deep sources.

  27. krishnan says:

    Bengaluru, March 04, 2018

    Over 78,000 people interchange trains at Majestic station every day

  28. krishnan says:

    Ujwala Vidyalaya to ITPL 4th March 2018

    1. One span ready near Hope farm.

    2. Underslung getting ready for second span.

    3. Arrangements for horizontal beam started near ITPL.

  29. Ravi KN says:

    BBMP is wasting crores of money in white topping in ring Road. while BMRCL metro to align with the same road. another tender to take out concrete!

    • Aravind says:

      Election time. So officials and contractors want to loot as much as possible before next govt is formed

  30. Ritwik says:

    The tenders are supposed to be opened on 7th May as per BMRCL website. Any idea when will we be able to know the organizations who have made bids and the associated amount ?

  31. Sridhar Prasad says:

    Please notify me in construction update on any line

  32. Aks says:

    How will the via duct pass through the ORR Flyovers ? especially consider Panathur ?

    • Rahul says:

      ORR flyovers have a gap in the middle right ?

      • Aks says:

        Think of marathalli Bridge, There is no space, Infact it is an underpass.
        Also im not sure how they metro will travel near the railways bridge after Karthik Nagar.

        • Ravi says:

          I doubt gaps can allow metro line width. Also the metro pillar width would make roads narrow that goes between the flyovers. Today one way route can max allow single bus. With 5 feet pillar, it is no no. Interesting to see how they solve this problem.

          Marathahalli, they will have raise the height, but that brings the challenge for for metro commuters to climb high to reach station. They may plan more escalators to serve the demand!

    • Anshul Agrawal says:

      Outer Ring Road is not getting metro. IL&FS is gone bankrupt who was the contractor for ORR metro project.

  33. Bharatesh says:

    it will be nice to connect this planned route upto Yeshwanthpur. anyhow, this is planned to touch hebbal. Hebbal to yeswanthput connectivity will really help a lot of people like:
    1. Travelling to out of station from yesvanthpur bound train..
    2. Bangalore west and south already connected to yeshwanthput metro station. It will help them connect easily to hebbal and to airport in future.


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