1st TBM for Delhi – Meerut RRTS Starts Tunneling at Anand Vihar

Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd. (STEC) on Thursday commissioned Sudarshan 4.1 – the 1st of seven tunnel boring machines to construct the 82.15 km Delhi – Meerut RRTS project’s twin tunnels.

This 7.5m diameter earth pressure balance (EPB) machine arrived at Anand Vihar RRTS Station in early January from Shanghai, China. Workers then began lowering parts of the machine on January 18 at the southern TBM Launch Shaft.

Puja ceremony

STEC was awarded a contentious contract for the project’s 5.6 km Package 4 in December 2020 to build four tunnels between New Ashok Nagar DN Ramp – Anand Vihar – Sahibabad UP Ramp.

Route of New Ashok Nagar DN Ramp – Sahibabad UP Ramp of Delhi – Meerut RRTS Line – view project info & full map

TBM Sudarshan 4.1 (and later Sudarshan 4.2) will build a 2807m tunnel from the Anand Vihar Launch Shaft at chainage 12125.29 to Khichripur TBM Retrieval Shaft located at chainage 9317.405.

Khichripur Shaft is located at the northern-end of the line’s Ashok Nagar DN Ramp connecting to Afcons Infra’s Package 6.

In the coming months, another 2 TBMs (Sudarshan 4.3 & 4.4) will be launched from Anand Vihar towards Sahibabad Ramp UP to connect with KEC – CCECC JV’s Package 1.

In Meerut, Afcons will be deploying 3 TBMs for constructing Package 8’s tunnels between Brahampuri DN Ramp and Begumpul UP Ramp – see details & snaps from factory tests.

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18 Responses to "1st TBM for Delhi – Meerut RRTS Starts Tunneling at Anand Vihar"

  1. Rajat says:

    Congratulations to AIAI GC team

  2. Majnu says:

    So the Chinese still have a major role in our infrastructure development.

    • Raj says:

      Still Indians let enemy to creat underground channels which can be destroyed with precision @ war

      • Charlie tamancha says:

        For this India had taken a loan from Asian Development Bank. The condition attached to the loan was that bidding will be open to all members of the ADB. Thats how Chinese have got it.

      • Akash says:

        Indian companies are working in China as well… If we ban their companies, they will ban our companies too. That’s why politics is not for kids.

  3. Raj says:

    Congratulations to Chinese company for getting business even after confronting our soldiers @ border

    • Sudhir Madhavrao Chaudhari says:

      Surely CHINA is ahead in Technology as well as Manpower utilization. There is no enemity in Contracts ,Export ,Import. Almost 70% medicine are imported from China.
      Political BJP leaders making public FOOL.

  4. Sunny says:

    Even a drilling machine is to be imported from China. I think BJP bhakatas simply fooling public by shouting against Chinese and top doing underground dealings

  5. Sanjay Kapoor says:

    It is need of hour, Chinese company has not been awarded a underground illegal contract rather it was absolutely neat and clean e tender which Chinese company has bagged being L2 bidder. It is not a political party of India who abuse each other to gather votes and then join each other to Grab power… Maharashtra govt a example.


      May be , but still India have a right not to have awarded the project to a Chinese company . Why rivalry is so intense towards Pakistan and not China . Both have occupied our land and we trade with one of them and allow both to construct road through India. All talk of fighting China is rubbish and to the public eyes only.

      • Nikhil says:

        Mister, keep the corrupt South Indian political drama to yourself. Your corrupt South Indian racist, casteist and capitalist leaders who got into Central Government roles in the past did nothing for the rest of India. Everything they did was either for their own neighbourhood, their state or at max for the neighbouring Southern state in scenario where ultimately their own state get some benefit and their own underground gold depot get deeper. Whether it be medical colleges, industrial set ups, you name it. Now if some leader is trying to bring the rest of India to some standards that you cheats have been enjoying since 70s then please don’t burn your inside to a crisp. I understand y’all must be feeling left out of power and away from the flow of the money. But get over it.
        Everything you said about border roads, heavy industry and rocket engine is false. And as far as Chinese are concerned I’m sure you would purchase cheaper Chinese product even without looking for an Indian alternative. This deal was won by Chinese at a bid and you have to look for the cheapest bid to even think about development with the economy which is crippled by the pandemic. As far as trade is concerned every country is free to trade in any other country by international laws. All you can do to stop Chinese export is to stop buying and give them loss. Look out for Indian stuff even if it’s not upto Chinese standards to give budding Indian companies a chance to do better.

  6. Mahesh says:

    China is playing a cold war with us. In many infrastructure projects they’re bagging orders by quoting a low price. They are maintaining schedules. Even they clinched buisness from us in making Ramanuj statue, supplied it timely. Our PM is talking about “Start ups”, “Make in India”. As a Government policies no foreign countries contractor should be allowed.


    If at all any ” make in India ” has been done , it was during early stages of development in Science and Technology , infrastructure during 1960s and 70s when India developed rocket engines , border roads , heavy industry . Not in the recent past.

  8. Rajan Malhotra says:

    By awarding a contract to a Chinese company that too for constructing a Tunnel is a serious mistake committed by our Government at times when we are confronting China at border front. By this, China will come to know our secrets as to how we have built our tunnels for passing through Rapid Rail at a speed of about 140 kms/hrs.
    We should have awarded this contract to Indian Companies like Larsen & Toubro which specialises in construction & undertake nany overseas projects like this. Mere price should not be a criteria of selection.

    • Aditya says:

      This financial evaluation of this contract was done before Galwan Valley clash and then since the project has to follow ADB global tendering policy thus this contract was awarded to STEC who was the lowest bidder. Just because tunneling has started now doesn’t mean contract was awarded recently.

  9. Sandeep Singh Sasan says:

    Dear All,
    reading all the comments.

    few words from my side without targeting anyone.
    its just views and experience.

    Well, why we NOT seen both Political & Buss. Vertical different Manner.


  10. Bhargav says:

    Add section for the Dedicated Freight corridors….


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