Mumbai Metro Line-9’s 1st U-Girder Launched by Straddle Carrier

On early Sunday morning, J Kumar Infraprojects and Sunder Cranes erected the first two 28m U-girders for constructing Mumbai Metro’s 11.38 km Line-9 (Red Line) using two giant straddle carriers.

This milestone was recorded between piers P162 and P163 in front of Royal Enfield’s showroom Mira Road’s Salasar Center Park. The nearest station is being constructed at Sai Baba Nagar. Exactly a month ago, J Kumar’s team had erected the first pier cap at Pier P162.

This isn’t the first U-girder launched for Line-9 though. That milestone was recorded at Thakur Mall using a couple mobile cranes in April 2021 – see details & snaps.

Line-9 route map with the indicative location of stations between Dahisar E – Subhash Chandra Bose Ground – view Mumbai map & info

The contract for Line-9’s construction between Dahisar East with Mira Bhayandar under package CA-48 was awarded to J Kumar Infraprojects by the MMRDA in January 2020 after they had emerged as the lowest bidder for this line and Line-7A (southern extension of Line-7) in September 2019.

Their scope includes the construction of 3 double-decker viaducts on Kashmira Road measuring 1.5 km, 1.1 km and 754m for vehicles and metro trains, and 8 stations at Dahisar East (new station box), Pandurang Wadi (interchange with Line-10), Miragaon, Kashigaon, Sai Baba Nagar, Meditya Nagar, Shaheed Bhaghat Singh Garden and Subhash Chandra Bose Ground.

Here are some snaps via J Kumar Infraprojects’ General Manager. The team will eventually launch a total of approximately 700 U-girders for this line:

Straddle carriers’ manufacturing details and snaps can be viewed here.

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6 Responses to "Mumbai Metro Line-9’s 1st U-Girder Launched by Straddle Carrier"

  1. Jimmy Vij says:

    Hey TMRG the map of Line 9 is slightly wrong, the Line will be Branching out from Ovaripada station instead of Dahisar East station.

    • TMRG says:

      It’s a little tricky, but you’re right. In the current scheme of things, Red Line will end at Dahisar using the west-side station box, but in the future trains will branch out from Ovaripada and use Dahisar’s east-side station box.

      • Jimmy Vij says:

        As I know from my sources, they are actually planning to run continuous service from Aarey to Dhanukarwadi, since they currently have a common depot.
        They have selected land for depot of Line9, Line 7 and Line 7A at Bhayandar West, but that’s still in earlier stages and they are yet to appoint a ddc.

        • Yogesh says:

          Why don’t they just give Charkop depot to Line 7, 7A & 9 after the completion of Mandale Depot? Mandale is going to be the biggest depot in Mumbai & will be serving Line 2A & B exclusively.

          • Clevin Gomes says:

            Charkop Depot is Too far away from Line7,7A&9 and MMRDA is using the Depot as a Common Depot for Temporary Basis, once Line 9 will complete Charkop Depot will become unviable and a new Depot is required exclusively for Line7,7A&9 at Bhayander

  2. hanmanthu says:

    TBM oparetor and mechanical engineering


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