ITD Cem Begins Launching Segments for Bangalore Metro’s Reach 1A

Last night, a crew from ITD Cementation India last launched their first precast segment near Phoenix Hypercity Mall in Mahadevapura for building Bangalore Metro’s 8.039km Reach 1A between the existing Baiyappanahalli Station and the upcoming Visvesvaraya Industrial Area Station as part of the 15.257 km eastern extension of the 18 km Purple Line.

This milestone was accomplished by ITD about 11 months after they won a Rs. 689.51 crore contract for constructing this section from the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd in April 2017. Piling work at this location began soon after in June and the first pier was cast in December.

Yellow star: where segment launching has commenced – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 map & info

ITD began setting up their launching gantry crane in front of the local HP fuel station in early February. Here are some images shot over the past 3 days –

Night of March 7 – Photo Copyright: Varanane

Photo Copyright: Varanane

March 8: waiting to be launched -Photo Copyright: Swaroop

Night of March 9 – Photo Copyright: Niranjana Adiga

Photo Copyright: Niranjana Adiga

Overall, this is the 5th package of the city’s 73.95 km Phase 2 project, after Reach 4B (Yelachenahalli – Anjanapura Township), Reach 2A (Mysore Road – Pattanagere), Reach 2B (Pattanagere – Challeghata) and Reach 1B (Visvesvaraya Industrial Area  – Whitefield), where segment launching work has started.

Things on this line are progressing nicely wherever the contractor has a clear right-of-way, but land acquisition still remains a concern for the other parts, especially the 2 km Baiyappanahalli – KR Puram stretch where work briefly commenced at one site near Tin Factory in October 2017 but has been visibly on-hold since January, possibly due to a fatal truck accident.

Here are some details from BMRCL’s February newsletter for the entire eastern extension (Reach 1A & 1B) to Whitefield. I’ll update this section whenever the March newsletter is released.

Compensation package in respect of 286 properties amounting to ₹ 1005.44 Crores have been sent to SLAO, KIADB. SLAO has made payment in respect of 223 properties amounting to ₹ 856.10 Crores.

In respect of Electric Utility Shifting of 52 properties, package in respect of 47 properties have been sent to SLAO. Building valuation report in respect of 5 properties is awaited from the Engineering section.

In respect of 39 properties required for electrical utilities (additional) and additional lands from Indian Tin Industry to White field, Land Committee has given the land valuation report. Building valuation report is awaited from the Engineering section.

Out of 34 Properties measuring 5368.54 sq meters required for viaduct between Jyothipura Station and K.R. Puram Station, packages in respect of 31 properties have been sent to Accounts section for verification. Building valuation report in respect of 3 properties is awaited from the Engineering section.

Packages in respect of 8 properties measuring 312.48 Sq meters required for shifting of Electrical Towers has been sent to SLAO for payment of 8 which compensation has been paid in the five cases.

28(1) notification for lands between Baiyappanahalli and Jyothipura is sent to Government from Spl. Deputy Commissioner, KIADB, on 05.01.2018 and awaiting for Government Approval.

28(1) notification for B. Narayanapura Survey No. 75 to an extent of 2925.73 sq, mtrs. has been published on 18.01.2018 in the official Gazette.

Packages in respect of 42 properties required for viaduct from Tin Factory to K.R. Puram Station (Vijinapur village) has been sent to Accounts section for verification

Here’s a nice video shot on March 4 by Niranjana Adiga showing the progress made between Ujjval Vidyalaya and ITPL (Reach 1B) –

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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    Folks – this weekend the site is going to be migrated to a new hosting plan for speeding up site load speed. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time due to a surge in visitors during peak time which often results in 500 errors, downtime and sluggish site speed.

    Hang on. Hopefully this migration will be smooth!

    – TMRG

    • Vasudeva Rao says:

      Thank you TMRG for your tireless efforts. Kudos !!!!

    • Arun Narayan says:

      Dear TMRG,

      Thank you very much for your tireless efforts on updating us.

      Not seen anything for the last month and half… wondering if all is ok with the migration.


    • Madhu says:

      In which app we have to follow your latest news

    • Revin says:

      Why I’m unable to see any new updates

    • Venkay says:

      Great work Sir, I frequently commute between both Chennai and Bangalore. It gives me great joy in going through the pacjust e of the projects in both the cities, Bangalore especially.
      The maps you use are of great help, easier to understand the routes that way than numbers and station names.

