J Kumar Launches Mumbai Metro Line-2A AC-01’s Final U-Girder

Last midnight, a crew from J Kumar Infraprojects – CRTG JV launched the final of 680 U-girders for constructing package AC-01 of Mumbai Metro’s 18.6 km Line-2A (Yellow Line) which will connect Dahisar East and DN Nagar.

This major construction milestone using a 16m U-girder weighing 93 T – one of the smallest on the entire line – was achieved between piers P49-P50 next to Dahisar ROB near Upper Dahisar Station.

J Kumar-CRTG JV is responsible for constructing both packages AC-01 and AC-02 of Line-2A and completed casting the first batch of U-girders for both this line and the 16.5 km Line-7 at their Bandra yard in January 2017. In July 2017, the team launched the first U-girder in Borivali.

Besides the elevated viaduct, Package AC-01 also includes the construction of 8 stations at Upper Dahisar Station (Anand Nagar), Kandarpada (Rushi Sankul), Mandapeshwar (IC Colony), Eksar, Borivali West (Don Bosco), Pahadi Eksar (Shimpoli, then Shimpawali), Kandivali West (Mahavir Nagar), Dahanukarwadi (Kamraj Nagar).

Route of Line-2A’s AC-01: Dahanukarwadi to Dahisar East – view Mumbai Metro Yellow Line Info & Route Map

The rest of the viaduct’s civil work will be completed using I-girders and steel girders at places like Dahanukarwadi (parallel siding line) and Kandivali West.

MMRDA is publicly chasing a May 2021 deadline, but internally likely has a different target date later in the year. Overall system and station finishing works have a long way to go. A few images of Mandapeshwar (formerly IC Colony) Station – which is in the most-advanced stage of completion – can be viewed here.

I hear the start of installing platform screen doors (PSDs) is another 2 months away. Also, entry-exit locations for 6 stations hasn’t been finalized yet – something which is hard to believe. But looking at the video below, it could very well be true as entry/exit structures are missing throughout.

This video by a local YouTuber was uploaded on February 2 and covers Package AC-01 from end to end between Dahisar East – Dahanukarwadi with the depot-line to Charkop Depot shown at the 11:08 mark. The rest shows Package AC-02 (Dahanukarwadi – DN Nagar), which will open up at a later time in mid-2022 – 23.

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5 Responses to "J Kumar Launches Mumbai Metro Line-2A AC-01’s Final U-Girder"

  1. shar says:

    it is really sad that when the metro work started for this line, it said deadline as”DEC 2019″. Then post Corona it said “Dec 2020”.Reality is Corona was only an excuse as the work for this line was already delayed by 2years.This has been admitted by previous CM Fadnavis.Sad that Mumbai will never improve.Now this line may start fully in March 2022.Sad.

  2. Amit Vazirani says:

    Surely it will start by May’21 but only for few stations

  3. RACHIT SHETH says:

    AC01 shall open in Mid 2022.

  4. Rachit says:

    AC01 shall open in Mid 2022.


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