L&T-STEC Restarts Mumbai Metro’s TBM Surya-2 towards CSMT

After recommissioning Surya-1 on New Year’s Eve, workers from Larsen & Toubro – Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Company (L&T – STEC) JV on Saturday recommissioned tunnel boring machine Surya-2 from Hutatma Chowk towards Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) for Mumbai Metro’s 33.5 km Line-3 (Aqua Line).

This Robbins Crossover XRE TBM had recorded a breakthrough in October at the southern-end of Hutatma Chowk Station’s 233 meter NATM-mined tunnel and then tunneled right through it to get towards its northern-end. This would have generated the most unique tunneling sight in India, and I really hope its movement was captured by MMRC, Robbins or L&T-STEC in a timelapse!

Update: A cool video of Surya-2’s cutterhead spinning can be viewed here. The entire video is nice to watch, but if you’re short on time – skip to 2:21.

The machine now been recommissioned on its 4th assignment for Package UGC-01 towards CSMT (or CST) Station to build its final 556 meter long tunnel for Line-3’s down-line.

Package UGC-01: Cuffe Parade – CST – view Mumbai Metro Aqua Line info & route map
Puncturing the head-wall
Temporary rings built by Surya-2

All of the rings built by Surya-2 within Hutatma Chowk Station will be dismantled in the coming months as the NATM tunnel (everything you see above) will house the station’s down-line platform area as seen in the below graphic. Tracks will be laid exactly where the TBM is right now.

Hutatma Chowk Station’s NATM-mined tunnel (left) and cut & cover station box (right)

With this development, here’s a status of package UGC-01 between Cuffe Parade and CST stations where 2 breakthroughs are pending, both at CST. This table is best viewed on a desktop device –

1UpCuffe ParadeVidhan Bhavan1128mCompleted
1UpVidhan BhavanChurchgate498mCompleted
1UpChurchgateHutatma Chowk649mCompleted
1UpHutatma ChowkCST551mIn Progress
2DownCuffe ParadeVidhan Bhavan1254mCompleted
2DownVidhan BhavanChurchgate481mCompleted
2DownChurchgateHutatma Chowk653mCompleted
2DownHutatma ChowkCST556mNow in Progress (this post!)

The city now again has 5 active TBMs. 35 breakthroughs have been recorded so far (view last) and the following 7 are pending:

PackageSectionDistance, Status
UGC-01Hutatma Chowk – CST (up-line)551m, In Progress
UGC-01Hutatma Chowk – CST (down-line)556m, In Progress (this post!)
UGC-03Science Museum – Mahalaxmi (up-line)1118m, In Progress
UGC-03Mahalaxmi – Mumbai Central (up-line)837m, Not Started
UGC-03Science Museum – Mahalaxmi (down-line)1136m, In Progress
UGC-03Mahalaxmi – Mumbai Central (down-line)830m, Not Started
UGC-06Sahar Road – CSIA T1 (up-line)1516m, In Progress

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  1. Manoj Joshi says:

    Good luck to L&T

  2. Avineet Prakash says:

    Is it possible to depict a map which shows current suburban rail along with upcoming metro. It will be very good view.

    Thanks in Advance!!

  3. Rupraj Sengupta says:

    Let the drama unfold the depot what a mess they have created!


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