  2. KRISHNAN says:

    NAVA KARNATAKA | Charting Bengaluru’s Growth Story | Mahendra Jain Exclusive Interview | CNBC TV18

  3. Vijay George Richards says:

    Great news! Hopefully the places where the segments get done will be fully opened at ground level to make room for more traffic.

  4. Partha says:

    Good news, here! However, I am worried about few parts where there’s no clear picture on land acquisition.

  5. VT says:

    Hello TMRG,

    Congrats on the site Migration.

    Reach 4B appears to have slowed down? Any particular reason?


  6. krishnan says:

    March 10-2018 -video

    Bangalore Metro (Namma Metro) Whitefield Extn work in progress (Graphite India itpl road)

  7. Justasfrn says:

    God save the structure. The way we are designing the structure in our in office.
    Yours sincerely

  8. Vikas says:

    Happy to see the progres of Whitefield Extn. May I know the reason why the construction from byappanahalli to KR puram railway station work is delayed ?

  9. krishnan says:

    Namma Metro Phase 2 at KR Puram ITPL Road Bangalore -Feb 28, 2018

  10. krishnan says:

    Metro defers demolition of Jayadeva Circle flyover -Mar 27 2018

  11. KIran says:

    What is the estimated date for opening of Byappanahali and WhiteField line, will it get dealyed as usual or BMRCL plans to open the so called Reach 1, Reach 2 types.

    The ugly way of opening the Metro routes.

  12. KRISHNAN says:

    Six-car Metro train launch is off the track, heading towards June
    BENGALURU: With the model code of conduct now in place, the official launch of the first six-car Metro train is now set to take place only in June, after the new State government is installed and new ministers assume office.

  13. KRISHNAN says:

    Electronic City to Silk Board Metro Work in Progress ( 7 APRIL 2018)

  14. krishnan says:

    BMRCL wants to build 3-km elevated corridor on roads planned to be widened ( April 09, 2018)

    “To reduce the cost of the project, the BMRCL is now planning to cut the length of the underground stretch by at least 3 km and convert it into an elevated corridor. It is yet to identify the exact locations but is banking on the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to take up the road-widening project on either end of the proposed underground alignment. Only then can an elevated corridor be built.”


  15. Bhaskar says:

    Any update on when Phase 3 DPR will be released ? Hoping to see a consolidated timeline on pending works for Bangalore Metro.. This could also be a feature for your website. Users can see an overview of whats finished and whats on the plans in a graph/timeline.

  16. krishnan says:

    Land yet to be acquired for UG stretch and land required for Kadugodi depot is pending consent from the Forest department.

    Hindustan Aeronautics agrees to part with land for BMRCL’s Phase-II


  17. krishnan says:

    BMRCL has published the MAY news letter
    Please have a look .It has images of testing 6 car train at 3AM

  18. Joseph George says:

    After a long hiatus the work has restarted at Tin Factory. I still see no progress on the land acquisition between Tin Factory and KR Puram Railway Station. I wonder why there is a delay on that front?

  19. Prateek says:

    Any new updates??

  20. KRISHNAN says:

    Tenders for Metro’s Phase 2 depots in three months


  21. VT says:

    Hi TMRG,

    No updates from you on Bangalore metro for several months. Please share your assessment on progress.


    • Kiran says:

      Looks like TMRG is on a big break. I hope he is not stopped by lobbying group who stop media updates on slow progress projects.

      During airport construction i had pointed out the lack of two level arrival and departure as in hyderabad or delhi. Now you see the mess in airport. Media people never tell you this flaws.

    • Joseph George says:

      About time. But an inauguration restricted to VIPs and invitees during friday evening peak hours? Who in BMRCL is thinking up such things?

  22. krishnan says:

    Bangalore Metro (Namma Metro) Whitefield Extn work in progress (Graphite India itpl road) -17 JUNE

  23. Akshay says:

    When ORR Tenders will be allocated, it is been more then two months

  24. KRISHNAN says:

    Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL) has got a new chief. The State government on Monday appointed IAS officer Ajay Seth as managing director of the BMRCL, replacing Mahendra Jain.

    Mr. Seth will continue to hold his existing position as Additional Chief Secretary of Health and Family Welfare as a concurrent charge.

