MMRDA Cancels Mumbai Metro’s Tender for Mogharpada Depot

Mumbai’s depot issues just don’t seem to end. Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has in the past week cancelled the tendering process to build Mumbai Metro Green Line’s Mogharpada Depot and supporting infrastructure.

MMRDA had invited bids for this depot (Package CA- L4C01) of Line-4, 4A, 10 and 11 in August 2020 for development on a 41 hectare land parcel in north-east Mumbai. With a 36 month deadline, its construction was estimated to cost Rs. 596.60 crore.

No official reason for cancellation has been provided. The last corrigendum (#14) released on May 18 saw the submission deadline getting extended to June 2 with the opening of technical bids on June 7. If and when more information released, I’ll add them in here.

The massive new depot was planned with a double-decker stabling shed for housing 39 x 6 Alstom trains (plus more in the future for Line-10 & Line-11) currently being procured for the under construction 35.2 km Line-4 and Line-4A which’ll connect Wadala – Vikhroli – Kasaravadavali – Gaimukh through 34 stations.

Location of Mogharpada Depot – view Mumbai Metro Green Line info & map

Contract: MMRDA/4/MMRP/CA- L4C01

Brief Scope: Construction of Depot Infrastructures comprising Stabling Yard, Operation Control Centre and Administrative building, Maintenance and workshop buildings, Auxiliary substation, Finishing, Plumbing, Earthworks for land development, Compound wall, Road, Approach Bridge, elevated viaduct inside and outside connecting to first floor stabling and underground utility duct works Drainage, Rain Water harvesting etc. complete [including Architectural Finishing works and excluding Pre-Engineered Structure Works] for Car Depot at Mogharpada for Metro Lines- 4 , 4A, 10 & 11 corridor of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA.

Mogarphada Depot’s Layout (view super large with markings)

Mogharpada Depot is planned as the largest metro depot in the city, slightly larger than the Yellow Line’s Mandale Depot. A list of features can be viewed at the bottom of this post.

I don’t believe the cancellation had anything to do with the mega depot planned by the state government at saltpan land identified in Kanjurmarg – otherwise a tender notice for its construction wouldn’t have been released in the first place. With 14 corrigendums released, the scope likely changed significantly to force a cancellation.

Let’s see if a new notice is published anytime soon. With this development and construction work having noticeably slowed down on Line-4, I don’t see this line becoming operational prior to 2025.

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6 Responses to "MMRDA Cancels Mumbai Metro’s Tender for Mogharpada Depot"

  1. Rohan says:

    Has MMRDA done anything positive since 2019? Everything is either delayed or cancelled.

    • Pratik says:

      Right man!
      When the most difficult, pillar, pier, lines, testing is getting completed in between the traffic , why this depots are always delaying the project. When the metro can start in another 1years but due to depot issue all over Mumbai for diff lines delaying the project for at least

  2. Hello1 says:

    This thing is also happening to arey depot that is little bit dead

  3. sachin borse says:

    State & central Government fighting for political gain . Central need to think benifit of mumbai people.

  4. sunil says:

    What do you tell about an agency that brings a light carrying capacity monorail , which is idealy suited for small cities like singapore, manila, bangkok , to a densely populated city like mumbai.

  5. Dinesh Mehta says:

    Who was given this work?


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