  25. KRISHNAN says:

    Namma Metro Mysore Road Extn (01-July-2018)

    • KRISHNAN says:

      sorry , corect link is below

      • krishnan says:

        This is very sad :

        Namma Metro’s Mysuru Road extension work may go beyond 2019
        Read more at:

  26. krishnan says:

    Phase 3 metro: Hosakerehalli-Marathahalli line dropped
    Read more at:
    JP Nagar to KR Puram 42.75 km
    Tollgate to Kadabagere 12.5 km
    Gottigere to Basavapura 3.07 km
    RK Hegdenagar to Aerospace park 18.95 km
    Kogilu Cross to Rajanukunte 10.6 km
    Ibbalur to Karmalram 6.67 km

    • Ritwik says:

      So sad to see Koramangla line and Marathahalli line shelved. There is no hope. We all know pod taxi is not a long term solution in there routes. 🙁

  27. Test says:

    Hi TMRG

    Hope you are doing well , we dont have any-update in the website for a very long time

  28. Arun says:

    Hi TMRG,

    We do not have any new updates for long time..

  29. krishnan says:

    Another hurdle stops construction of Bangalore Metro Phase-II (17 july 2018)
    The Defence Ministry controls land required for three metro stations and thus the Nagawara-Gottigere line will be delayed until the land is handed over to Bangalore Metro Line.

  30. test says:

    Hi TMRG

    Still waiting for your updates .Hope you will come back soon. Currently I am reading below link for updates of Metro and railway

  31. Kiran says:

    Oh. Outer ring Road project delayed due to land acquisition. All Bangaloreans take a bed and tent with you.

    If there is huge jam in agara or sarjapur road junctions switch off your cars and take a nap of 30 mins and come back to check if jam is cleared.


    • Kiran says:

      ORR should have been targeted first. Situation has gone from worse to more worst. God save bangalore.

  32. Vijay George Richards says:

    No update from TMRG in a very long time. Looks like tie site will shut down.

  33. Srikanth says:

    Why there are no updates on Bangalore Metro project. Anything wrong with Bangalore project or issue with site. I hope its all well with you and just small break you taken from this hobby.

    • krishnan says:

      Date Of Post: 27 June, 2018

      Bangalore: The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), has invited tenders for works between Vellara Junction and Pottery Town in Phase-2.

      The BMRCL has invited tenders in 2 packages:

      Last week, BMRCL floated a tender for the 2.75-km underground section between Vellara Junction and Shivajinagar.
      On Tuesday, BMRCL floated a tender for the 2.884 Km long underground section Shivajinagar to Tannery Road Station.

      Vellara Junction-Shivajinagar:

      The completion Period of the works between Vellara Junction and Shivajinagar is 42 Months.
      It is estimated to cost INR 1130.61 Crores.

  34. Shovik says:

    Expect some more time to office from This Month.

    Outer Ring Road Companies Association(ORRCA) meeting held today. Summary:

    1. Tenders for Metro work along the outer ring road(ORR) have been finalized and Larson& Toubro(L&T) a leading construction company has been awarded this work.

    2. L&T is likely to commence Metro work i.e. barricading & digging etc. by end of Aug or early September 2018.

    3. Metro stations in front of major tech parks including Ecospace are part of the plan.

    4. To decongest the traffic on main carriage improvement of 14 arterial roads is likely to commence by October/ November 2018 as tendering process for same is on and work will commence after the rainy season is over.

    Keeping the above in view we anticiapte considerable traffic jams and slow traffic movement all along the ORR.

    ORRCA has identified various hurdles/ challenges and is working to help easen the traffic movement as best as possible.

    A coordination committee dedicated to interact with various Government agencies, L&T construction team and law enforcement etc. is being formed which will focus on priortization of work to be taken by L&T i.e. construction of pillers and stations etc. especially in front of the tech parks.

  35. test says:

    is the website closed ? how long we will be putting updates ?

  36. Arvind says:

    Any updates on Nagawara

  37. Uma Sankar says:

    is it website working ? Does any one have has update about Phase 2A SilkBoard – KrPuram ?

  38. Adithya Kashyap says:

    Missing updates on TMRG… Used to be my “go to” website for all metro updates.. Why no updates TMRG??

  39. Vivek N says:

    NO construction updates?Is the website working?

  40. Nani says:

    Hi team, Any updates on SilkBoard – KRPuram

  41. Pradeep says:

    They have shut this updates.

  42. Bharath H S says:

    Hi Team,

    There are no further updates on The Bangalore, Namma metro.

    Pls add updates!!

  43. Hassan says:

    Please advise if this tenders/contracts also includes architectural finishing works?


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